How to Write a One-Page Business Plan

Last updated on January 29th, 2021

What is a One Page Business Plan?

How to write a one page business planA one-page business plan can be effective than a stretched and composite business plan and, if written appropriately, can have more advantages than a usual plan.

It enables prospective stakeholders to swiftly cognize the business idea, aids as a pitch manuscript for business, delivers a robust, concise message, and enables to grab the audience’s attention, forces them to condense the thoughts and explain the concept clearly.

What to Include in Your One Page Business Plan?

The aspects highlighted below focus on the elements of a one-page business plan:


One or two sentences about the Business concept, Current situation, Key success factors, or Financial situation/needs.

Market Analysis:

Include a few sentences about the primary target market segment, customers in the target market, and customer needs in the target market

Competitive Analysis:

Two or three sentences about competitive products/services, opportunities, and threats, and risks

Competitive Advantages:

A couple of sentences on key competitive capabilities and key competitive advantages

Products and Services:

A sentence or two on the Unique Selling Proposition of products/services and competitive evaluation of products/services

Marketing and Sales:

A sentence or two on marketing strategy and sales tactics


One or two sentences about key personnel, organizational structure, human resources plan, product/service delivery, customer service/support, and facilities


Tightly focused on profit and loss projection, ROI, and IRR.

The main takeaway is to hit the high points relevant to the business and leave the details for a longer document and, hopefully, a longer discussion with a prospective partner or investor. Download the one-page business plan template in PDF.

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