34 Best Box Truck Business Ideas

Top 34 Box Truck Business Ideas to Start in 2024

The trucking industry is highly competitive, but online shopping is driving the popularity of box truck businesses.
A creative and imaginative approach can make your business stand out above the competition in this highly competitive industry. Commercial trucks are among the most popular types of commercial vehicles.
Box truck business ideas can be easily turned into very profitable income.

What is a Box Truck Business?

Box truck business is a business in which you get paid for delivering loads in your box truck. The most common type of freight you deliver is “less than truckload” (LTL), which has been booming since e-commerce took off.

During transit, the box on the back of the truck protects the goods from bad weather. A great option for those who want to start their own small business but don’t have much money to invest.

Businesses like these can be started with relatively little capital and can grow rapidly. The right marketing can make this business very successful.

Urban areas are ideal for box trucks since they are able to access difficult-to-reach neighborhood.

Is it Worth Starting a Box Truck Business?

The box truck business is one of the best Small Business Ideas for Beginners since it requires little capital and is a relatively easy business to start.

Here are 3 reasons you need to start a box truck business

  • Need Low Capital: Low investment is required to get started
  • Demanding: There is always a need for trucks
  • Good Earning: Box truck services aren’t cheap!

34 Best Box Truck Business Ideas

1. Start a Food Truck

Box trucks are a great way to get started with a food truck business. They can hold all your equipment and supplies, but they are so large that they are difficult to move around.

A food truck should also have the necessary equipment to prepare food. You may specialize in one type of food, such as Mexican or Chinese, or you may offer a variety of foods.

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2. Start Excess Goods Hauling Service 

Box truck contractors never run out of customers who need hauling services. Think of the people who need to get rid of their old furniture before moving into a new house or companies that need to get rid of obsolete equipment.

Additionally, let’s not forget those who will need a box truck to haul their items out of their garage or storage unit. There is always someone who needs to be hauled, which means there is money to be made.

3. Open a Grill Food Truck

A good idea would be to find a location downtown with many offices and offer grilled food that your customers will love. Find a location that has a lot of company offices nearby, and offers grilled food that people will likely love right away.

4. Provide Local Moving Services

A moving business can help you make a profit and help your community at the same time.

Not only is it a great way to help people move, but it’s also an excellent way for truckers to earn some extra income in addition to helping people move.

5. Start a Beer Truck Business 

The “Food Trucks” are beautiful big cars with interesting designs that sell snacks. But what about a “Beer truck”? You can take it anywhere there is traffic, but you need a location where draft beer is not available.

You might find a good location at a park or lake. People will immediately notify you if your design is appealing and eye-catching. It has the advantage of being totally flexible, so you may be somewhere in the morning, but somewhere else in the evening.

6. Advertise with your Box Truck

Van business owners may not know that selling advertising on their trucks can be a great way to generate additional revenue. It’s no secret that businesses need to advertise to gain exposure and attract customers.

7. Ice-Cream Van Business

If you are interested in opening an eatery, but at the same time don’t want to start with a restaurant or cafe, try an ice cream van. 

Summer is a great time to visit festivals, lakes, and parks, while the winter is a great time to visit warm places. However, you have to make sure you make your van look attractive. It must catch people’s attention. After all, we do all love ice cream, don’t we?

Pro Tip: A business plan is essential for starting a business, checkout this ice cream shop business plan template to make a perfect one yourself.

8. Process and Deliver Food, Host Events

Food and event truck businesses can be great ways to earn extra income.

You can make money running a catering business, especially if you have regular customers. Explore further latest catering business ideas. Event furniture rentals are also a great way to make money.

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9. Start Offering Hippie Bus Tours

You can start offering “hippie” tours on beautifully painted buses or VW vans starting in Amsterdam and ending in Nepal. It is all that you need is a beautiful “hippie” bus or a large VW van with the right advertising to attract people who are deeply connected to this lifestyle.

10. Start a Wedding Box Truck Business

You can make a lot of money if you buy an old VW van or a box track and turn it into a stylish car you can use to serve draft beer or prosecco at weddings.

There are many weddings happening constantly, so you have lots of customers.

11. Offer Fuel Delivery Service

A company could design a smartphone application that allows users to order fuel (petrol, gas, and electricity) from their websites or apps. A van would then arrive at the vehicle’s location and fill the tank with fuel.

This would be a simple method of getting fuel delivered.

12. Street Food: Retro Waffle Food Truck

If you want to start your own business, you should start with Belgian waffles that everyone loves to eat. Get yourself a designer retro van that every person passing by will notice.

 This is a great idea for a business that does not require a lot of capital. Think about it.

ProTip: A business plan will help you get funding to start a street food business. For assistance in writing your own business plan, you may download our business plan pdf.

13. Partner with Reliable Logistics Companies

If the box truck company forms a partnership with a reliable logistics company, it can ensure the transport of goods to and from the company and then receive a commission for each delivery made by the logistics company.

