A recent interim change in Small Business Administration regulations is aimed at allowing more businesses to be eligible for the SBA’s assistance programs according to new SBA regulations. In light of this, planning leader Wise Business Plans is renewing its own push to help small businesses receive SBA funding with special support through the company’s SBA Plan program.

Changes According to the New SBA Regulations:

The changes are an adjustment to the SBA’s industry-specific monetary-based size standards. The SBA website says the changes are being made in an effort to “reflect the inflation that has occurred since the last adjustment for inflation in 2020.”

“This interim change in the rules is great news for companies seeking SBA funding that may have missed out on eligibility because of old, unadjusted monetary regulations,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise. “Wise is up-to-date on the new changes, new SBA regulations, and excited to work with these newly eligible companies on securing funding.”

The changes take effect July 14. Ferriolo said The SBA Plan from Wise makes planning fast and easy without compromising on individuality.” SBA-compliant business plans are expected to be both to-the-point and to serve as a showcase for strengths of the business,” said Ferriolo. ” We strive to help business owners make a great impression at first glance.”

He said The SBA Plan is guaranteed to be SBA-compliant, even with the new regulation change, but is offered at an affordable, flat-rate price. The MBAs and design experts at Wise use a three-step process to gather information, then add in the newest market research to round-out a plan that is an exact fit for the client’s needs. Visit www.thesbaplan.com to learn more and to start working with a Wise SBA Plan expert today.

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