Helping to Build a Profitable Business

Every month, we get a lot of visits from prospective buyers, and we have helped in building a lot of prosperous businesses.
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Bringing Smartness to Your Business

Our team of competent specialists is here to assist you right away. Because of how we operate, we are the most reliable partner. We can help you regardless of your sector because we are experts in a variety of fields.

Our Purpose

To help you to create a sustainable and ever-growing business.

Our Values

Put the client’s needs ahead of the firm’s and maintain strict criteria for client service.

Being an Industry Leader is Earned,

Over a decade of business planning experience,
spanning over 400 industries, at work for you.

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Services we

Business Plans

We are aware of the value of a well-written business plan. Our team, which includes members with experience in numerous industries, writes all of our business plans.

Business Formations

Create a business corporation to secure your personal assets. Determine which form of business is best for you. It can be LLC, Nonprofit, Corporation, etc.

Business Licensing

We can assist you in acquiring seller's permits, tax registrations, and company licenses. Just let us know your company's sector, location, and state, and we'll get to work.

Logo & Branding

Make a catchy logo and try to do the best possible branding to leave a lasting impression of your business.

Custom Websites

We build a website for you with beautiful features. Website designs for businesses and online stores.

Business Credit

Acquiring business credit can make it easier to be approved for a credit card, loan, or line of credit.

Ways to collaborate

You determine the nature of your interaction with Wise.

We work with attorneys using one of two current models. Additionally, a hybrid model of both models is also on board.



We will solely communicate with your company. Although we will communicate internally with your business, your company will continue to handle client interactions.



Wise, who will manage every part of the business plan process and interact directly with the clients, will be your clients’ main point of contact.



Some clients prefer to include the cost of the business plan in the total fee while disclosing our role. In that case, we manage the project with the client and manage the administrative details with you.

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