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Types of Cannabis Business Plans We Write

Cannabis Delivery Business Plan

Cannabis Delivery

The cannabis delivery industry is the next big thing in the fastest-growing cannabis industry. So far, 14 states have legalized Cannabis delivery with California leading the delivery industry worldwide. We understand laws for each of the legal states and prepare a comprehensive business plan, including a 5-Year financial forecast for the business.

CBD Business Plan, Hemp Form Business Plan

Hemp/CBD Business Plan

Hemp has 50,000+ uses and benefits, with major usages in paper products, textiles, plastic furniture, body care products, construction, nutritional supplements, essential oils, medicines and food. Cannabidiol (CBD) is obtained from Hemp through extraction and is legal in 50 states, CBD can help reduce anxiety, and it can also help prompt wakefulness. We at Wise Business Plans exactly know how to put up your Hemp/CBD business ideas in a professionally established business plan for hemp farming to be presented to investors.

Cannabis Lab Testing Business Plan

Cannabis Lab Testing

Are you an expert in Cannabis Lab Testing? And you also understand that Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the USA and worldwide. You have the expertise, yet you are reluctant to put it on a paper to pitch your ideas to investors. We suggest hiring a professional team like Wise Business Plans to give a meaningful picture of your ideas in the form of a professional business plan. We know how to professionally pitch your idea to potential investors.

Cannabis Retail Shop Business Plan

Cannabis Retail Shop

Market experts predict the retail Cannabis industry to reach $73.6 billion by 2027, and your ideas are still in the pipeline. It is the best time to gather your ideas and build your business in this wonderful industry full of opportunities. We are here to help you create a professional business plan for your retail cannabis set-up.

Cannabis Extraction Business Plan

Cannabis Extraction Business Plan

Common methods of cannabis extraction are; Alcohol, butane, CO2, water, winterization, and ethanol. Each extraction method has its benefit, but each is to offer a highly potent end product. We are sure you have expertise in business operations, but we assure a professional presentation of your business processes in a professional and meaningful manner through our experts who have created more than 1000 similar business plans. Our plans have resulted in successful funding from investors.

Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan

Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan

Need guidance in legal Cannabis growing regarding how your investment will turn out to be massive growth in your capital. Wise Business Plans can prepare professional business plans related to indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, each of the method has its own capital and operational requirements. Our plans cover the financial, operational, and legal aspects of your business. Contact us for a comprehensive commercial cultivation business plan prepared exclusively for your business.


The only business plan company trusted by leading corporations.

Wise Business Plans, staffed with professional MBA writers, researchers and financial experts.

Our mission is to empower our client base through the creation of affordable, professional business plans filled with applicable strategies that place them in the best position to realize success in all phases of their respective business growth cycles.

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Team Of Experts You Can Rely On

Cannabis Business plans are being required for licensing, roadmaps and investor financing.

Our clients no longer have to worry about the complexities of becoming an expert cannabis business plan writer. Our MBA-educated writers take your idea and goal and put them into a tangible format that local municipalities and investors want to see.





Expert U.S. MBA Business Plan Writers

Each of our MBA writers has been writing plans for Wise for at least five years. This means your writer has over 10,000 hours of writing and consulting business owners with their planning needs.

15,000+ Projects in 400+ Industries

Our business plan consultants have completed more than 15,000 projects in over 400 industries worldwide. Projects range from restaurants to biotechnology and funding from $50,000 to $100MM+.

2011- 2020 Best Custom Business Plans

Wise Business Plans® has over a decade of accolades and awards across the U.S and the globe. We are the only business planning company that writes plans for Fortune 100 and 500 Company customers.

Outstanding Reviews Online & BBB

Wise Business Plans® has a perfect A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and hundreds of 5 Star Testimonials from real customers. Click to read Customer Testimonials.

Top-Tier Market

Wise only subscribes to top-tier research to help analyze and forecast your business model. Databases we use include IBISWorld, Hoovers, Statista and many more.

Professionally Designed Plans

Each cannabis business plan receives a final polish, professional graphic design from our award-winning graphic design team.

Custom – Quality – Best Prices

Wise has set the industry bar when it comes to quality and reputation. We price each cannabis business plan from our years of experience to ensure you are getting the best price to meet your specific needs.

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