comprehensive guide to venture capitalists

Comprehensive Guide to Venture Capitalists

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Business Books for venture capitalists

E.Books for venture capitalists, Entrepreneurs send out business plan after business plan to Venture Capital firms each day hoping that they’ll catch the eye of a partner. Then they wait… and wait, and wait. How can a company with a great concept and a stellar business plan keep getting passed over by VC firms? Easy: The partners never even saw the business plan.



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Too often, new business owners or start-up entrepreneurs approach VC firms without knowing what makes them tick or what they do. And, to make things worse, they try to work with any firm and any partner… setting themselves up to get passed over, but not anymore! We’ve carefully researched and compiled our best books for venture capitalists using information and tips from VC partners and insiders, to help you pinpoint the right firm, partner, and approach to seal the deal and get the funding you need.

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Comprehensive Guide to Venture Capital / find venture capitalist

  • Learn what motivates Venture Capital firms to invest big money
  • Find out what kind of companies VCs want to invest in
  • Understand the Venture Capital cycle and how it can work to your advantage
  • Learn how to choose a firm — picking the right firm to approach means the difference between a Yes! and a No
  • Find out EXACTLY how to approach — and intrigue! — VC partners with your first contact
  • Get MUST READ prep tips that will help you get ready for that all-important meeting with the firm
  • PLUS! Get our extensive list of recommended Venture Capitalist firms, complete with full contact information and insight into the fund’s history

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