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Our immigration business plans are thorough, precise, and result-oriented since they are specifically designed for the business you are establishing.

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What is H1B Visa Business Plan?

Under the H1B visa category, organizations possessing a Federal Identification Number or IRS tax number may hire a foreign expert to work in a specialty occupation for up to six years. H1B is also recognized as a dual intent visa.

Although the H1B applicants aren’t beginning a business in the U.S., the sponsoring employer should offer a fact-based and well-developed business plan of their own to support and justify the grounds for hiring a foreign applicant.

What is included in an H1B Visa?

The important information included in a typical H1B Visa business plan is:
  • A detailed business description
  • A complete analysis of the relevant market and industry
  • A thorough marketing plan
  • An organizational chart showing the future hiring of employees
  • Financial projection of the business for the coming 5 years
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