WECU Routing Numbers for Fund Transfers:

The WECU Routing Number for domestic and international fund transfers is 325180113.

Type of Fund Transfer WECU Routing Number
Domestic Fund Transfer 325180113
International Fund Transfer to WECU Account in the USA 325180113

What is Routing Number?

The nine-digit routing number is used to identify a bank. Consider it an electronic address that enables a bank to send and receive money from other financial institutions. 

The routing number guarantees that money goes to the appropriate account and identifies the financial institution in charge of the payment.

The first two numbers are usually between 00 and 12. While major banks may have many routing numbers, smaller banks are only given one. Routing numbers are required to set up direct deposits with your company (for your paycheck) or the IRS, pay bills, order new checks, and pay bills (for a tax refund).

How to Check Routing Number on Check

WECU Routing Numbers for ACH Payments:

ACH routing numbers are used for electronic transfers and withdrawals. 

You’ll need the ACH Routing Number when sending an ACH transfer to any WECU account.

 The WECU Routing Number for ACH payment is 325180113.

Type of Fund Transfer WECU Routing Number
Domestic Electronic Transfer 325180113

When Routing Number is Required?

You may easily carry out a range of banking operations if you understand what a routing number is and where to locate it.
Numerous routine financial operations involve routing numbers such as:

  1. Requesting your employer to set up direct deposit for your paycheck.
  2. Enabling direct deposit for government funds such as Social Security.
  3. Establishing an online bill payment schedule.
  4. Process checking.
  5. Transferring money by Fund Transfer or ACH Payment.
  6. Registering for peer-to-peer payment systems like PayPal or Venmo.
  7. Initiating transfers between your accounts at various banks.
  8. Making telephone payments from your bank account.
  9. Changing check orders.
Bank Wire Transfer Routing Number

How to Find WECU Routing Number?

There are different ways to trace the WECU routing number:

1-Routing Number on WECU Mobile App: The fastest and easiest way to find the WECU Routing Number is to use WECU Mobile App You can also find the routing number by following these directions:

  • Login to your account and select the required account.
  • Select the Account Information from the Account Options.
  • Here you can find the last four digits of your account number which links to the full account number and the routing number.
How to find Routing Number on Mobile App
Find your Routing Number via Online Banking

2-WECU Routing Number via Online Banking: 

  • By entering into WECU online banking and selecting the correct account, you can get your routing number there.
  • The account title, the last four digits of your account number, and the WECU Routing Number are all visible in the top box.

3-WECU Routing Number on Monthly Statement:

  • The top right corner of your monthly statement has your WECU Routing Number.
  • With e-statements, you can guarantee that your monthly statement is always available to you.
Find Routing Number on Monthly Statement
Routing Number on Check Book

4-WECU Routing Number on Check Book:

  • The nine-digit number printed in the bottom left corner of every check is the WECU Routing Number.

5-On this page and on Website of Federal Reserve:

WECU routing number for checking accounts and Fund transfers is listed on this page and on Website of The Federal Reserve.

Website of Federal Reserve

Find Routing Number for Your Bank

We’ve mention here the routing numbers for some of the biggest banks in the US.

Banks Banks Banks Banks Banks
Alliant Ally Bank America First Arvest Bank Banco Popular
BancorpSouth Bangor Savings Bank Bank of America Bank of Hawaii Bank of Oklahoma
Bank of the West BB&T BECU BMO Harris Capital One
Charles Schwab Bank Chase Bank Chemical Bank Citibank Citizens Bank
City National Bank Comerica Bank Commerce Bank CU1 DFCU
Discover Bank E-Trade Bank East West Bank Eastern Bank EECU
EFCU ESL Fifth Fird Bank First Bank First National Bank
GECU Golden 1 Green Dot Bank Grow Financial Guaranty Bank
HSBC Huntington IBC Bank IMCU KeyBank
Liberty Bank M&T Bank MACU MCU Members 1st
MetaBank Metro Credit Union MutualBank Navy Federal NBT Bank
NEFCU Nevada State Bank OnPoint Patelco PayPal
PenFed Peoples Bank PFCU PNC RBFCU
Regions Bank Renasant Bank Santander SchoolsFirst SDCCU
TD Ameritrade TD Bank TFCU U.S. Bank UCCU
UFCU Umpqua Bank Union Bank United Bank USAA
UW Credit Union VyStar WECU Wells Fargo Zions Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Number on Your ATM Debit Card a Routing Number?

No. The number on an ATM debit card is not a routing number. Debit cards and credit cards don’t use routing numbers. The financial institution links the ATM debit card to your bank account through its banking system.  

Is a Routing Number Confidential?

No. All bank account holders with accounts set up in the same area have the same routing number. Routing numbers are readily available through online lookup tools.  However, a bank account number should be considered confidential to avoid fraud resulting in the loss of funds. Treat a bank account number with the same degree of confidentiality as a Social Security Number.

Is my IBAN the same as my SWIFT code?

No, your IBAN code and SWIFT code are different. Your IBAN identifies the individual bank account you’re using to make your overseas transfer, whereas your SWIFT is much shorter and used to identify a specific bank to verify international payments.

do I need routing number for international transfers?

If you have a US bank account, you’ll need your routing number for every transfer and if it’s international, you’ll also need your SWIFT code.

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