What Makes us Different from Our Competitors

It is crucial for your company’s success to stand out from its competitors. Most people understand that concept, but far too many companies fail to put it into practice.

A company’s brand doesn’t automatically separate it from its competitors. Brands have to stand for something, be recognized by the target audience, and stand out from the competition.

Can you and your sales team explain to customers why your business is different from the competition and why this matters to them?

What Makes a Company Different From Its Competitors?

Here are 7 ways to differentiate your business from the competition.

1. Focus on Your Strengths

What Makes a Company Different From Its Competitors?Examine your company’s personality and what it means to your customers. Very few businesses can sell and survive on a price alone. And even if your business operates in a saturated and highly competitive market, there are always facets of your business that can make you stand apart from your competition.

For example, maybe your prices are the same as competitors around town. Your task now is finding out what services your competition doesn’t provide and if you can add that to your product price. $99.99 delivered is a lot different than $99.99 in the store.

Can you advise them on a better solution for their needs? Is there a product that would be a better fit for their needs? How about your reliability record?

2. Research Your Competitors

Know what your competition is doing and be prepared to counter their tactics. It’s important to identify the differences your competitors are claiming for themselves. Competitive weaknesses are just as important as strengths, so try to uncover your competitors’ vulnerabilities and make sure to play your strengths against them.

One of the best ways to stay abreast of your competitions’ current exploits is to read their online reviews. You may be surprised by the candor that some customers use to describe their experiences. And while you’re at it, make sure to check yours, too!

3. Get Customer FeedBack

Remember, what matters to you doesn’t always matter to your customers. Listen to your customers’ needs, survey them, or post a poll online asking what they value about your business. Use what you find out to further refine your business’s personality.

4. Train Your Employes

Make sure everyone on your team is on the same sheet of music. Have meetings and then have some more. Don’t let anyone on your sales team leave without knowing exactly what you want them to know. Ask them, when you get an answer that’s different from your message, correct it.

5. Business Market Segmentation:

Being successful in price competition requires an understanding that customers have different price ranges for your product.

By market segmenting and differentiating, a business can come close to maximizing its potential revenue by offering different products to different segments. Do Cost advantage of your company to Make Your Business Stand Out From Competitors and check whether your company provides the same survive or product at a lower rate.

6. Make a powerful Return Policy or guarantee

A guarantee or buyer protection is always a good idea for increasing conversion rates! Delighting your customers is almost a marketing investment, as a happy customer will spread your name amongst friends. 

7. Superior Customer Service

The customers know you’re always there for them. You give them peace of mind, knowing they can count on you and your staff.

Standing out from your competition by offering the best customer service in your industry is one way to make a name for yourself. Service differentiation includes not only delivery and customer service, but also training, installation, and ease of ordering.


There are plenty of additional ways that tell what makes a company different from its competitors, You can Come Up With something new, give something valuable away for free, starts a Blog, create a unique partnership or build powerful communities.

Getting noticed in a crowd of competitors isn’t easy, and it’s getting harder and harder each day.

I’d love to hear how your business stands out amongst the competition? What do you do that makes your business different?

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