Many small businesses these days are getting their start on Etsy. One of the appeals involved in selling on Etsy is that the website provides many of the tools you need to run your online great business idea. While having an Etsy business may seem easy, to be truly successful, you still need to put work into your products, your company, and your marketing. Whether you’re turning your great business idea into a business or building on your full-time passion, these tips will help you find Etsy’s success.

Have a Great Business Idea:

It may seem unnecessary to have a, but it is actually a great business idea. If you take your Etsy business seriously, then you will need a plan. A great business idea will help you to develop the steps you need to take to reach success. It can carve a path for future expansion and help you prepare for huge sales or slow sales. No matter what kind of business you have or what platform you use a business plan is a great plan.

Be intentional:

Each item you post needs to be intentionally chosen. You don’t want to throw random items up and hope they sell. Develop each item’s description, title, and tags carefully. The customer cannot hold the item in his or her hand like in a brick-and-mortar store, so a very detailed description helps customers decide if they want to buy. Well-thought-out titles and tags help customers find items through searches.

Take care with pricing:

Pricing your item is vital to your success. You need to take into account the cost of supplies, the time it takes to make the item, and how much profit you want to make. If you don’t carefully consider all the parts that make up your price, you may lose money. The right price will save you from last-minute price changes and losing money on your sales and it is a great business idea.


Photos of your items are one of the top-selling points you have. Through excellent photography, you can show potential customers the details and hard work you have put into each piece. You need to create an experience through photos so that shoppers can really get a feel for each item. Photography needs to be in the spotlight because it really is the product of an online shopper and helps your great business idea to make progress.

Put an effort into your marketing:

Etsy will run ads for you if you choose, but it’s important to market outside of Etsy as well. You can market through social media and other online sources, but you can also advertise in your community. Local fairs, football programs, and boutiques can be great places to leave business cards and advertisements.

Emphasize customer service:

Impeccable customer service can make anyone a repeat customer. Just like with any other business, you must treat your customers with care. Acknowledge each sale and thank people for shopping at your store. Send a handwritten note with each order if possible. Having excellent customer service can really make your store successful and set you apart.

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