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spruce up your websiteWe’ve talked before about making small changes to your office space to not only spark your creativity and help you get out of a rut, but also to show your customers that your company is fresh, innovative, and alive. But what about your website? Have you been changing it to keep up with trends, or does it look dated?

Even if your site is neat, easy-to-follow, and doesn’t exactly look out of date, has it been the same for so long that customers who visit regularly may no longer be engaging with the design and layout?

It may be time to make some changes to increase your impact and get even loyal site visitors to look at your company with new eyes.

What can I add to my website to make it better?

One easy way to freshen up your online look is through the use of fonts. While these can, in fact, begin to look dated after a while, if you commit to review your website on a regular basis with an eye toward keeping it lively, you can avoid that. Fonts are all about staying on trend, so consider them the fashionable accessories to a solid online design and be prepared to swap them out sometimes for the greatest effect.

Image styling and colors are similar. While Instagram-style filters may be popular now, clean, crisp photography may be the look of 2017. The beauty of the web is that most things are fairly easy to change, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

How to spruce up your website?

Pro Tip to spruce up your website:  If you want to try something new, but you absolutely can’t spend the money to get new product images taken every time a trend changes, make sure you keep clean, sharp photographs in a digital file as originals. For your more “trendy” online presentations, save copies and overlay colors or filters to change the mood and style. When the next trend happens, you’ll have your originals in place, untouched, and you can start the process over again.

You can also update site language and headings to make sure site visitors are hearing the right “voice” when they read your web copy.

Remember: Your website is your online storefront. Keep it as clean and up-to-date as you would a physical space for maximum impact.

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