Writing a mission statement

Writing a mission statement A mission statement is a short description outlining the purpose of your business. Essentially the heart of your company, it’s important that your mission statement is clear and to the point. Your mission statement is an important part of the business and can be helpful in explaining the primary goal.

If you’re scratching your head about what your mission statement should be, don’t hesitate to look at those of other companies. This kind of research can help you see what exactly a mission statement should be. While you want to be careful not to copy anyone else’s words, seeing examples always helps.

Another helpful exercise is to write down everything about the goals and purpose of your business. Think about why you started it and what it means to you. This will likely be a page or more of writing. Once you’ve finished, you can then start refining it and boiling it down. Eventually, you should be able to narrow it down to one or two sentences. Congratulations! You’ve just written your mission statement!

Once you’ve got a statement done, be sure to let others read and review it for errors. Pick a few people who know your business well. They can help make it perfect.

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