Business plan writing services made simple

In today’s competitive economic climate having a professional business plan to act as a compass for business operations is a must.  In years past, expert business plans were for the most part priced beyond the reach of the common consumer, in need of a business plan help to bring their vision to the market.  This challenge will in effect become a thing of the past as Wise Business Plans is committed to offering affordable business plan writing services.

“Our goal is to become the business writing service of choice for today’s businessperson; from the startup operation to the person that is in the midst of an expansion phase, to the organization that simply needs to develop a more cohesive view of their business model”, says Wise Business Plans Director Joseph Ferriolo.  “To achieve this goal we have assembled an incredible staff of business plan writers with a broad base of backgrounds that are capable of satisfying this emerging market need”.


The business writing services that Wise Business Plans offers extends far beyond business plan writing as the organization also has the ability to develop all types of business communication collaterals including business cards, brochures and state of the art websites.  The professionals at Wise Business Plans are also skilled in the areas of business formations including LLC, Sole Proprietorships and S-Corporations as well as offering comprehensive business payroll and accounting services for small businesses.  “Now more than at any time in the past, businesses are demanding efficiency.  Moving forward, we will look to deepen our relationships with our targeted market by offering business services that allow us to become their turn-key business solution, cutting their costs and enhancing their profit margins in the process” says Wise Business Plans Director, Joseph Ferriolo

Professional business plans developed by Wise Business Plans include state of the art graphical renderings, five-year financial projections, a complete industry analysis as well as marketing strategies designed to fit the unique needs of each client.  “It is an exciting time to be a businessperson of any type.  From creating business plans for small businesses to offering business writing services to mature organizations, the opportunities are plentiful and we are looking forward to what the future holds”, says Wise Business Plans Director, Joseph Ferriolo.

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