How to Write an Marketing Plan Executive Summary With Example

Marketing Plan Executive Summary

A marketing plan executive summary works as a preface to the marketing plan. It gives enough details to the reader to hook them for reading the whole marketing plan.

What is the executive summary of a marketing plan?

An executive summary of a marketing plan is a brief overview of a business’s marketing plan. The executive summary typically spans 1-2 only as it discusses marketing strategy, goals and notable milestones, and the marketing activities needed to achieve those goals.

Why write an executive summary marketing plan?

Why write an executive summary marketing plan

A marketing plan executive summary gives your marketing team a roadmap for organizing and executing marketing effectively. It also helps potential investors see quickly if your plan is worth investing in.

Attract Investors

A marketing plan is a lengthy document. Investors may not have time to read the full marketing plan. Here, an effective executive summary helps them understand your marketing plan quickly.

A marketing plan shows the expected return over investment.

The job of the marketing plan executive summary is to give investors enough information and pique their interest in a way that they read the full marketing plan.

Helps Improve Marketing Plan with Consistency

An executive summary combines important points and highlights of the marketing plan.

When you write an executive summary, you’ll go through the marketing plan again. This exercise helps make your marketing plan polished and cohesive.

If your marketing plan is part of your business plan, the marketing plan executive summary will help you bring everything in line.

Preface to the Marketing Plan

Investors can’t read every proposal presented to them. They use executive summaries to vet a marketing plan and decide if they want to know more about it.

The executive summary is your chance to get potential investors to read your marketing plan.

Parts of Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Parts of marketing plan for executive summary

A good executive summary for a marketing plan will be made of these parts. Wondering how to write an executive summary for a marketing plan! this is your solution.

Simply write about every component of the executive summary in the given order and you’ll have a killer executive summary in a few short hours.


As the name suggests, the executive summary introduction briefly states its contents. Consider this as a summary of your executive summary.

Company and Team

Introduce your company here. Talk about your company history and business structure. Explain who are your customers (demographic details) and how many sales you are currently making. It shows investors where you are and what are you aiming at.

Next, introduce your team.

Include CVs of your key people, show their respective skills, and how their skills will help you realize your plan.

Consider mentioning your business partners where it makes sense. When you are well-positioned in the market, you will more likely meet your goals.

Marketing Factors and Trends

Discuss your industry and share industry dynamics. Briefly analyze how the industry responds to new products or services. If you have an idea to disrupt the market, write it here.

Your Products/Services

Discuss the products or services you offer, establish a competitive advantage of your offer, and show how you are better than the competition.

Customer Base

Who are your customers? How many of them repeatedly buy from you? What are their demographics? Also, state if your marketing plan will increase your penetration into the market or expand your customer base.

Marketing Activities

Briefly explain what marketing activities you’ll perform in your marketing plan and why.

These marketing activities may include:

  • Direct marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Public Relations

Financial Summary

Add a few lines for the financial planning and projections summary. Include the financial aspect of your short-term marketing activities and long-term marketing activities.

Business Plan Template

Free Marketing Plan Executive Summary Template

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How to write an executive summary for a marketing plan?

How to write an executive summary for a marketing plan

Use these tips to write an outstanding executive summary for a marketing plan.

Write Execute Summary in the End

When you write an executive summary after writing your marketing plan, you’ll have better knowledge of your marketing plan and you can easily check if the executive summary speaks for the marketing plan.

Add Marketing Plan Highlights

Make notes of important facts, stats, strategies, milestones, goals, techniques, etc. from your marketing plan. Include these notes and marketing plan highlights in your executive summary.

Back it with Data

Though the executive summary is concise, make sure to add data to support your thesis.

For example, if the total industry revenue is $700, say where you read this and include a link or citation to the source.

Use the same tone as your brand

Keep your language consistent with your brand voice. Use the same or similar tone as your overall brand voice.

