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Starting a 3D printing business or other types of printing business has many benefits. It is very easy to get started with a very low investment from your home, or you can increase its size depending on your investment.

In order to launch this business successfully, you will need to prepare comprehensive printing and photocopy business plan which will lay the foundations for future business operations and decisions.

If you are wondering how to write one, then here is a printing and photocopy business plan sample to help you write your own.

Executive Summary

Thinktank will be a business service provider based in Miami, Florida. Founded by Mrs. Cindy Smith, Thinktank will offer a variety of business services including postal, shipping, faxing, and copying to the local residents. While these services will comprise the initial market entry core, long-term plans call for the integration of storage and relocation capabilities to the business mix. The local area has been in dire need of a service of this type for some time and Thinktank plans to adequately serve them through the consistent delivery of real-time business solutions.

The market is definitely filled with opportunities but in order to capitalize on them, a strong infusion of working capital must acquiesce. The founder projects needing 100K for their business venture with repayment being made out of the profits that are driven annually. Funding that is secured will be used in a variety of areas including marketing, logistics, management, site procurement as well as the day-to-day operations of the organization.

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Financial Highlights

financial highlights Postal Service Business Plan

Startup Summary

startup expenses of postal services business plan

Industry at a Glance

Industry at a Glance of postal services business plan

Key External Drivers

Industry activity is mostly affected by the level of outsourcing of non-core activities. A growing trend of outsourcing administration functions has resulted in significant growth in revenue in the past. Although rising competition from other industries is now occurring.

postal services business plan

SWOT Analysis


1. Location. The location is one of the primary strengths of the Thinktank business model as there are currently no other organizations that have the capabilities to offer the types of services that will be introduced to the market.


1. Lack of funding. Funding is the sole weakness of the Thinktank business venture. While funding is a weakness it should be noted that the founder is confident that if adequate funding is secured, she will be able to develop a viable, sustainable business.


1. Limited competition. The limited amount of local competition is the primary opportunity for Thinktank as it will give the organization the opportunity to develop a loyal customer base while erecting barriers to entry.


1. Larger organizations. Larger organizations could possibly realize the opportunities that can be found in the local region and begin entering the market. While this is a threat, the founder believes that with strategic marketing, community efforts and customer service, this threat can for the most part be mitigated.

Financial Indicators

financial indicator of postal services business plan

Projected Cash Flow

cash flow of postal services business plan

Projected Balance Sheet

Balance sheet of postal services business plan

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Business Plan Sample for Printing and Photocopy Business

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