The American farmer is an icon, with roots deep in the nation’s culture and national heritage, but the agricultural businesses have been hard-hit by economic fluctuations. Wise Business Plans, a planning industry leader, believes careful planning and strong support is the key to helping our nation’s farms survive and thrive and is announcing a renewed commitment to helping them succeed.

Agricultural Businesses and their Management

“In fields like farming and other areas of agricultural businesses, many businesses are multi-generational, passed down from parent to son or daughter for decades,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise, which helps business owners of all sizes and backgrounds plan for success. “Those kinds of business owners often feel like there’s nothing new to learn through the planning process — after all, they already have a business built on blood and sweat. Why do they need an outsider stepping in after they’ve put in years of work?”

But that thought process couldn’t be more wrong, he said.

“Even established businesses need to review their structure and plans sometimes,” he said. “Market demographics can change so quickly; we’re in the middle of a surging push for more locally-grown and sustainably produced foods. But to take advantage of that demand, agricultural business owners need to be knowledgeable about market research on the subject. We can help with that.”

Ferriolo said, rather than working as strangers who step in to direct changes that may be disruptive, the MBA-educated writers at Wise work as collaborators and sounding boards.

“Sometimes you need a friend to offer a different perspective,” he said. “We want to be that friend for farmers and the agricultural industry.”

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