A good business plan is often called a roadmap to success, allowing entrepreneurs and owners of expanding businesses to plot a course toward making their dreams a reality. But if the plan is the map, then avoiding certain commons business plan pitfalls is crucial to reaching your goals.

One thing is for sure: You can’t succeed if you give up.

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Top 3 Common Pitfalls to be Avoided in Preparation of Business Plan

“Sitting down to plot out a business plan can be daunting,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise Business Plans, which provides individualized, custom-designed business plans for startups and expanding businesses. “We help our clients get and stay by stopping potholes from ever appearing in their business plans. But there are some things that hinge entirely upon the business owner.”

Before a business idea even gets to Wise, Ferriolo said, business owners should avoid these Top 3 business plan hazards.

Top 3 Common Pitfalls to be Avoided:

1. Letting fear get the upper hand: “Whether clients are worried about exposing their pet idea to the world or simply overwhelmed by the whole business-building process, the first step is always to keep moving forward,” said Ferriolo. “Don’t let fear or stress or procrastination stop you from finding your way to success. Even if you’re overwhelmed, we can help.”

2. A lack of goals: Every business owner is looking to succeed. But to reach that one, overarching end-goal, you have to have smaller, more precise goals that serve as guideposts for measuring progress. “A goal to succeed isn’t enough,” said Ferriolo. “You have to have a marketing goal, revenue goals, staffing goals — every step in the process moves you closer to success, so every step should be well thought out.”

3. Unrealistic expectations for early growth: Like a new plant, almost every business must establish itself before experiencing visible growth. Expecting too much right away can be discouraging. “Don’ set yourself up to fail by expecting miracles in the first month of business,” Ferriolo said. “One thing is for sure: You can’t succeed if you give up.”

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