Business Plan Step by Step

step by step guide to business planBusiness Plan Step by Step:

Does your business plan step by step pop? Is it like every other plan that crosses an angel investor or loan officer’s desk every day, or is it one of those few rare plans that figuratively jumps up and screams “look at me first!” The odds are, your business plan is like most others. It is accurate, it has all the pertinent information included and it looks just like the other 100 in the stack. How do you make your business plan stand out?

You want your plan to be unique – not quite the “Legally Blonde” pink scented paper variety of different – but there is something to that if we tone it down. A slick cover with a professionally designed graphic is a solid start. Don’t skimp on the paper used in your business plan – go with a thick white stock that is durable and easy to thumb through. Cheap paper does not cut it. It tears, it inadvertently folds and it feels cheap. Project success to have success!

Use a reader-friendly font. A flashier script may be okay for some non-essential information on the jacket of your business plan or for page numbers, but the plan itself needs to be easy to read. Use a larger font – 10 or 11 points should do quite well, with an easy to read font like “New York times“. The last thing you want to do is create a document that has people squinting to read it. If you make it hard on the end-user, they are not likely to spend much time in your business plan which means you lose out.

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