Most exciting entertainment business ideas

61 Most Exciting Entertainment Business Ideas

The entertainment industry includes a wide range of businesses, including television, telecommunications, music, video games, and live concerts. Despite the existence of several niche players, the industry is dominated by large media conglomerates.

The global entertainment industry undergoes a massive change every year. It increases significantly, and even if you are the hundredth entertainment business owner in your city, it doesn’t matter. You will always have clients swarming near your shop.

Many businesses generate value by providing people with interesting things to do or watch in the entertainment industry. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting small business ideas that might ease the decision-making process.

61 Best Entertainment Business Ideas You Can Start Today

1. Fan Page or Blog

Creating a fan page or entertainment blog may not seem lucrative at first. But with the advent of apps like Instagram and Twitter, these types of fan content have become full-time jobs.

In this field, there is more competition due to the sheer popularity of influencer culture, but you could create a steady income stream with the right combination of ad sponsors.

2. A dance studio

A dance studio

One loves to learn dance of various types, and dancing is a graceful form of entertainment. You can start your dance studio if you love dancing and want to share it with others.

It takes a fixed amount of capital to rent or buy a space. You can choose to do Zumba for weight loss, salsa, tap dance, or ball dance. Make sure the space is spacious and has enough room for at least 7-8 people to dance.

3. Food Service for Entertainment Crew

Food services and catering for talent and crew are often a necessity for photo and film shoots. 

The idea of opening a business that provides food for craft services is another entertainment business idea.

If you are good at cooking large quantities of food and are punctual and consistent, your services may be in high demand. Make sure that, as with any food service business, you have the right licenses and permits to handle and serve food.

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4. Video Editing Services

Moreover, video editing has transitioned from professional clients to amateur clients mainly due to social media crazes. 

Just take a look at YouTube to see how many people are willing to pay for smooth video editing that only professionals can offer.

Due to its timely demand, it deserves a place in the top 10 entertainment business ideas.

5. Online Wedding Marketplace

An online wedding marketplace is an online matchmaker website that brings together eligible men and women. 

Creating an online wedding marketplace or a matchmaker website is subject to many rules and regulations.

Do your homework thoroughly about the costs, process, legalities, and other business aspects before you take the plunge. 

6. Birthday party or events venue

If you want to offer party or event bookings at your venue, allocate a certain amount of real estate to accommodate the number of guests you anticipate.

As a result, your venue will attract families, corporate gatherings, and school activities, which will give your business a high-revenue activity during normally low-revenue periods.

Include game passes for indoor attractions, food packages, and loyalty promotions to seal the deal with this bundle.

7. Hairstylist

There is a strong correlation between hair stylists and makeup artists, but the two jobs are separate-and equally important.

 If you’ve ever seen a celebrity getting ready for an event or photoshoot, you know that it often takes a whole team.

You’ll need credentials for this one, but if you love blowouts and updos, this might be for you.

Bonus Tip: You need a business plan for running a successful hair salon business, You can write a plan by downloading this hair salon business plan template

8. Voice Over Service

You can earn money with almost no investment by starting a voice-over service business from home. Networking is one of the most crucial aspects of getting long-term business success.

If you have a good voice and pronunciation capacity, you can start this business even part-time.

9. Indoor playground or soft play

According to the IAAPA survey, toddler attractions and facilities like inflatables, indoor playgrounds, and ball crawl rank third among the top revenue sources in FECs.

You can also offer party or event spaces, food and beverages, and areas where adults can enjoy themselves while their kids are playing.

10. Wearable Band

Wearable band

Wearable bands are also known as drum pants. Drum pants enable people to play music by arming themselves and wearing leggings. It’s an innovative business idea that’s already gaining immense popularity globally.

11. Esports Team

The Esports phenomenon combines competitive sports with video games to form a fast-growing phenomenon. It’s a global phenomenon. If you’re looking for entertainment business ideas at teen age, this can be a good choice.

