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Types of Equity Funding

Self Funding

'Bootstrapping' or simply finding a way.


A smaller -- but legally formal -- capital markets raise.

Series A

The company has 'checked enough boxes' to be eligible for substantial raise from investors.

Equity Crowdfunding

A newer, innovative mass-market participation in you raise

Friends & Family

Will usually offer the most flexible terms -- for good reason!


The first Venture Capital 'fuel' investors will offer to early stage companies.

Series B through "Venture" rounds

The business has proven itself ready to scale. Hold on tight.

Coin/Token Raise

A sale of ownership in digital assets which are inextricably tied to your business model.

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Equity (Early Stage) Funding Review Benefits

Investment Minimums

What are the minimums investors are willing to invest? What critical items are investors looking for?

ROI and Terms

What % ownership mix is "typical" for your company's stage? How does your company's risk profile affect your offer to the investor?

Investor Value

Don't underestimate the investor's 'fit' with your company. Sharing resources with your investor can be crucial.

Financial Contracts

What is convertible debt? Is it a good option for my company? Would a SAFE contract be worth consideration?

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