Business Tools that Entrepreneurs Should not Live Without

When I first started my own company, I had to deal with many challenges, such as juggling numerous clients and offers all at the same time. I was so exhausted from doing all of these kinds of stuff that I did not have time for anything else.

This was my first misstep as a sole proprietor. So, are you having trouble as well? Are you an entrepreneur looking for a quick and straightforward way to make your company run more smoothly? Is it worrying you that you are devoting so much of your attention to completing your tasks?

Free Small Business Tools

There are plenty of tried-and-true free small business tools to ensure businesses keep their foothold and climb much above the market. Therefore, in this technological age, we are bringing to you today, in the year 2021, some of the most effective free small business tools for entrepreneurs to transform your complicated business life. Furthermore, these resources are incredibly beneficial for remote workers.

1.  Tools for Web Analytics

a.  Google Analytics  or Open Web Analytics 

Both can assist you in better understanding your clients, determining the cause for their interactions, seeing the sites they frequent, determining how much duration they spent on your portal, and tracking whether or not they transferred.

Free Small Business Tools

With these details, you might consider modifying and improving your site model to lower your load time. This feature-rich platform, which is available for download, assists companies in doing quicker and safer marketing.

b.   Mix panel 

It is a Google and web analytic substitute. It is also an event-driven digital marketing platform that lets you see how people engage with your goods and promotions.

2.  Content Creation and Designing Tools

Free Small Business Toolsa.   Thrive Themes 

The quickest and most efficient graphic developer for WordPress is Thrive Architect. Various interfaces, controls, and innovative interface features are all simple to include. You will get WordPress templates and themes as a result of this. You can translate the web users into consumers and members with this assistance.

b.  Hemingway or Grammarly 

It analyses your document and suggests ways to make your statements better. For example, the software illustrates long, complicated phrases and typical mistakes, such as adverbs and passive speech, and suggests ways to improve grammatical structures and typography.

c.  Survey monkey or Google forms 

Registration processes, correspondence forms, contract terms forms, evaluations, and even career requirements will benefit from it. There are models available for all cases, or you can build your own. These are unlimited, whereas Typeform has some premium plans available based on use and additional functionality.

d.   Leadpages 

LeadPages integrates all big email campaign sites, allowing you to collect account information, mobile numbers, and updates for future service releases. In addition, by using warning screens, pop-ups, and consent codes anywhere, you post information.

e.   Mockplus  or InVision 

These will get project supervisors, architects, and engineers to collaborate on the whole content creation process.

f.   Pic Monkey 

While creating business cards, flyers, or customizable visuals for social networking sites and blogs is the preferred place. Yearly membership is also accessible for the program’s premium edition. In addition, an online photo editor is freely available.

g.   Penji and Canva 

Canva is the most user-friendly design app, apart from Adobe InDesign, Photoshop CC, and Adobe Illustrator. The majority of the functions are free, but you can pay a reasonable fee for full access.

h.   Flinto 

This system is particularly effective for sketching or creating prototypes. This software can serve as your t-shirt designing guide, for instance, if you are a t-shirt manufacturer and want to learn how you see the model. This is a great style for companies to use to generate animations for promotional purposes.

i.   Prezi or keynote 

This one has a lot of strong themes and better graphics and simulation services. Keynote, which is bundled with many other Apple computers, keeps it simple to produce beautiful and unforgettable presentations with its versatile toolkits and flashy filters.

You can use GIPHY to add animations to your content. It is the latest and most up-to-date online platform for GIFs and Animated Illustrations. For your business materials, you can use public domain photos from Wikimedia Commons, Unsplash, and Flickr commons.

