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how to reach target audience on social mediaHaving a professional online right step to build your presence online presence has become just as important as any signs or other advertisements for your business. Are you as active as your peers? Does your social media target audience use the same social media outlets as your marketing does? how to reach target audience on social media? Are you taking the, or would you get better results if you adjusted your steps?

How to reach target audience on social media:

Over 70 % of business-to-business companies measure the success of social media audiences based on how much traffic is sent to their websites. This is the number one measurement that B2B companies use. If you use an internet site such as LinkedIn or Facebook, you are among the 68% of online adults in the United States who do. If your Facebook business fan page has more than 100 fans, you are doing better than the majority of all users. Consider this, 73% of American Internet users watch videos on video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

And don’t forget about Twitter. If you post at least one Twitter update per day, you are among the top 15% most active Twitter users. If you have 200 Twitter followers or more, you are among the top 12% of Twitter users as measured by the number of followers. Also, potential customers are 47% more likely to visit your homepage if they follow your brand on Twitter.

Social media usage on mobile devices is increasing rapidly and brands are spending more on mobile advertising. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and loads fast.

We live in an information-overloaded time and you have to find ways to stand out in order to get attention. Otherwise, you can get ignored like passing traffic. Find ways to stand out like a good advertising billboard on the roadside. Use images and links to great content from industry experts.

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