You’ve arrived here today because you’ve finally decided to start your own business. It would help if you also had specific Startup Business Ideas.

You’re excited to change your life because you know deep down that you deserve more and that you just want to be your own boss that will assist you in creating the life and schedule you desire.

Most notably, according to the latest findings, the unemployment rate in the United States is rising day by day and now stands at about 16%. So, whether you’ve not been happy with your 9-to-5 job or want to work as your own boss, starting a company is the best choice for you.

In general, women entrepreneurs account for almost 28% of all entrepreneurs in USA. This is because women are an integral part of society that makes it whole. A woman is a multi-tasker, managing her office, studies, and family all at once, giving equal value to each aspect.

Top 16 Startup Business Ideas for Women

So, without further ado, let’s get started on startup business ideas for females.

 1.  An Impactful Blogging

You can launch a blog based on your interests, such as diet blogging, adventure blogging, fashion blogging, photographic blogging, and child health blogging, among other things.

Here are some easy steps to go for it:

  • Choosing a niche for your blog
  • Select a web domain and start setting up web hosting like with GoDaddy or Bluehost.
  • Set up a basic WordPress template
  • Drive traffic to your blog using SEO techniques
  • Top rank your material using search engine optimization (SEO) writing
  • Increase your domain authority
  • Using the appropriate strategies for monetization

If you are a fresher in this field, don’t worry. You can visit several online platforms that are offering online blogging courses at lower rates. Visit Coursera, Udemy, or HubSpot and pick the most suitable course for blogging.

 2.  Online Career Coaching and Courses

Online course sites- like Thinkific have made it convenient to showcase your experience or skills. You can transform your expertise or dedication into significant revenue if you are a technical expert or passionate about something like online career coaching.

You may also consider virtual tutoring. Joining famous online tutoring forums is a simple way to get started with online tutoring. Tutors earn about  $40,000 per year on average.

3. Ecommerce Business

E-commerce businesses are fully high-flying and artistic startup business ideas for women. Building an online store has never been easier in this day and age. All you need is a domain name, website hosting, and some Ecommerce website builder. Even if you don’t have any design and coding skills and experience, you can have one up and running within minutes.

Ecommerce startup business ideas

If you are ready to take deeper dive into the pool of E-commerce, you can go one of three ways for e-commerce:

  • Amazon FBA
  • Drop shipping
  • Producing and Online selling them.

Drop shipping is a convenient choice for beginners since you don’t have to ship orders manually, and you don’t need to have a physical shop. Sunrise Wholesale is the most famous drop shipping site you can visit.

 4.  Sell Custom Printed Products

Advertise your items like customized Phone Cases, printed T-shirts, and get them synced with an e-commerce website like Shopify globally. Also, Fretron is a logistics management tool that can standardize and simplify management for suppliers, distributors, and retailers.

 5.  Graphic Design and Web/App Development

To begin, learn the fundamentals of graphic design using graphic design software such as Adobe InDesign or Photoshop. You can also develop your graphic design skills by using user-friendly online resources like Visme.Graphic Design and Web/App Development

Any web developer must have basic coding experience in programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Udemy’s Bootcamp, Codecademy, and Treehouse are just a few of the free or low-cost online courses that can help you learn to code and get started with web development on Coursera.

6.  Freelance Copy Writing and Content Writing

You’ll need to advertise online, handle your negotiations digitally, receive fees, and contact customers, even though when you began a freelance writing job. You can also do proofreading and editing jobs for clients, and use modern grammar software tools like Grammarly and Ginger to make them upload flawless content. Freelance copywriting allows you to work from anywhere and make money.

If you like to explore how to launch a blog about your particular branding or make more money online, ProBlogger, Mediabistro, BloggingPro, All Freelance Writing, and Writers Per Hour are some of the online platforms for online writing and proofreading jobs. SEO content writing workshops can help you develop your skills. Learn how to write your mission statement .

7.  Affiliate and Virtual Marketing

Basically, it’s a business strategy in which bloggers and influencers suggest services or goods they choose or find helpful and are compensated a percentage of sales made due to their recommendations. Another form of digital marketing is being an affiliate marketer. ShareASale and Solvid are clearly the best affiliate programs available.