3.  Project Managing and Organizing Tools

Project Managing and organizing toola.   Trello 

It is the most cohesive way for staff to plan, imagine, delegate, and manage tasks. Organizing assignments and activities into panels (themes), which are composed of sets (challenge), which are composed of cards (projects). These ventures should be shown as panels such that they are easily visible at a glimpse. For personal preparation and planning, use Google Keep.

b.   Behance 

Behance is the biggest artistic platform globally for presenting and exploring new content. As a result, it is a renowned destination for companies and organizations of various concerns and domains seeking guidance.

c.   Calendly 

Calendly helps you add a link to your planner with someone you decide, and they can schedule time, specifically in your timeline. It synchronizes with almost all of your accounts while still minimizing clashes. Calendly plus CoSchedule is quick to communicate and needs no programming skills.

d.   Google Workspace

G Suite effectively gives each of your workers their special Email address, including your company’s web domain (for instance, With free accounts and some other rules, a very small company with one or several members may be allowed to get by.

e.   Dropbox 

Google Docs/ Drive is a virtualized file management application. It encourages you to operate on several assets in real-time, making it simple for your teammates to collaborate. Additionally, Evernote is the best option for making your records secure and accessible on both smartphones, desktops, and laptops.

f.   Virtual Staff Finder 

Using this app, you will find the best applicants and determine whether to select them for meetings. In addition, you may use the UpWork platform to aid in the creation of a job description. After you upload a job, Upwork evaluates your preferences and provides you with a line-up of potential candidates to contact. On the Fiverr website, you will even recruit professionals as freelancers to serve you.

4.  Marketing Tools

a.   Google Trends

Google Trends can be used to see how often those keywords and phrases were explored on the Internet over time.

b.   Mailchimp 

Through this, you can boost your brand through emails, social networking sites, inbound marketing, posters, and much more, all from one place. Template models, pre-made modules, and drag and drop automation are all available.

c.   Buffer

You should use a tool like Sprout Social or Buffer to monitor your social media accounts. It allows you to maintain all of your social media schedules, participation, and insights in one place and prepare and post material for every channel. You can communicate effectively with your viewers, as well as appreciate and evaluate your success.

d.   Gumroad 

Gumroad is an online store application that allows you to make your own virtual content. You will use this retail app to distribute great assets instantly.

e.   BuzzSumo 

For a particular domain, BuzzSumo can search the most viewed posts throughout the network. You will now see the title for the product and the kind of information it is and where this is most common.

5.  SEO Tools

a.   SEMRush

semrushSEMrush is an SEO platform that you can use if you would like to gather insightful knowledge about your web business. It may be used to examine flow and keywords, metrics, internal links, and the effectiveness of displayed ads The Domain Vs. Domain evaluation is one of SEMrush’s extremely common functions since it helps you to equate your webpage with that of your opponents quickly.

b.   Optimizely

Optimizely is a versatile collection of software aimed at assisting you with multiple linear regression checking. You will try your innovative thoughts this way to determine how they gain more consumers. Specific titles, videos, CTAs, shades, illustrations, in-code marketing analytics, and many other things can be created.

6.  Endpoint Security Tool

a.   Bit Defender 

It will help companies defend workers’ infrastructures from cyber-attacks, whether they are on a system or even in the database.

7.  Communication Tools

Free Small Business Toolsa.   Slack and Google Hangouts 

The easiest way to talk easily in teams or one-on-one, arrange topics by subject (i.e., streams), and keep them in a single location for easier access. When you do not really have to compose an email for every short declaration shared with your colleagues, you will be amazed by how much effort you conserve.

It also deals with a Smartphone interface that connects with a slew of certain applications you are likely currently running. Slack has also recently made videoconferencing calls available to its paid customers. Freemium alternatives to Slack include Skype, Google Hangouts, and Meet.

b.   Webinar Jam 

It can assist the company in creating and running conference events, including streaming live on YouTube and Facebook and event transmission through private forum chambers.

8.  E-commerce Tools

a.   Shopify 

Shopify allows you to create an online shop for your company. This e-commerce platform also enables you to handle stocks, orders, and cash management by allowing you to link the shop with your webpage.

b.   Stripe 

Stripe is a service that enables companies to receive transactions over the World Wide Web. Stripe and PayPal are two common payment methods. Per internet purchase, both bill 2.9 percent plus $0.30. Expense tracking and annual billing are also supported. PayPal is a well-known brand that is simple to use, but Stripe has a more robust functionality due to its programmer software.

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