Affiliate Program Details and Payment Information

At Wise, we know that a vote of confidence from happy clients, people we’ve advised, or other friends of the company are the most satisfying kind of referral we can get. So we’ve created a program that allows you to get something in return to show our great appreciation for the honor of your trust.

Our affiliate marketing programs are simple: For every paid client you send our way, you earn money, too:

You’ll get a 10% commission on every successful transaction.

affiliate marketing programs

Cost for Joining Affiliate Marketing Programs

The Wise Business Plans Affiliate Marketing Program is free to join, and it requires no technical knowledge to sign up for or take part in. We’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork, and there’s never any obligation or cost to you.

Simply refer clients and start earning — we’ll handle everything else! The program offers instant approval, so you can sign up today and get started right away.

We look forward to helping your friends, family, and business associates get started down the road toward financial independence.