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Recentelectronic security breaches news has brought questions about the safety of business data front and center for many companies. According to, security will be the buzz word on every executive’s lips this coming year, and one of the nation’s leading business planning company’s is doing its part by naming it as part of the company’s 2021 Core Industries initiative.

Types of security industry, both physical and digital, have made it onto a small and carefully selected list of those being approached as part of the Wise Business Plans campaign.

Focusing on sometimes undervalued industries — or those we take for granted — the initiative brings together deep market research into these industries by the MBA-educated writers at Wise and the company’s efficient, step-by-step security planning process.

Securing Your Premises

“Securing your premises and your data have always been a vital part of running a business,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise, which works with companies of all sizes across the globe. “But as hacking and data theft continue to surge, with each success spawning a dozen copycat attempts, the need for good security has become much more immediate.”

About security planning, Ferriolo said new and evolving technologies, like the recent advances in mobile payment apps, bring with them new security threats, which in turn call for novel solutions. This, he said, opens the way for entrepreneurs to step boldly into the market.

Game For Security Planning

“It’s a constant game of cat and mouse, and no one wants to be the mouse,” said Ferriolo. “We share an understanding of the marketing process with these companies, and a real sense of We want to help the companies that keep other businesses safe — the guard dogs — find swift success and get solutions out to the public.”

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