Recent statistics indicate that has doubled in the last 20 years and will continue to rapidly increase as the cocoa supply struggles to meet demand, and prices also increase. Wise Business Plans, in partnership with small entrepreneurial chocolatiers, has begun to map chocolate confection tastes and trends in order to accurately forecast future market conditions.

“Quality chocolate is one of the world’s greatest pleasures and holds a place of distinction as a gift for any special occasion. At Wise, we enjoy chocolate and have an appreciation of the work that goes into producing a superior product. We work diligently to assist our clients with all their business planning needs by providing them the best individual business plans and services, which is essential for success.” said Joseph Ferriolo, Directorchocolate consumption business at Wise Business Plans.

Wise Business Plans can help define the business goals of professional chocolatiers, and assist clients to present a winning plan to raise capital and meet specific market demands, including the tools needed to manage a thriving business. Wise Business Plans offers these gourmet chocolate artisans one-of-a-kind, carefully created business plans, custom-crafted by MBA qualified writers and graphic designers, and always offered at an affordable price.

Wise Business Plans (, staffed with professional MBA writers, researchers and financial experts, is a trusted partner for businesses across a broad spectrum of products and services. Our mission is to empower our clients to make the best possible business decisions, boost company performance and facilitate their funding success by laying the groundwork for strong businesses that excite, inspire and retain talented and exceptional employees.

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