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An invoice is a bill or statement representing the goods or services you or your company has sold to a customer. An invoice is proof of the transaction between buyer and seller. Are you ready to invoice your clients? 

Download our free invoice templates too. They are easy to use and professionally designed, so you can get started and focus on what you do best.

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Our team spent quite a bit of time reviewing various templates online and offline. Finally, we chose three of our best.

What does an invoice need to include?

Invoices are prepared by service providers and products suppliers to record and inform the client of their payment obligation. Some ingredients should be present in a professional invoice:

  1. Contact Details– Name and contact details of product/service provider and the client
  2. Address– Addresses of product/service provider and the client
  3. Date– Date of invoice and due date by which the payment is required
  4. Product/Service Description– the main subject of the invoice against which the payment is required. For the convenience of clients, a detailed description of products/services should be provided.
  5. Calculate the due amount- Provide a quick overview of your total to your client.
  6. Payment terms– along with the due date of payments, late payment penalty, and cash discounts available on earlier settlements should be mentioned.
What does an invoice need to include?

Benefits of Invoice Template

Invoicing Template is a quick and simple way to generate an invoice. They are always accessible and quick to fill out, save and send to the clients digitally. With a couple of clicks and filling out of necessary information, you can save your time.

The invoice template allows you to save the invoice in PDF or Google Docs form. Invoice templates are also helpful for generating multiple invoices, thus giving ample time to you to focus on your business operations. The automatic calculation feature in an invoice template lets you calculate the total amount quickly, reducing your time on calculation.

Many free invoicing templates are available online; however, the option to save invoices on the cloud, customize them, and auto-sending facility will not be available through the free invoicing templates.

Some invoicing templates offer pay now button for the clients, thus enabling them to pay online. Many invoicing templates also provide an option to send a reminder to the clients regarding payment.

Types Of Invoices

From consulting to construction and Freelancing, from Excel to Google Docs, there are plenty of reasons and methods to create a small business invoice. Here are five of the most common invoice types for small businesses:

  • A pro forma invoice is often used in place of an estimate – they illustrate the project’s total cost.
  • Interim invoices are used to divide the value of a large project into multiple payments. You send interim invoices as the project is completed.
  • A recurring invoice is used for retainers and other ongoing relationships.
  • Typically, past due invoices are sent to clients as a reminder that they still owe on the invoice.
  • The most common invoice type is the final invoice, indicating that a project has been completed and due payment.

All of the above invoice templates can be used to create these five types of invoices.

Which Invoice Template Formats Should I Use?

Your business’s industry is the most important consideration when choosing an invoice template. We created industry-specific invoice templates to make your invoicing experience as smooth as possible. 

In some cases, a certain invoice format will be better suited for your needs than another, which is why you should choose the right one for you. Your invoice should include fields that describe the services you provide. Furthermore, the design will more likely appeal to your clients. 

You can choose an invoice format that suits your unique business operations and lets you get paid on time. This way, you’ll save yourself the hassle of manually entering all of your required fields, allowing you to continue doing what you love.

Free Invoice Templates to Promote Your Brand

We understand how important it is to present a professional image to your customers. That’s especially true when it comes to sending invoices! Hence, we have many free invoice templates designed by graphic designers. Regardless of your brand, we are confident that you will find an invoice that makes you stand out!

It doesn’t matter if you are in construction, a fashion designer, like red, or simply want to express your patriotism; you can find a free invoice template. We also offer professionally designed logos, or you can upload your own.

Invoice Templates for special purposes

Construction and freelancing require customized invoice templates. We have specialized pages for these two industries:

  • Construction invoice templates: divided into materials and labour sections. Furthermore, they include ‘site location’ instead of shipping details/address/costs.
  • Freelance invoice template: Contains several invoice templates tailored toward projects and time billing.
  • Printable invoice template: a black and white template that is printer friendly.
  • A graphic designer invoice template: Do you work as a freelancer? These templates are perfect for you!
  • Photographic invoice template: tips and relevant templates on how to write a comprehensive invoice for photography services.
  • Pro forma invoice template: used to send before final payment is due.
  • A contractor invoice is an official way of asking for payment for services provided, which was granted or must be granted. Download and use the provided template for most types of contract work, such as photography, carpentry, writing, etc.


  • Choose the template you like best.
  • Fill it out.
  • Personalize with your company logo, brand colors, and fonts.
  • Save your invoice in a way you can easily find and recognize it – consider Clients Name – Invoice #number
  • Send the invoice via email or by mail.

Are you ready to customize your invoices to meet your company’s needs? Download your invoice templates Now.

Each company has its own invoice template. While most companies use simple invoice templates, freelance photographers, graphic designers, and other creatives prefer to use custom invoices that reflect their style and creativity. Every invoice should include the basic information listed above.

An invoice can be emailed or mailed. Make sure your client understands the payment terms and that they received your invoice.