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colours in businessOur lives are full of color. Some are sentimental, others are traditional, and still others are bold and cheerful or oppressive and depressing. The colors you choose to represent your company will have a lot to say about who you are and how you view your business and those that you are reaching out to.

When utilizing color to identify and showcase your business, whether through a logo, signage, or uniforms, it’s generally best to refrain from using one shade alone. It is considered more useful to use a complementary color with your main choice because overuse of one color can reduce its effectiveness.

There are as many color combinations as there are actual colors, so there is no need to limit yourself to something that does not suit you. It can be overwhelming, but you can reduce the stress by sticking to your own preferences and keeping your color scheme relatively simple.

Understanding and using color effectively in your business can give you an invaluable marketing tool to promote and maintain a successful business.

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