With economic stability on the rise, Wise Business Plans is creating strategic business plans by business plan writers across the US. Wise Business Plans helps entrepreneurs and small business owners gain the confidence they need to approach a changing business environment.  Their expert team of consultants, researchers, financial modelers, business plan writers, and designers produce superior business plans for a variety of industries.  With the mission of easing the difficulty of communicating innovative business models through a professional business plan, Wise Business Plans has quickly become a nationally preferred provider of business plan services.

If you can dream it, Wise Business Plans can communicate it!

Crucial to Wise Business Plans’ model for success is their national presence supported by a team of experienced, MBA holding, business plan writers as well as a team of creative designers. With years of experience in writing business plans, Wise Business Plans has developed an effective business plan model including:

              Executive Summary: Summarizes the key elements of the entire business plan. This facet of the business                 plan appears first; however, it is typically the last element of the business plan to be written.

              Company Description: Outline of your business’ legal structure and management resources, including;                     your internal management team, external management resources, and human resource needs.

              Product or Service Description: Detailed descriptions of your products or services are included in this                   section. The most intriguing part of your product or service will be communicated to express your                                   company’s competitive edge.

              Market and Industry Analysis: Examination of the primary target market, including industry gross                         revenue, geographic location, customer demographics, target market’s needs, and how these needs are                           being met currently.

              Marketing Plan: The marketing plan will provide a detailed explanation of your sales strategy, pricing                         plan, proposed advertising or promotion activities, and the product or service benefits.

              SWOT Analysis: Strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,                     and Threats in relation to your business.

              Financial Analysis: Description of the funding requirements, 5 years of detailed financial statements, and                 loan analysis.

              Appendices and Exhibits: Any additional information that will help establish the credibility of your                           business ideas, such as marketing studies, photographs of the product, contracts, or other legal agreements                   pertinent to the business.

Through the business plan development process business owners will be able to identify, their target market, marketing budget, staffing needs, break-even point, operating costs, revenue, profit margins, and funding needs.

About Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans is a professional business plan writing company that writes professional business plans. The firm is committed to increasing the fundability and success rates of businesses through strategic planning.  To learn more, visit https://wisebusinessplans.com or call 1-800-496-1056 to schedule a consultation.