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Herman Cain's Business plansWhat is Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan?

When is a business plan not really a business plan… but still in a roundabout way a business plan? According to Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, a perfect example of this is the Herman Cain presidential bid. Wait for a second – how can a presidential campaign be equated with running a business? As many people would point out, or at least suggest, running for political office is not that much different from running a business. It is merely a different slant.

Herman Cain 999 Plan :

Herman Cain 999 plan is in fact a business plan, in that it is a plan that the candidate believes will fix a specific set of issues. The bid for office is a larger business plan under which the 9-9-9 plan falls as a secondary plan. Whether anyone agrees with the candidate or the plans is irrelevant for our purposes, what is under discussion is how the business plan is put together and executed.

It has a catchy tag in 9-9-9, and it seems to lay out a foundation for improving upon a model that is in place. The problem, as many have pointed out, is that the 9-9-9 plan as presented is too basic and flawed to be taken seriously – an issue a professional business plan writer could help with. That hardly means that the business plan as a whole is not valid – more people know who the candidate is than ever before and he is poised to take on a number of engagements after dropping out of the electoral pool which will almost certainly prove to be disgustingly lucrative. From that standpoint, the business plan is a success.

This goes to demonstrate that just because you may not be running a brick and mortar or virtual business that you have no need for a business plan. A business plan is a plan of attack. A business plan is a plan for success. Therefore if you plan to succeed or enter any form of new territory, it is highly advisable you also plan to make use of a professional business plan consultant to help you get there.

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