Benefits of Showing Appreciation

Importance of Appreciation In The WorkplaceThere are people all around us who quietly go about their business and in life, arriving on time, carefully doing the right thing day after day, with little fuss or bother. These bosses, co-workers, employees, family members, and friends don’t usually expect much attention, and they often get less than that.

Benefits of Showing Appreciation:

A friend of Wise recently shared a story about her hard-working husband. He was outgoing and friendly, always helpful, and supportive of everything his co-workers or family did without taking the opportunity to show himself to be better, smarter, or more qualified when he had the chance.

In spite of being easy-to-work-with, a team player and a good friend, he was regularly chided for being so easy going and was often the butt of the latest joke or trick from his co-workers and even extended family because they knew that there would be no show of anger or hurt feelings from him.

As time went on, he continued to be his usual affable self, but our Wise friend began to notice that her husband seemed to no longer want to attend work or family gatherings or celebrations, and he didn’t seem to take as much pride in the time he spent making his company a better place.

While he still did a good job, his heart wasn’t in it, and the loss was to all those who had taken advantage of his good nature, not knowing that there was a treasure in their midst.

Sadly, there’s no happy ending to this story. Good people go about their business and in life at work and home day after day, and, too often, those are the people we take advantage of the most.

Why Employee Appreciation is Important:

Take a moment today to notice someone who always gets things done without a fuss —,understand the Benefits of Showing Appreciation In The Workplace and appreciate their kindness and be a little kinder yourself. If you’re a business owner, look around for those employees who always do more than their fair share. Are you appreciating them or piling more work on?

Knowing how to let someone be challenged while showing appreciation and fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment is one facet of being a good manager — and a good friend, co-worker, or family member.

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