Can you guarantee me funding?

We certainly can appreciate this question or frequently asked questions. We have seen and heard other companies give outlandish claims resulting in empty promises. Here is the truth. A business plan is a typical requirement of banking and financial institutions. A business plan shows the lending institution that you have taken the time and effort into researching your business idea or concept. Without a written plan your business is perceived as not prepared and therefore a high risk. There are many other factors taken into consideration when applying for funding such as management experience, type of industry, the risk involved, credit, competitors, and overall business model. So beware of outlandish accusations of guaranteed funding.

How are you different from other companies?

The major difference with Wise Business Plans is that you are assigned to a professional business plan writer that gets to know you and your business. You have to talk on frequently asked questions and get to talk with an expert in this field who in return writes your business plan for you with your cooperation. Secondly, we know many of our customers have time-sensitive business goals. This is why we work to have your business plan completed in seven to ten business days. Lastly, our reputation speaks for itself. Our company and business plan writers pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and creating sound business plans frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the scope of your business plan project. Receive a free quote online through our proprietary software or give us a call and we can provide your company with a quote or frequently asked questions. We know that some businesses need advanced research. If advanced research is required we can accommodate these reports on an a la carte price basis.

What industries do you specialize in?

We have written business plans in over 400 industries. So, we have a lot of expertise. However, business is always evolving and new industries are emerging with technology. Therefore, we are committed to learning new things and welcome new challenges.

How many revisions can I receive?

We give our clients one free revision within 14 calendar days after receiving their drafted business plan with frequently asked questions. We are dedicated to making sure your plan in done right. Thereafter revisions start at $199 based on the changes needed.

What is included in the business plan?

Our business plans are custom written so the type of plan needed will determine the areas of focus (frequently asked questions). However, most plans include the executive summary, company description, management, product or service description, market analysis, marketing plan, SWOT analysis, break-even analysis and financial projections. This typically will take twenty to twenty-five pages to accomplish.

What is the process?

Once you retain our services, we schedule our initial consultation call with you. This helps you to get to know your business plan writer and allows them to get familiar with your business concept and frequently asked questions. In this call we are dedicated to getting as much information as possible from you. Afterward, our business plan writer will research and compile data on your market and industry to complete the market analysis. After the plan is written, you will work with your business plan writer to create the financials for your business plan. Finally, a senior development officer checks the document for flow and accuracy. The drafted plan is then sent over for your review. Each customer is entitled to one free revision within 14 calendar days. After the revision is completed, your business plan will be sent into our design department for the finishing touches. The business plan is then emailed to you in a PDF format.

Do you offer printing and binding?

We do offer professional printing and binding for our clients for only $199.00. We will provide two professionally printed colored plans and a digital CD shipped within the U.S.

Can you direct me to banks or investors?

We can refer you to financial institutions. This has helped many other business owners obtain financing.

My question is not listed?

We are happy to answer your question, please give us a call at 1-800-496-1056 or email us at