The growth potential is exponential, but the industry is still in uncharted territory; only time will tell if E-sports is here to stay.

12. Video game arcade

Video games are not only popular among kids in the United States but they are also enjoyed by adults. People are going to love an arcade, but you have to know which videos are popular so you can attract them to your arcade.

You should also make sure that your arcade has a nice atmosphere for visitors. It is best to place your arcade in a shopping mall or shopping complex.

13. Sound Engineering Services

As a result of the demand, sound engineering services are one of the best entertainment business ideas, not only because of customer convenience but also because of the convenience of their service.

If you’re an adept one, it shouldn’t be hard to start a business like this. You just need a few software packages and you’re good to go.

14. Music Reality Show

It is possible to earn income and even wealth from starting a music reality show. If you didn’t know this, then you know now. Think about great reality show brands such as American Idol, X-Factor, and so on.

This sounds like a good way to make some money, doesn’t it? You might want to tinker with this idea if you are financially able.

15. Modelling Agency

Young entrepreneurs who want to build careers in Entertainment can easily start a modeling agency with a little capital. It is a popular business idea.

16. Puppet Shows

Keeping the kids entertained is an excellent way to keep them entertained. Some adults enjoy watching puppet shows as well.

If you have a sense of creativity, you might want to consider creating characters to entertain them. It could be a live show, a television show, or a radio show.

17. Laser tag arena

It is crucial to invest in design, aesthetics, and gameplay in an FEC such as this because it is highly immersive. 

To create a competitive and fun laser tag arena for customers, a professional sync of lights, sound, voice, and other factors is needed.

If you need help making the magic happen, you can consult a design consultant.

18. Instrumentalist

The demand for drummers, keyboardists, guitarists, and other specialists who can play many different instruments is high today for different concerts and by various musicians. 

Religious houses are always looking for those who can give them very good beats and sounds.

Thus, you can earn money from playing musical instruments without leaving your regular job. Please note that this can replace your regular income in the long run.

19. Strip Club

Strip clubs in the USA and other countries are becoming increasingly popular. While the business is capital intensive, it can also be very profitable. 

However, you must consult your local laws and regulations before starting a strip club business.

20. Singing


If you have a good voice, you can become a singer. As a professional singer, you can perform live shows, do playback singing, etc. In today’s era of technology, it’s very easy to become a singer. You can also make money by uploading your singing videos on YouTube. 

21. Party supplier

It is common for people to have engagement parties, wedding parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, graduation parties, and success parties, in addition to birthday parties. 

No matter what the reason, you could be providing all the party necessities.

We suggest choosing a niche if you’d like to be organized since it could be challenging to cater to all the different types of parties.

22. Karaoke Bar

A karaoke bar is one of the most popular forms of group entertainment. They’re more popular in urban areas but are still popular in suburban and rural areas.

Over the next few years, gathering spaces like these will be in high demand as a result of the pandemic keeping friends apart for an extended time.

23. Circus

In the past, if you were a child and enjoyed watching circus shows, as well as the experience, you would agree that circuses today are more entertaining. 

If you think that this is one business that you want to do, you can take flight.

Keep in mind that running a circus has a lot to do with music since you will need to serenade the people who come to your circus with some of the finest tunes.

ProTip: It’s necessary to have a business plan if you want to start a circus business. To help you write your own plan, download our free business plan sample pdf.

24. Organize Listening Parties

Increasingly, listening parties have become more popular these days than ever before. 

When an artiste announces the release of a new album, he invites people to a party to listen to the new tracks. If you are a good organizer, you might want to take it up as a business.

Musicians these days love to have listening parties. Then this concerns you – especially if you possess good organizational skills.

You can take the burden of planning the listening party for the musician, which is a great way to make a lot of money.

25. Mobile Sauna

The demand for mobile saunas in the United States and Europe is tremendous. 

It usually comes with a sound system, LED lighting, and a selection of relaxing sounds so clients can relax and enjoy the experience. Startup capital is required for the business.

