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Business Exit Strategy Consultants

Looking to secure your business future? Ensure the future of your business with our skilled Exit Strategy Consultants. We offer customized plans for selling, transferring ownership, or retiring. We analyze market trends, evaluate your business’s worth, and execute a successful exit strategy. Let us be your trusted guide, navigating the complexities to maximize your returns.

Are you preparing to transition from your business? Look no further than WiseBusinessPlan’s expert Exit Strategy Consultants who will secure your future with a customized plan.

Here’s how we can help you secure a successful future.

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Schedule initial consultation to discuss needs, goals, and preferences.

Business concept, Target market, Resources, & Requirements.

Include Scope, Deliverables, Timeline & Pricing. Sign agreement.

Industry Trends, Regulations, Competition & Preferences.

Conduct research, analyze data, identify the market & evaluate the competition.

Objectives, Market analysis, Strategy, branding, Financials & exit plan.

Our Writers Review and revise the draft plan based on client feedback.

In the end, our writers deliver finalized plan in the agreed format (digital/print).

Joseph Ferriolo is the director of Wise Business Plans. He has overseen over 15,000 written business plans during his tenure, raising over $1 billion in funding and providing 30,000-plus consulting hours for startup companies. As the Director of Wise Business Plans®, he leads a team of expert business plan writers and consultants, providing clients with fully customized business plans that help them achieve their goals.
Joseph Ferriolo
Joseph Ferriolo
Director at Wise Business Plans

Why Choose Us


Our experienced professionals specialize in business exit planning for valuable insights and guidance.

Customized Approach

We customize exit planning to your unique needs and goals for a successful strategy.

In-Depth Market Research

Thorough market research and analysis to provide valuable industry insights.

Comprehensive Analysis

Thoroughly assess market trends, finances, and business valuation for accurate planning.

Seamless Execution

We handle complexities and details, ensuring a smooth transition while you focus on your business.

Confidentiality and Trust

Your sensitive information is treated with utmost discretion, maintaining trust and confidentiality.

Ready to secure the future of your business?

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