The hair salon and grooming industry have proven to be incredibly resilient; even in the face of what economists have termed as the deepest economic chasm since the Depression of the 1930s. The writers at Wise Business Plans have developed a host of business plans for professionals starting a hair salon and capitalizing on the opportunities that it brings.  “What we have found is that the American consumer continues to care deeply about their appearance.  With the job market being as competitive as it is, consumers simply could not risk looking anything but their best and this factor is what has allowed the haircare sector to remain relevant”, says Joe Ferriolo, Director at Wise Business Plans.  The hair salon and grooming industry are extremely competitive and operators are constantly looking for elements that give them even a small advantage over their closest competitors. “Even the smallest margin can be the difference in operating at a profit or going out of business.  Our goal in developing their business plan is to arm them with research and information that gives them that edge and in the process, allows them to compete”, says Mr. Ferriolo.

All hair salon and barbershop business plans developed by Wise Business Plans include:

  • Real-time market research
  • Customer service directives that allow the operator to stand out in the marketplace
  • Product trends that add value to the barbershop or salon and give additional revenue streams
  • Consumer traffic patterns that allow the barbershop or hair salon to gauge which area has the highest concentration of targeted consumers
  • Marketing strategies that capture the target audience and allow them to retain their customer base
  • Predictive financial modeling that gives plausible five-year projections

Proved Components by Hair Salon:

Haircare and hair salon has proven to be a vitally important component in the grooming regimen of the American consumer.  “Let’s face it, regardless of the state of the American economy, what we have found is that consumers are going to find the extra money to maintain their appearance.  It’s just that simple”, says Mr. Ferriolo.  Operators in this industry do however recognize that in order to capitalize on the needs in the market, they must be in a position to effectively deliver.  “The only way they can deliver is with a strong business plan that outlines the consumer profile and is filled with strategies on how to best satisfy them.

The industry is resilient but the consumer is much more educated than in years past and this fact cannot be overstated”, says Ferriolo.  All plans developed by Wise Business Plans include real-time market research and clearly communicate the value of the client business model from a short and long-term perspective.  “It’s not just about a quick haircut or trim anymore; it’s about how to capture, retain and leverage the customer base; those are the new rules of the game”, says Mr. Ferriolo.

Aside from business plans, the professionals at Wise Business Plans are capable of writing resumes, press releases as well as the editing and refreshing previously developed projects.  All of these services combine to make Wise Business Plans one of the industry’s most comprehensive service providers.  For more information please visit