26. Music Studio

A musician spends a large part of his or her time in the studio, cooking up something or another. Nevertheless, a studio can be a great source of income, especially if you are a high-income earner.

Therefore, you might want to consider starting one. Starting such a video might not be easy, but in the long run, it is very profitable.

27. Miniature golf course

Family attractions like mini golf are a great way to attract people of all ages to your FEC. If you have a lot of space, you may want to consider either an indoor or an outdoor miniature golf course.

Land leases and improvements, décor, architectural plans, insurance, basic equipment, POS/ticketing/redemption systems, and golf equipment are estimated to cost about $500,000.

28. VR experience

People are increasingly interested in virtual reality experiences, which is why entertainment businesses can utilize the new equipment to offer a new experience for customers. 

As the new technology becomes more accessible, more people want to try it out.

With escape rooms, you won’t need to invest in a physical location, but you will need to create or invest in the technology to take your customers to all kinds of far-flung places—in their minds—for free.

29. Acting

One of the professions that have been around for more than two thousand years is acting.

 It is a natural endowment that some folks exhibit that makes one appreciate that some individuals are naturally born to act.

You watch them on TV and you are mesmerized by the way they perform their roles. Sometimes you wonder if what you see them doing is the way they are in real life.

30. Water Park


In the amusement and entertainment industry, water parks are essentially large-scale businesses.

To establish a water park, you will need a large amount of land, adequate capital investment, and strategic planning. Furthermore, you will need a good marketing strategy.

31. Magician

Magicians perform tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats by using natural means. 

This is one of the most popular entertainment business ideas worldwide.

Magic shows can be offered to your clients if you have the right skills and enjoy making people happy.

32. Trade Show

Organizing various types of trade shows is a potential revenue generator for businesses.

It gives potential buyers and sellers a platform to meet. It is extremely effective not just in B2B businesses but also in retail and brand building.

33. Urban Park Business

Urban parks are quietly profitable businesses that require a considerable amount of capital. Although they require a great deal of capital investment, they also ensure good revenue.

 Modern urban parks are usually well-equipped with wide green lawns, children’s play areas, water bodies, restaurants, boating, etc.

34. Movie Maker

In some cases, moviemakers are certified, as they’ve got degrees in filmmaking. One of the things that qualify them is that they know so much about their niche that they can make very profitable movies.

It’s no secret that being a movie maker is one thing you want to do, but it takes a lot of money.

35. Costume designer

A costume design business can be one of the most creative outlets in the entertainment industry. 

To make a television show, movie, or play successful, you need a wardrobe, and if you’re passionate about fashion, this could be your perfect entertainment business.

In the era of historical dramas, costume designers who can create period-specific clothing are in ever-growing demand. Even shows set in the present need someone to curate each character’s wardrobe.

36. Trampoline park

A trampoline park is another fun family FEC (Family entertainment center) that promotes fun and healthy activities for both kids and adults.

Unlike arcades or other simpler FEC types, trampoline parks should take particular care to ensure that guests are safe.

In case something goes wrong in this type of business, insurance is one of the most important costs involved.

37. Talk Show

If you have good communication skills and enjoy chatting with new people, then you might be interested in starting your own talk show service business.

You could arrange television and radio talk shows. Web-based talk shows, commonly known as podcasts, are also becoming increasingly popular.

38. Pop-Up Hotel

A pop-up hotel is a new entertainment concept that offers accommodations in prime locations. It is a cash-intensive business, so you should check your state’s laws regarding such businesses.

39. Comedian

The challenges of life are weighing heavily on people and life expectancy is lowering gradually. 

You can become a comedian and start making heaps of dollars a year by just making people laugh. Medical research has proven that joy and laughter can help a person live longer.

Can you make people laugh and possibly roll on the floor? Take a bold step and ask your friends who have events if you can crack some jokes for 5 – 10 minutes instead of just telling those jokes to just yourself. 

You can start from there and if you’re good, you might become the next big thing very soon.