 8.  Instagram Influencer

Instagram have such a huge traffic for its users. Choose a suitable niche and start producing valuable content. All you have to do is;Startup Business Ideas for Instagram Influencer

  • Decide on a niche, range from technology and marketing to fashion and health.
  • Ensure a niche where you can produce a considerable amount of content. Then, by sharing engaging content and discussing beneficial topics that are pertinent to your intended audience; you must
  • Establish a strong Instagram following
  • Crowdfire, ReviveSocial, Agorapulse, and Rebrandly are the best social media optimization tools to help you kickstart your social media marketing this year.
  • Getpaid to advertise goods via supported media if you have a significant audience. It takes a lot of thrills to succeed as an influencer.

 9.  Social Media Manager

A social media manager can perform a wide range of tasks and resources, including make content for businesses. Design exclusive marketing programs and chart their effectiveness.

Combine online merchandising with digital marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Analyze the responses, run tests, and fine-tune the promotions.

In this ever-changing context, you must still keep on top of developments. For instance, Instagram is massive potential for big brands right now.  In addition, LinkedIn is now becoming more common as a tool for digital marketing to companies and engaging with new customers. Flexjobs, CareerBuilder, and Fiverr both have plenty of options if you’re searching for a vocation or acquire social media experience.

 10.  Consultant

To boost your business and communicate with clients who really want to maximize their revenues, start a website and pages on social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter.

You may also partner with organizations to strike customized offers with your buyers once you’ve built up a strong user base. It is also recommended to gaining a degree in various fields such as WordPress Website Consultant, Travel Business Consultant, Fitness Consultant, wellness consultant, and so on if you want to make it a full-time profession.

 11.  Interior Designer

To begin, look for guidance on Pinterest, which has a plethora of interior design suggestions to choose from. Then, using your social and business networks, create a company. Since a portfolio is so important in this industry, you might consider doing volunteer work or operating as a stager for property managers and home developers before fully committing.

If you want to have formal training in interior design, check out skillshare, Udemy, and The Design Cure Academy. Also, Homestyler is an online home design website that offers a home staging toolbox.

 12.  Photography

Let’s start with;

  • Purchase a camera and its pieces of equipment.Startup Business Ideas for Photography
  • To first start in the industry, you’ll need to develop a portfolio.
  • Various online classes from Harvard’s photography and Magnum’s photography will help you develop your skills and can simply sell your photographs on stock image platforms such as Unsplash, Shutterstock, and Pexels.
  • Photographs can be taken of nature, at weddings, parties, and during traveling.
  • Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to set up company profiles and connect with potential customers.
  • Get payments by submitting your photos to publications or uploading them to websites.
  • You’ll probably have to add some retouching after capturing the photo, using Affinity Photo Editor, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photoshop CC.

If you want more detail, this topic might be helpful for you when starting photography as business.

 13.  Personal Food Business

Learn how to create new recipes on YouTube or get a certification in professional and personal cooking from the Personal Chef course and US chef association. Personal Food Startup Business Ideas

This can help you become a party/event/wedding planner, founding a catering company, or opening your own bakery, food trucks, lounge, brewery, coffee shop, or restaurant, with live-kitchen setups to demonstrate your cooking prowess to the general public.

 14.  Event Planner

You simplify have to merge applications you use every day, design an event app for marketing and sales, and also integrate a chat bot to every system to provide outstanding quality and instant question clarification to your clients and prospective.

 15.  Transcription Services

Choose a domain and provide transcription services from the comfort of your own home. Use the right tools, such as transcribeMe, speakwrite, and GMRtranscription, to operate online.

 16.  Become an Airbnb Host

  • List your property on Airbnb to make money.
  • What you have to do now is check to see if there are certain rent stabilization policies in your neighborhood.
  • Determine the size of your rental room.
  • Obtain legal approvals
  • Determine the cost of your rental.

You can make this company more profitable by charging for meals, customized activities such as community tours, endeavor services, welcoming gift bags, and transportation.


In Short, you just have to choose a business that best fits your financial situation, time constraints, and educational background. Also, consider the expectations from your business, your favorite pastimes, and the topics on which you’d like to learn more.

Best of luck with your Business Startups

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