The benefit of this is that it can provide you with an additional source of income, and it can also assist you in building relationships within the community with other businesses.

14. Deliver to Local Stores

A box truck business can make money in a variety of ways. One of the most effective ways is to deliver products to local stores. Local businesses often need to get their goods shipped quickly and efficiently. If your business can provide that service, you can make money.

A box truck business can build relationships with local businesses by delivering to their stores.

15. Become a Mobile Hairdresser for Pets

Are your passion for animals and aesthetic sense combined? In that case, and if you own a car, you have no need to wait any longer. 

Have you heard of anything similar in your area? The start-up and overhead costs are low; you can work as much as you want, whenever you want. You can work alone. You can expand your business with other services. 

Profits are high, and you can expand your business by providing other services. It’s important to remember that a dog hairdresser should come to the clients’ homes and not the other way around.

16. Deliver to Local Stores

A van company can earn money by delivering goods to nearby stores. It is common for small businesses to need products delivered quickly and efficiently, and your business can take care of that for them.

The van company can establish relationships with local businesses by delivering to their stores.

17. Offer Package Delivery Services

The best way to earn money with your box truck is to offer package delivery services. You will be responsible for delivering packages to local businesses and homes.

Create a list of businesses and residents who may be interested in your delivery services. Once you have a list of potential customers, start marketing your delivery services.

It’s important to provide excellent customer service to maintain a successful package delivery business. This involves being punctual, friendly, and polite, as well as providing tracking numbers.

18. Start Offering Mattress Cleaning on Wheels

Mattress cleaning is very challenging. Not only is it difficult to transport mattresses from your home to the cleaners and back, but people also usually have to take them there first thing in the morning, to ensure that they have something to sleep on that night (if the cleaners can clean it within one day).

In addition to solving both problems, a mobile mattress cleaning service would be a great solution.

19. Be an on-Demand Courier

The on-demand courier business offers same-day delivery services to its customers. It is an excellent service for businesses with urgent deliveries, and it can also help you make some extra money.

In order to become an on-demand courier, you’ll need a vehicle that can carry the items you’re delivering, as well as a way to get around town.

Additionally, you will need to be customer service-oriented since you will be dealing with customers who expect to receive their items on time.

20. Offer Package Delivery Services

A package delivery service is another way to earn money with a box truck. You deliver packages to businesses and houses in your area.

In order to get started, you’ll need to create a list of businesses and residents who may be interested in your delivery services.

A parcel delivery company’s success depends on providing excellent customer service to customers, such as being on time for deliveries, being polite, and providing a tracking number for every package.

21. Open a Bakery on Wheels

A mobile bakery is a fantastic business idea. Find communities where people live in houses and bring fresh baked goods directly to their doorstep.

To attract customers to your bakery, you should design it nicely, and at the same time, you can add a resonant melody to your car, alerting the residents of the neighborhood that you’re nearby.

22. Provide Storage Services

Starting a business that provides storage services with a large van truck could be a great option for people who are moving and need somewhere to store their belongings.

Additionally, you can provide storage units for businesses looking to declutter their office space. Flexible payment options can help owner-operators succeed.

23. Mobile Veterinary Services

The idea is great for anyone looking to start a veterinary clinic in a larger city. Your service would differentiate you from your competitors.

Providing check-ups, shots, and curing lighter illnesses would simply be done in the home by you. People would pay a premium for such a service, and they would refer you to their friends as well.

24. Mobile Hair Salon

If you buy or rent a van truck equipped with all the necessary equipment, you can open a mobile hair salon.

You will also need to stock the truck with supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, towels, and hair dryers, along with items such as sinks, counters, and mirrors.

25. Food Service

A box truck can be transformed into a restaurant on wheels for your food lovers and talented chefs. This is a great way for you to bring your culinary creations straight to the streets.

You will have plenty of room to keep all the equipment for your mobile kitchen inside your box truck.

26. Open a Mobile Massage Parlor

If you want to make your massage parlor stand out from the rest, go into a lot of detail to show your customers you care. Come to their homes, so they don’t have to waste time coming to you.

 You need nothing more than a portable massage table, and a car to get around.

27. Rent Box Trucks

Truck leasing is a great way to get into business. Trucks can be used for many purposes, such as moving furniture or delivering goods. You can even rent them to other businesses.

In order to get started, you will need to obtain the necessary licenses and insurance. Once you have these things sorted out, you can market your business.

28. Provide Storage Services

Starting a business providing storage services might be a great idea if you have a large box truck. This would be a great idea for people who are moving and need somewhere to store their belongings while they are gone.

It is also possible for you to offer storage units to businesses who are looking to declutter their offices. Flexible payment options can help owner-operators grow their business.

29. Mobile Box Truck Carpet Cleaning

Start a company that would clean carpets right in the clients’ homes. Your competitors in your town ask their clients to bring carpets to them, which makes them go through that whole difficult process.

All you need is your car, so you don’t even need a brick-and-mortar store.

