business ideas for teens

Business Ideas For Teens

There are two types of teens in the world: one who just passes their life on pocket money given by their parents, and another who lives their life freely on their own expenses. 

Now you decide what type of teen you want to be. You can be a successful entrepreneur at teen age by just following our 25 business ideas for teenagers.

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25 Top Business Ideas For Teens

First business idea in this list is the perfect start for teens. Let’s explore some business ideas for teens.

1. Online Tutor

online tutoring is one of best business idea for teens

Home tutoring business is a great way to earn extra income if you have good teaching skills. The tutor can also assist students in preparing for some standardized tests. 

Home tutors can earn $24.85 per hour. You can join different platforms for online tutor services and get paid.

2 Legitimate Sites That Offer Online Tutoring Jobs

2. Custom Car Wash

Car Wash: Small Business Idea for teens

The majority of people want their cars to look shiny and new, however not everyone has the time to do so. You can approach those people and offer home car wash service. 

There’s an opportunity to make some extra money from customers who need their cars washed quickly. 

3. Local Paper Distributor

Local Paper Distributor: Business Idea for Teens

If you have nothing in your pocket and would like to make some money. It is possible to earn it simply by tossing newspapers to other people’s homes. You can contact your local area paper distribution company and join the team. It is also possible to get paid by handing out business brochures from various franchises.

4. Pet Care

Pet Care: Small business idea for teens

If you are an animal lover, starting a business and spending time with animals is the best combination. Attend a local park, and hand out your business cards to pet owners there. You can offer training services to pet owners and get some payment.

Pro Tip: Here is a step by step guide on how to start a pet care business.

5. Home Care Social Service for Seniors:

Home Care business idea

It is important to take care of elderly people during this sensitive phase of their lives, so that they can live a healthy life without anxiety and worries. 

In today’s busy world, people barely have time to spend with their elders. That’s why the senior home care industry like Gonannies is growing rapidly, and making it an excellent business opportunity.

Pro Tip: Looking to start home care business? Here is a step by step guide to start a home health care business.

business plan template cta

Free: Home Care Business Plan Template

Running a successful home healthcare business requires a business plan. Here’s a sample Health care business plan in PDF for your review.  

6. Home Care for Disabled persons:

social service for disabled

Individuals with disabilities, whether they be mentally or physically, are unique cases. It is therefore necessary to treat and prescribe medication according to the needs of each patient. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the case, you will have to undergo some training. This can be a source of income for you. You can join our suggested platform and start earning.

ProTip: A perfect business plan is essential to start home care service business. You can write your own business plan by following our proven business plan examples pdf.

7. Graphic Design:

Graphic Design Business Idea

Due to the increasing competition in the market, the need to create attractive marketing campaigns and promotions enhances the demand for graphic designers. 

For each design, you will receive a handsome payment. You can also join different online platforms and start earning in flexible hours.

Top Freelance Graphic Design Websites

8. Live Gaming Stream:

live gaming stream

Online gaming has now captured the hearts and minds of our teenage community. Gaming lovers can make money by playing video games, which is the ultimate dream. By streaming their gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, teens can monetize their streams through advertisements, sponsorships, and donations. It makes it one of the best business ideas for teens.

9. Create mobile app:

Mobile App Business Idea

In 2022, there were over 6.64 billion smartphone users around the world. Every day, thousands of new applications are released on the market, and this number will only increase in the future.

It is a great opportunity to turn an idea into a business if you have the technical skills to make it.

10. Candle maker:

Candle Making Business

Making candles is an interesting business opportunity for anyone who has creative and crafty tendencies.

In addition to selling them to friends and family, your candles can also be sold to online retailers if you have a website. Create an account on our suggested online store and start selling.

business plan template cta

Free: Candle Making Business Plan Template

Running a successful candle-making business requires a business plan. Get a free candle making business plan template to get started.

11. Musician:

musician business idea

If you have musical talent, you can earn money by offering music services. You can also hang out with other teenagers to form your own band or perform locally. Additionally you can apply on preply for online music tutor and start earning.

12. Photographer:

photography business idea

There is a growing interest in photography as a profession and hobby right now. In case you have a passion for taking epic pictures, you might want to start your photography business

Instead of taking pictures for fun, your fun can be turned into cash from different event like weddings and parties.

13. Data Entry:

Data Entry is a small business idea

Teenagers should take advantage of this opportunity to earn money. It is possible to make handsome money as a data entry clerk if you have some knowledge of spreadsheets or have worked with data analysts. 

14. Social media influencer:

social media influencer

There are a few celebrities who make money by advertising on their social media accounts.

Most teenagers are aware of these celebrities. If you have a quality number of followers on your social media accounts you can easily make money with just one click. Some social media platforms with most users are.

