How Much Does a Business Plan Cost?

How Much Does Business Plan Writing Services Cost?

A business plan is essential for every new business, from home operations to multimillion-dollar corporations. Depending on the type of business plan you need, the cost varies greatly.

It’s possible for small and medium businesses to write their own plan for free. Businesses with limited time or entrepreneurs with large budgets can hire consultants or a business services firm to prepare professional business plans. Generally, a professional business plan consultant will charge between $5,000 and $20,000 for a complete business plan.

Rates can be higher for businesses that plan to use new or complicated technologies, have unusual revenue streams, or require substantial investment capital.

You should decide what type of business plan you need in order to determine the average cost to write a business plan.

Business Plan Writing Services Cost

DIY Business Plans

It is usually the least expensive option to write your own business plan. You can buy software to speed up this process for $20 to $300, but you can also find free resources on the web that provide business plan templates and suggestions. This is an excellent resource for startups with very low startup capital.

With the Internet, there are a number of resources available to those who wish to write a business plan.

Sample Business Plans

You can use our sample business plans to create a business plan that follows a complete structure and format, so you won’t be left with an empty page wondering what to write.

Business Plan Template

One of the main purposes of a business plan template is to provide structure for laying out your thoughts and ideas. Outline your business objectives and how to achieve them, as well as identify potential obstacles.

Make your vision a reality! A Wise business plan Template includes everything needed to WOW your audience. Simply fill in the blanks and print.

Business Plan Writing Guide

Business plans can be challenging to write. However, with our “how-to-write a business plan guide“, you are sure to write one. You can use these resources to learn not only what to include in your business plan, but also the types of language used in these professional documents.

Hiring a Business Plan Writing Service

You can hire a professional business plan writer to write your business plan. Some larger, more complex plans can run into thousands of dollars, depending on the firm and the number of staff members involved. For simple projects, costs start at about $1,500.

Hiring A Professional Business Plan Consultant

It might make more sense to hire a professional Business Plan Consultant to write your business plan when you want to raise a larger amount with your plan. A five-year financial forecast might still cost a few thousand dollars, but the total price can be much higher based on the scope of work and consulting.

Many traditional consultants bill by the hour and let the customer decide how many hours they work will take. For larger corporate jobs, expect to find costs ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.

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