If you are not familiar with your brand voice, ask the copywriter in your marketing department. Identify the words and phrases your business use and incorporate them.

Executive Summary Example Marketing Plan

Sicily Stop Pasta Point is a small Italian food restaurant serving the quiet neighborhood of Princeton Heights. St. Louis. Sicily Stop offers Italian food including a range of starters, side dishes, soups, salads, and pizza. This marketing plan aims to increase awareness and bring more customers as the restaurant is relatively new to the area.

Sicily Stop is a sole proprietorship. Mr. Alessandro Nivola is a professional cook and an entrepreneur. He has worked for almost two decades in many high-end restaurants as an Italian cook and ran a pizza and pasta restaurant with a partner for over four years in downtown St. Louis. Mr. Nivola is the executive chef and the CEO of the restaurant. He sets the recipes and buys recipe ingredients. The head chef is Mr. Antonio Russo who has worked with Mr. Nivola for 3 years. The other staff includes 4 station chefs and 5 servers.

Sicily Stop Pasta Point offers Italian food. We offer 28 dishes in total in all categories except wine. Our Pricing is aimed at middle-class families looking for high-end food at affordable prices. We are rightly placed at Princeton Heights. St. Louis where the median household income is $55,916. Our promotion strategies include local TV ads, social media marketing, banner ads, flyers, local newspaper ads, and local SEO. We will also organize charity events and a monthly soup kitchen for the homeless.

Restaurant marketing is shifting online. People hang out online more than offline. We will prioritize digital marketing trends. Sicily Stop Pasta Point offers a limited range of Italian food. Our menu includes starters, side dishes, soups, salads, pasta, and pizza. We offer dinner only and we serve 7 days a week. Our competitive advantage is our veteran chef and CEO, Mr. Alessandro Novila, and his tried and tested recipes. We offer one of the best Italian food experiences in St. Louis. With 130 Google reviews for our restaurant, we are looking at exponential growth in the coming months. Our target market is the locality of Princeton Heights. We are looking at capturing our locality and then market extensively to attract everyone in the city interested in Italian food.

Our current customer base is in its infancy but the trajectory and demographics are promising. Families are coming to dine-in with kids and referrals are growing. Word of mouth is working well for our opening quarter.

We will do these marketing activities in a bid to spread the word and attract more diners to Sicily Stop Pasta Point.

  • Online order service on website and app
  • Online order automation
  • Google My Business Profile Optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Customer reviews collection
  • Personalization with the customers using email marketing, sending complimentary
  • birthday gifts, and free side dishes after 10 dine-ins.

Sicily Stop Pasta Point will dedicate $5500 for marketing and promotion. We will keep the same budget for the whole year to make sure we generate good momentum. We plan to achieve breakeven by the end of this quarter.

Business Plan Template

Free: Business Plan Executive Summary Examples

You can write an amazing executive summary in a business plan by using these free business plan executive summary examples!


A marketing plan executive summary is a concise overview of the key elements and objectives of a marketing plan. It provides a snapshot of the overall marketing strategy, target market, goals, and anticipated results.

 The marketing plan executive summary is important because it serves as a brief yet informative summary that captures the attention of stakeholders, such as executives, investors, or potential partners. It highlights the main points of the marketing plan and allows decision-makers to quickly understand the marketing strategy and its potential impact on the business.

A marketing plan executive summary should include an overview of the business and its market, a summary of the target market and customer segments, key marketing objectives and goals, a summary of the marketing strategies and tactics to be implemented, and an overview of the anticipated results and ROI.

A marketing plan executive summary should be concise and to the point. It is typically recommended to keep it within one to two pages in length, focusing on the most critical information that showcases the marketing plan’s value and potential outcomes.

The intended audience for the marketing plan executive summary includes stakeholders such as executives, investors, board members, or potential business partners. It is designed to provide them with a high-level overview of the marketing plan’s key components and its potential impact on the business’s success.

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