40. DJ


The DJ business is one of the most profitable businesses anyone can start with low capital investment. However, you must enjoy the sounds and rhythms.

In addition, you need adequate skills and knowledge to operate the machines and mix the sounds properly.

41. Publicist

In the media industry, this is a major area, and one with higher returns over time. This business idea is perfect for someone who has a way with people and would like to support artists directly.

Publicists have lots of responsibilities, including PR for clients, publishing interviews with them, and doing damage control if a client gets into trouble.

The only requirement is some experience in the publishing industry, so if you have that, becoming a publicist could be a great business idea for you.

Bonus Tip: Learn what does a public relations specialist do

42. Casino

In most states of the United States, gambling, including charitable and online gambling, is legal. However, you must check local laws and regulations before establishing a casino business in your area.

A casino business requires significant investment, accurate planning, and good business management.

43. Comedy Club

The comedy club business is a great business idea in the entertainment business sector. Comedy clubs are popular places for people of all ages. The business can be started either in permanent locations or on mobile.

44. Advertising Clipping Service

Nothing is exciting about old advertising clipping agencies that focus on monitoring ads. That definitely won’t make them one of the top entertainment business ideas.

Clipping services now specialize in media research and information monitoring. You’ll certainly succeed in this venture if you know how to monitor and analyze competing products’ ads.

45. Musical Band Management

In the entertainment industry, band management is one of the most important ideas. You can start this business by establishing a band or representing multiple bands. It is a profitable business.

46. Entertainment Blogging

A blogging business is a megabucks business because it generates a lot of followership and brings traction to your blog site- which is what advertisers are looking for.

As a result of this huge traffic, advertisers would be willing to pay just to have their products and services listed on your blog.

Mind you, if you know your onions, you will be doing this at a very minimal overhead cost.

47. Choreographer

Essentially, a choreographer creates choreographies by practicing the art of choreography, a process known as choreographing.

There are numerous uses of choreography, from musical theatre and cheerleading to cinematography, gymnastics, fashion shows, ice skating theatre, synchronized swimming video game production, and animated art.

48. Amusement Park

It is a large-scale entertainment business to start an amusement park. To establish an amusement park, you will need a lot of space.

Additionally, you will have to spend a lot of money purchasing and building the park infrastructure, but it is extremely profitable and rewarding.

49. Tour Experience

Tour experience

There is a great deal of potential in bus and walking tours. You can focus on city or nature tourism, depending on where you are. Plus, tours don’t require a huge investment to get started.

This idea has limitations, such as competition in major cities like Toronto, as well as the advantage of being an expert in the area.

You’ll need to think outside the box to incorporate a 21st-century twist into a tour-based experience.

50. Artist Manager

Are you a coordinated person who can help others manage and coordinate their time and schedules? Consider managing an artist like John Legend!

You will be responsible for arranging his schedules, securing deals, reminding him of appointments, and generally keeping him on his toes. I guess that is not too much to do and yet you’ll be making millions.

51. Ad Film Production

It is an excellent business idea to invest in the media industry because it relies heavily on advertising and public relations. 

There are a lot of media outlets that spend large amounts of money advertising and promoting their work, whether it is movies, television, print, or journalism.

As a result of this high demand, a higher profit margin will be achieved. This business idea requires substantial capital and good networking skills. The Ad Film business or production is a great business to invest in if you have those two assets.

52. Become Anchorperson

In the media and entertainment industry, hosting programs as an anchorperson is a very lucrative career option. If you have experience as an anchor, you can charge more money than a regular professional.

It will maximize your chances of meeting people and seeing professional anchors doing what they do best if you are aware of the events happening around you.

53. Professional Emcee

A freelance professional emcee service can be started from home if you have good communication skills and a knack for public speaking. Small and big companies often hire emcees to host events, conferences, and seminars.

The business can also be started and operated part-time.

54. Balloon Bouquet

A balloon bouquet service business involves designing and delivering balloon arrangements to clients for a variety of occasions.