15.Selling Handmade Crafts:

hand made goods: small business idea for teens

It’s quite possible for creative people, such as artists and crafters, to open their own online shops on sites such as ETSY. and sell handmade goods to customers. AFTCRA is also a great site to sell crafted items designed specially for Americans.

Pro Tip: Here is step by step guide on how to start a craft business.

16. Run Errand service:


People grow older and become less capable of handling daily tasks, such as grocery shopping, picking up prescription medicine, and so on. Errand runners are often hired by senior citizens to handle tasks they are no longer capable of doing on their own. An errand business typically charges between $20 and $35 an hour, with a national average of $30. 

Furthermore, this service is also a great way to gain more exposure to local customers, as you will be able to provide them with a variety of errand services, including picking up groceries. You can apply online for running errand service.

17. Cleaning Services:

home cleaning: business idea for teens

It is common for people to host family gatherings in their homes. You can take advantage of house cleaning services to build up a regular client base.

The service you can offer is not only basic house cleaning but deeper cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas as well. You can also offer your services to hotels and restaurant owners to get some extra money. You can join a clean touch group  and earn money.

Pro Tip: If you want to run a successful cleaning service business, you need a business plan. Check out this free cleaning service business plan template.

business plan template cta

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18. Packing Services:

Packing goods services

It is unrealistic for teenagers to think about starting a full-fledged moving company of their own. You can, however, start with a small business like helping people pack up their items before moving to earn extra income.

19. Gift Wrapping Services:

Gift Wrapping Business Idea

The business idea is best suited for students because they can make some extra money on weekends. You can start this business in your local area by offering your service for special events such as birthdays to your neighbours and associates. The best thing about it is that it is a small business idea for teenagers.

20. Blogger:

Blogging in business idea for teans

If you have excellent writing skills and are interested in something. Then you can create a blog and you will be able to make money by writing about the things you love. 

As an example, if you are interested in technology, you can create a blog where you discuss the latest technologies and IT services for your followers.

21. Home Baking:

home bake business idea

The kitchen in your home can be transformed into a restaurant. It’s a great way to make some delicious recipes for your friends, families, and neighbours and get some handsome cash. 

Alternatively, you can use social media platforms and deliver online.

Pro Tip: Here is a step by step guide on how to start a bakery business.

22. Gardening:

Gardening Business Idea

Provide gardening services in your surrounding area and you can earn a good income. Suppose gardening is your hobby, then it can become a lucrative business if you turn it into a cash-generating activity.

23. Technology Tutor:

technology tuition services

Teenagers can use devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets better than older people. The ability to teach technology can earn you some extra money.

24. Snow Removal Services:

snow shovel services

There are many ways for you to earn money during the winter months, such as clearing snow for homeowners in the area. It is possible to offer to shovel snow off roofs, vehicles, and gardens in exchange for payment.

25. Online Ecommerce Store:


There is no age limit for creating an online ecommerce store. Just create an account and start earning by selling different products. If you have knowledge about fashion you can sell stuff of your own choice and design. This business idea needs some investment. Join these platforms for online selling. 

Pro Tip: A business plan is vital to the success of an eCommerce business, download a free eCommerce business plan sample to get started.

business plan template cta

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How to start your own business as a Teenager?

Starting a business as a teenager can be challenging, but it is definitely possible. Here are some steps you can take to start your own business:

  • Identify your passion and research the market
  • Develop a business plan
  • Secure funding
  • Get a mentor
  • Get necessary licenses and permits
  • Network and build relationships
  • Be prepared to work hard and put in the time and effort to make your business a success.

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Business Ideas For Teens : FAQs

Q. What are some profitable business ideas for teens?

A. There are several profitable business ideas for teens, such as starting a small online store, offering tutoring services, providing social media management, starting a pet-sitting service, or creating and selling handmade crafts.

Q. How can teens finance their business ideas?

A. Teens can finance their business ideas through personal savings, part-time jobs, or by seeking financial support from their parents or family members. They can also explore crowdfunding platforms or apply for small business loans specifically designed for young entrepreneurs.

Q. How can teens market their business?

A. Teens can market their business by leveraging social media platforms, creating a website or online presence, utilizing word-of-mouth marketing through friends and family, participating in local events or fairs, and collaborating with other businesses or influencers to expand their reach.

Q. How can teens ensure the success of their business ideas?

A.To increase the chances of success, teens should conduct thorough market research, identify their target audience, develop a solid business plan, continuously learn and adapt to market trends, provide excellent customer service, and focus on building a strong brand reputation.

Q. What are some tips for managing a business while balancing school responsibilities?

A. Balancing school and a business can be challenging, but it’s possible with proper time management and organization. Some tips include creating a schedule that allocates specific time for both schoolwork and business tasks, prioritizing important deadlines, seeking support from family and friends, and learning to delegate or outsource tasks when necessary.

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