O1 visas Business Plan

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Our immigration business plans are thorough, precise, and result-oriented since they are specifically designed for the business you are establishing.

O1 Visa Business Plan
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What is O1 Visas Business Plan?

O1 Visa is only available for people with a remarkable talent in the arts, sciences, business, education, or athletics. You must have attained a level of proficiency that places you in the top tier of professionals.

Your O1 visa must be sponsored by a U.S. company. The spouse and children of anyone who receives the visa, as well as those who are essential for a particular scenario, may also apply for the visa.

What is included in an O1 Visa?

The important information included in a typical O1 Visa business plan is:
  • A detailed business description
  • Detail of goods and services offered by the company
  • The organizational structure of the company
  • Information about related operational industry and market
  • A briefing about the market competitors
  • How your exceptional abilities will help the company
  • A detailed financial projection for the coming years
O1 Visa Business Plan
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