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Wise NET 30 Account

Wise NET 30 Business Line of Credit Minimum Requirements

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Start our easy approval net 30 accounts process now and apply for a NET 30 business account with Wise Business Plans.

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An annual fee of $99.00 is required to apply. All applications that meet the minimum criteria to be approved. Denials that do not meet the minimum requirements are fully refunded. A minimum spend of $97.00 is required to be reported to the credit agencies.

Net 30 Account Four Easy Steps Process


Apply for Wise Net 30 Business Account

The Net 30 Application is reviewed and assigned an initial credit limit ($300-$5,000) within 48 business hours.



Approval email is sent with a list of services to utilize for monthly reporting.

Grow your credit limit by utilizing Wise services with prompt on-time payments.



Yes, we encourage you to complete the application. A starter limit may be assigned to grow over time with active usage and on-time payments.

No, the application fee of $99.00 is a due diligence fee. Only new purchases will be reported.

Yes, $97.00 is the min. Purchase. However, higher limit purchases help increase credit scores when reporting.

We report to Equifax Business and Credit Safe Business credit agencies monthly.

Yes, we will issue a full refund of the $99.00 application fee to the credit card on file.

The default interest rate is 0% with on-time payment history.

Please reach out to your project manager and we will see if we can warrant a credit line increase.

After a purchase is made, you will receive an invoice the same day. The invoice will have the payment terms and due dates enclosed for on-time reporting.

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