While many companies and prospective small business owners are aware that marketing is vital to success, few realize that planning a social media marketing strategy is a crucial part of a successful business plan.

“Social media is more than a fad or a way to keep up with friends; it’s also a key part of an effective marketing campaign. And a strong marketing strategy is a vital component of a good business plan,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise Business Plans, a company that provides individualized, custom-designed business plans for startup and expanding businesses. “At Wise, we recognize the value of developing a relationship between your business and your clients or customers. That’s why our business plans include social networking channels.”

According to Forbes Magazine, tailoring your marketing strategies toward particular media channels is vital to establishing or supporting a brand.

But the vast array of marketing options can be overwhelming, not only for those thinking of starting a new business but also for companies looking to expand their reach.

“A professional business plan from Wise is tailored toward helping business owners capitalize on marketing strategies and choose the right channels for getting their message across,” said Ferriolo, whose company helps entrepreneurs and business owners create a detailed social media marketing strategy as just one part of a comprehensive business plan. “We want to narrow the field of marketing options for business owners by pointing them in the direction of methods, sites, and practices with proven success.”

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy For Business

As social networking and other media options evolve, business owners must keep pace to ensure that their brands remain healthy. Experts say a strong but flexible initial plan lays the groundwork for multi-channel marketing that evolves along with a growing business.

“Having a thorough, well-thought-out initial business plan is not only a must for securing funding and support — it also serves as a guidebook for the business owner, who can set milestones and objectives for growth,” said Ferriolo. “A strong, multifaceted plan that includes not just marketing goals but financial milestones and a planned leadership structure is crucial to every aspect of your business and offers a road map to success that can be shared with investors.”

Wise Business Plans, staffed with professional MBA writers, researchers, and financial experts, is a trusted partner for businesses across a broad spectrum of products and services. Our mission is to empower our client base through the creation of affordable, professional business plans filled with applicable strategies that place them in the best position to realize success in all phases of their respective business growth cycles.