EB1-A visa business Plan

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EB1 A Visa Business Plan
EB1 A Visa
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What is EB1-A Visa Business Plan?

Foreign candidates with “exceptional aptitude” in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics are eligible for the employment-based immigration visa known as the EB1-A.

A petitioner who claims to have extraordinary skill must be able to show that they have achieved recognition on a national or international stage and have risen to the top of their respective fields. The applicant with EB1-A Visa can get a green card without any job offer from any company.

What is included in an EB1-A Visa?

The important information included in a typical EB1-A Visa business plan is:
  • An executive summary of the company
  • A complete market and industry analysis of relevant industry
  • A well-prepared company description
  • A thorough report containing marketing and sales information
  • Financial projections for coming years
  • Complete information regarding product and service lines
EB1 A Visa Plan
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