30. Renal Service

If you are a savvy businessman, you can start renting box trucks out to local businesses, organizations, and companies. You can also purchase a fleet of box trucks from our dealership.

 Those who already have established relationships with prominent business owners in the area can take advantage of this business opportunity.

31. Mobile Hair Salon

A box truck equipped with all the equipment needed to start a mobile hair salon could be purchased or leased.

In addition to sinks, countertops, mirrors, and storage cabinets, you’ll need shampoo, conditioner, towels, and hair dryers on hand for the trip.

32. Independent Contractor

It’s a great opportunity for those who want to travel outside the city to be an independent contractors. By contracting your box truck and driving out to companies in need, you can be your own boss and make a decent living.

 You may even be able to hire additional drivers and purchase additional trucks once you have built up your clientele.

33. Street Food: Fully Automated Robotic Food Truck

In this project, the latest automation and robotics technologies will be brought into the food industry. 

We will demonstrate that industry 4.0 can lead to high-quality catering using its advantages – consistently high-quality dishes, minimizing human resource costs, attractiveness, and huge marketing potential. This is just a mobile restaurant that can be 100% controlled by a robot (no human involvement).

34. Rent Box Trucks

Renting out your own trucks is a great way to start a business. You can use them for moving furniture or delivering goods, or you can rent them out to other companies that need them.

Before you can market your business to potential clients, you have to obtain the necessary licenses and insurance. Once you have those things sorted out, you can start marketing your business.

Bottom Line

A box truck comes with great business potential. You can start a lot of different businesses with a box truck.

Your biggest investment will be your box truck. If you have a truck already, just refine your business idea, make a business plan, and start. 

if you are starting a business for the first time, be prepared for the long haul. You’ll win with perseverance. 

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What is the earning potential of a box truck business?

A box truck delivery’s price varies greatly according to its size and value. With an average load price of $300, you can expect a 70% profit margin.

The first couple of years you could work from home and do 10 deliveries per week, bringing in $90,000 in revenue and $60,000 in profit.

After earning recognition and adding trucks, hiring drivers, and renting an office, you may do 40 loads per week, but your margin may fall to 20%. In other words, your annual revenue would exceed $360,000 and your pre-tax profit would exceed $100,000.

The earnings of Box Truck Owner Operators are between $52,000 and $146,500, according to Zip Recruiter’s report. It is estimated that the highest earners earn $260,000 per year.

What do You Need to Make Money with Box Trucks?

From starting your own business to partnering with a company, to working in a variety of industries, there are many ways you can make money with a box truck.

Any person who wants to operate a box truck for commercial purposes must have a commercial driver’s license. Obtaining a CDL requires passing a written test as well as a skills test.

You need a CDL for a particular type of vehicle and weight. Any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 pounds or greater requires a Class A CDL.

Having a fleet of trucks is the key to making money from them.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Box Truck Business?

Starting your own truck business can be very lucrative and bring in a stable income, but it does require some upfront investment. Box trucks range in price based on their size, options, and location.

Box truck businesses can cost between $6,500 and $14,000. For example, you may be able to purchase a used truck for $5,000 or put a 5-10% deposit down on a new truck, which may cost $50,000.

For your box truck business to succeed, you’ll need a few items.

  • Truck with shelving for boxes
  • Hitch and trailer
  • Dollies and pads for furniture

ProTip: To figure out the startup costs for a box truck business, you need a business plan. You can download business plan examples pdf to help you write your business plan.

How do You Get a Box Truck Business Started?

Getting your own business off the ground is always a challenge, and starting a box truck business is no exception. To get your business off the ground, you need to do several things, and having a fleet of trucks can give you an edge.

To run a successful business, you must create a box truck business plan, obtain the necessary permits and licenses, choose a good location, and adhere to strict regulations. Ensure you have all your legal documents in order to avoid unnecessary headaches.

Pro Tip: Looking to start a trucking business? This guide on how to become a freight broker can help you to start a business from scrarch.

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Explore More Business Ideas


A box truck business involves utilizing a box truck, which is a large vehicle with a covered cargo area, to provide various services or transport goods. It offers versatility in terms of the types of businesses that can be operated using the truck.

Popular box truck business ideas include delivery and courier services, moving services, junk removal, mobile storage, mobile advertising, mobile retail, mobile pet grooming, mobile food truck, mobile beauty salon, and mobile event services.

To start a box truck business, you need to acquire a suitable box truck, obtain necessary licenses and permits, secure insurance coverage, identify your target market, establish competitive pricing, develop a marketing strategy, and provide excellent customer service.

The benefits of starting a box truck business include low startup costs compared to other types of businesses, the ability to offer a variety of services using a single vehicle, flexibility in scheduling and route planning, and the potential for high-profit margins in certain industries.

While specific qualifications or skills may be required for certain box truck business ideas, such as a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for transportation services, many box truck businesses can be started with basic entrepreneurial skills, good organizational abilities, and a willingness to learn and adapt to the chosen industry.

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