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How to Write Proposals That Editors and Clients Can’t Resist?

As a freelancer, you will have to submit proposals to both editors and clients for the jobs that they posted, so that they can hire you. However, the problem is that, in the competitive online field, both editors and clients receive hundreds of proposals from freelancers just like you.

So, there is a strong chance your proposal may not be able to grab the attention and lost in a lengthy list. To avoid this, you will need to write the proposal in such a way that, it becomes irresistible for editors and clients. Wondering how to do so? Continue reading, as this article will cover the step-by-step procedure.

Tips to Write Proposals That Editors and Clients Can’t Resist

Below are the steps that you need to write a proposal that will be most likely to grab the attention of the hiring person.

1. Understand The Project or Job

It is already understood that you (the applicant) first have to efficiently understand the project or job description before writing a proposal. In the job or project description, you have to understand the following things:
  • What kind of work editors or clients are expecting from the applicants?
  • What skills or qualifications have they mentioned?
When you have an efficient understanding of all these, it will become quite easier for you to tailor your proposal according to the requirements. Obviously, when the proposal resonates with the requirements, it will become irresistible. In case, you are facing any kind of difficulties in understanding the requirements, you can consider getting help from a fellow friend, or senior.

2. Grab Attention by Writing Introductory Lines in a Compelling Way

From here the process of writing an irresistible proposal will take off. If you fail to grab editors’ or clients’ attention at first glance, there is a strong chance they will skip your proposal and move on to the other.

To write attention-grabbing introductory lines, we suggest using engaging and trendy words that are compelling to read.
You should avoid using casual wording that is boring to read. In this case, if you can not do so, you can get help from a rewording generator. When you pass your writing through the tool, it will replace your actual wording with contextual correct synonyms that are compelling to read.

We passed a normal para through the rewording tool. The tool changed our writing into a compelling one.

Normal paragraph

I saw your job posting on BuiltinChicago. And get to know that you are looking for a candidate who can handle multiple at once. So, here I am applying for the position as I have good experience as well skills that perfectly align with your requirements.

Now, we going to make the above lines engaging by using more compelling words.

Compelling version

I came across your job advertisement on the BuiltinChicago platform. “And it is understood that you are seeking a candidate capable of efficiently managing multiple tasks simultaneously. I am submitting my application for the position, as I possess ample experience and skills that precisely match your stated requirements.
Writing Introductory Lines

3. Satisfy Them by Providing Value

After writing one or two introductory lines to grab attention, you should directly address the main information. This will be the deciding factor. You will need to provide a solution to editors or clients or address any kind of concerns they have. To provide you with a better understanding, check out the example below. Let’s say, the job is about “An SEO-person whose responsibility is to increase search visibility of a site.”
Then you can highlight different SEO techniques or strategies that you know and will implement to efficiently fulfill the responsibility (enhance site rankings). It would be good if you also explain the step-by-step approach to how you will achieve the required goals. This can greatly help in leaving a good impression on the editor and client. We have also found a Digital Marketing Proposal online, in which they have efficiently mentioned their approach towards achieving success.
How did we do it
Obviously, when you are satisfied by providing valuable information, there is a strong chance that editors and clients will not ignore your proposal.

4. Highlight Your Skills or Qualifications

Just satisfying them through your knowledge or approach towards the requirements will not be enough to make the proposal resistible. Instead, you also need to highlight your qualifications and skills to back up the claims that you have made in the step above. Apart from this, it will also show the recruiters that you have the exact abilities required to succeed in the role.
Moreover, most editors and clients list certain qualifications and skills and only ask the applicants to apply if they efficiently them. So, if this is the case with the job you are writing a proposal for, highlighting both skills and qualifications becomes even more crucial. To leave a much better impact on the recipient of the proposal, it would also be good if you addressed some of your additional achievements/accomplishments regarding the job.
Highlight Your Skills

5. Give Multiple Pricing Options & Time Frame

Everyone knows a proposal also includes a pricing that the applicant will charge for the given work. To make your job letter irresistible, you should provide multiple pricing options to editors and clients along with the time frame in which the task will be delivered.

Doing so will not only give the recipients a choice to go with the plan that they think is suitable but also make your proposal different from others. Wondering what the approach behind should be offering multiple plans. Check out the example below.

PlanArticle LengthPriceDelivery

Let’s say, you are a content writer, and your proposal is about “Offering Writing Services”. Then you can consider mentioning multiple pricing shown in the table below.

This way, editors and clients will have an efficient of idea what you will charge and what you will provide. To further make your proposal irresistible, it would be good if you also mention that the pricing mentioned in the plans is negotiable.

6. Proofread

This is the final that you need to take once you are done with writing a proposal. Proofreading will involve finding and fixing any kind of grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.

Apart from this, it also involves ensuring that everything is covered properly according to the job guidelines or requirements.

While proofreading, if you have found anything that is not up to the work, do not hesitate to change it. If you ignore the improvements during the proofreading process, it will increase the chances of the proposal getting ignored, and your all efforts may go in vain.

Final Words

To increase to chances of getting hired, you will need to write and submit proposals that editors and clients cannot resist. Although, this will require following certain steps that we have covered in this article.
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