The balloon bouquet business’s advantages are that it can be started part-time, you can work at home, and you have low startup costs. Additionally, if you’re creative, you’ll love this job.

55. Television Presenter

Which TV presenter is your favorite, and what makes him or her tick? Well, you do know why you chose the person you do as your favorite. The television presenter is famous, regardless of how much money they make.

A television presenter job is as rewarding as a radio presenter job. In other words, you can present as many programs as you want, as long as none clash. A very good thing about this business is that you can pursue other interests.

56. Start a Nightclub

A nightclub is another profitable business idea on our list, as you cannot miss out on the nightlife in the United States. However, you will need substantial capital to start a nightclub.

The venue is extremely important as people won’t feel tempted to go to a far-away nightclub in the middle of the night. Additionally, you will need to comply with the laws and regulations of the city in which you will start this business.

57. Bowling alley

Adding bowling lanes to your FEC will ensure that you capture the entire family as your target market. Bowling also attracts larger groups of customers, and revenue streams can come from playtimes, shoe rentals, and food services.

58. Bounce House

Kids love to bounce, so bounce houses are extremely popular at birthday parties, corporate events, and fundraisers. Also, you can start this business either part-time or full-time.

To acquire the bounce house, the business requires an initial investment, and most bounce house suppliers offer guidance on starting the business as well.

59. Artist Management Company

Management Companies take care of an artist’s basic day-to-day affairs so that they can create art in peace.

 Besides this, they also offer career advice, bring new projects to the artist’s attention, and promote the artist in influential circles.

Therefore, most big and, now even up-and-coming artists have managers.

 Setting up an artist management company is a great idea. Before entering this business, keep in mind that exceptional networking skills are a requirement.

60. Song Writing

Song writing

You should not be misled by the fact that not every musician who writes hits knows how to write them; even those who do sometimes have other people write their songs for them.

In other words, if you cannot sing but can write, that in itself is an excellent business idea that could help to generate a lot of income for you. In addition, you will be able to charge and earn more if you write hit songs.

61. Bungee Jumping

The bungee jumping business can be very lucrative. It’s already a very popular form of entertainment that is popular in many parts of the world.

The business can be very profitable if you’re looking to start it up. However, you have to invest money upfront and seek licenses from local authority.

Recommended: A business plan will help you get funding to start an entertainment business. For assistance in writing your own business plan, you may download our business plan pdf.

The Importance of a Business Plan for Starting an Entertainment Business

If you’re interested in starting an entertainment business, having a solid business plan is crucial for success. It helps you outline your goals, identify your target market, evaluate competition, and create a roadmap for achieving your objectives.

At Wise Business Plans, we specialize in crafting comprehensive business plans for entertainment businesses that help entrepreneurs like you achieve their goals.

Our business plan writing services is designed to provide you with a well-researched and tailored business plan that meets your specific needs and objectives. 

In addition to our business plan writing service, we also offer free resources to help you create a business plan on your own. Our website features business plan examples, business plan templates, and articles on creating a successful business plan.


Some unique entertainment business ideas include starting an escape room facility, launching a mobile gaming truck, organizing live trivia events, creating a virtual reality arcade, or offering customized event planning services.

Yes, there are entertainment business ideas that cater to specific demographics or niches, such as children’s party entertainment, senior citizen social clubs, specialized dance studios, themed karaoke lounges, or niche-specific online streaming platforms.

Consider your interests, skills, target market, and local demand when choosing an entertainment business idea. Conduct market research, analyze competition, and assess the feasibility and profitability of the chosen idea.

Yes, there are entertainment business ideas that can be started with a small budget, such as starting a podcast, launching a YouTube channel, offering mobile DJ services, hosting trivia nights at local venues, or organizing small-scale community theater productions.

Yes, when starting an entertainment business, it’s important to consider legal aspects such as obtaining necessary licenses and permits, copyright and trademark regulations, liability insurance, and compliance with local entertainment and event industry regulations. Consulting with legal professionals is advised to ensure compliance with the law.

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