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EB1 C Visa Business plan
EBI C Visa Business Plan
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What is EB1-C Visa Business Plan?

EB1-C Visa is for executives and managers who meet the L-1A non-immigrant requirements and want to immigrate to the United States legally as permanent residents. A Labor Certification is not necessary for this category of visa.

The employer’s contract offer in the form of a declaration stating that the alien is working in the United States in a managerial or executive position must be provided by the applicant. The applicant must have been with the company for one to three years.

What is included in an EB1-C Visa?

The important information included in a typical EB1-C Visa business plan is:
  • A brief description of the applicant’s parent company
  • A summary of the business activities of the parent company
  • A letter showing the employment verification. It can include a payroll
  • A complete market and industry analysis
  • A job offer letter for the applicant showing how the applicant will be part of the company
  • Financial projections for the coming years
EB1 C Visa
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