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Executive Summary

EPlace Solutions will be an innovative online e-commerce portal offering a variety of products to consumers throughout the globe. Founded by Mr. John Jones, a seasoned business visionary with an eye towards profit and achievement, the organization is set to enter the market during 2012. The timing of market entry is nothing less than exceptional as consumers throughout the globe have begun releasing pent-up spending that was held as a result of the global recession.

Online shopping is at an all-time high with new consumer mindsets calling for them to shop for the types of deals and bargains that will be so much a part of the EPlace Solutions business model. While the market has a great deal of potential and is filled with incredible opportunities, in order to capitalize on them, a strong infusion of working capital must be acquired. Working capital will be used in a variety of areas including marketing, logistics, insurance, management as well as the financing of the day-to-day operations of a business of this type. The founder projects needing a working capital sum of 100K for his venture with repayment of this sum coming from profits made through the website.

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Financial Highlights

The financial highlights for EPlace Solutions are shown in the chart above. The organization projects to have strong growth trends over the course of the next five years.

financial highlights online market place business plan

Startup Summary

startup expenses online market place business plan

Industry at a Glance

industry at glance online marketplace business plan

Projected Industry Growth

In the 10 years to 2016, industry value added, which measures the E-Commerce and Online Auctions industry’s contribution to the US economy, is expected to increase by an average annual rate of 11.0%, while US GDP is forecast to rise by an average annual rate of 2.0% over this same period. This indicates that the industry is in the growth phase of its life cycle, as its growth rate outpaces GDP over a 10-year period. Rising industry participation and new forms of businesses also indicate a growing industry.

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Key External Drivers

Disposable income is a deciding factor in determining the quantity and quality of online purchases. Changes in income can occur because of movements in wages, government benefits, unemployment and tax rates and returns on assets.

key external drivers online marketplace business plan

SWOT Analysis


1. Knowledge of the founder. EPlace Solutions founder Mr. John Jones is a seasoned business professional who is well attuned to the e-commerce and Internet-driven marketplace. His broad skill set will be invaluable during all phases of business growth and evolution.


1. Lack of funding. Lack of funding is the primary weakness for EPlace Solutions as all of the other components of the business model and approach are extremely sound.


1. Increase in online activity among minorities. Minorities are beginning to turn to the Internet for their shopping needs in large quantities. Research conducted via shows that appealing to this segment of the market will be one of the keys to success for companies like EPlace Solutions that are looking for long-term sustainability


1. Larger competitors. Larger competitors such as Ebay. com and pose a threat as they are already firmly entrenched in the marketplace and have acquired a large share of the online shopping market.

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Management Summary

managment summary of online marketplace business plan

Financial Indicators

financial indicator of online marketplace business plan

Revenue Forecast

revenue forcast of online marketplace busin ess plan

Break-Even Analysis

Break-Even Analysis of online marketplace business plan

Profit and Loss Statement

Profit and Loss Statement of online marketplace business plan

Projected Cash Flow

Projected Cash Flow of online marketplace business plan

Projected Balance Sheet

Projected Balance Sheet of online marketplace business plan

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