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software companiesAccording to IBISWorld, a rapid expansion in technologies will mean a boom in the software industry in the coming months. Included in a report on the “10 Best Industries For Starting A Business In 2021,” the software industry has also made it onto the carefully chosen list of those being approached as part of Wise Business Plans’ 2021 Core Industries Initiative.

Focusing on sometimes undervalued industries — or those we take for granted — the Initiative brings together deep market research into these industries by the MBA-educated writers at Wise and the company’s efficient, step-by-step planning process.

Quality Software Industry

“I think we’ve stopped being as in awe of good software and programming as we once were, and that’s a shame,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise, which works with companies of all sizes across the globe. “But that’s about to change, as new technologies really showcase the vast amount of expertise that goes into any programming endeavor. We think the software companies really are at the core of the way our world works and plays in the 21st Century, and we want to help in new development software companies and new ideas thrive.”

Ferriolo said business plan writers and software programmers have something in common: a strong understanding of the importance of detail.

“Every word, image, and graphic counts when you’re trying to create an effective plan,” said Ferriolo. “This is even more true in an industry where precision is everything, and we want to help software publishing companies and their programmers have more time to become up with ideas and spend less time worrying about building a new business.”

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