Business Trends: Formations, Financing, and Rates

Stay informed on the latest business trends with updates on formations, SBA loans, venture capital, and interest rates. Get ahead with our insights and statistics. (Last Updated on April 2023)

New Business Formations Started in 2022 vs 2023

New business formations refer to the creation of new enterprises by individuals or groups. It is a crucial aspect of economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Starting a new business involves various steps such as conducting market research, developing a business plan, obtaining funding, registering the business, and complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Successful new business formations can contribute significantly to a country’s economic development and offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and make a positive impact on society.

Business Formation Statistics
Total for All NAICS: U.S. Total — Seasonally Adjusted Business Applications [Units]
Business Formation Statistics

Business Formation Statistic

Business formation statistics refer to the data on the number of new businesses that have been registered within a particular time period. These statistics provide insights into the health of the economy and the level of entrepreneurial activity in a given region or country. They also help policymakers and investors identify trends and opportunities in different industries and sectors. For example, high business formation rates may indicate a favorable business climate, while low rates may signal economic challenges or a lack of entrepreneurial spirit. Overall, business formation statistics are essential in understanding the state of the economy and the potential for growth and innovation.

Business Formation Statistics
Total for All NAICS: U.S. Total — Not Seasonally Adjusted Business Applications [Units]
Business Formation Statistics

SBA loans

SBA loans are loans that are guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide funding to small businesses. The SBA does not directly lend money to businesses but partners with banks and other lenders to provide loan guarantees, which reduce the risk for lenders and make it easier for small businesses to access affordable financing. SBA loans can be used for various purposes such as purchasing equipment, inventory, or real estate, expanding or renovating a business, or refinancing existing debt. The SBA offers different loan programs, including 7(a) loans, microloans, and disaster loans, each with its own eligibility requirements, loan terms, and interest rates. SBA loans are a popular financing option for small businesses due to their flexible terms, low-interest rates, and the SBA’s guarantee of a portion of the loan.

Approval ID Approve Amount Average loan Size
30,016 $14,458,760,400 $481,702
Lender Name (State)Approval CountApproval AmountAverage Loan Size
Live Oak Banking Company (NC)626$918,237,700$1,466,833
Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. (NY)1,247$798,003,300$639,938
The Huntington National Bank (OH)3,836$640,914,500$167,079
Celtic Bank Corporation (UT)391$300,509,000$768,565
Readycap Lending, LLC (NJ)523$281,058,000$537,396
BayFirst National Bank (FL)1,306$248,548,800$190,313
Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (SD)1,222$220,662,400$180,575
TD Bank, National Association (DE)1,851$216,685,000$117,064
Byline Bank (IL)176$213,844,800$1,215,027
First Internet Bank of Indiana (IN)168$205,781,000$1,224,887
Bank of America, National Association (SC)523$189,146,300$361,656
Cadence Bank (MS)532$180,898,800$340,035
Enterprise Bank & Trust (MO)128$179,373,300$1,401,354
First Bank of the Lake (MO)176$174,178,700$989,652
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (AZ)719$154,993,800$215,569
Harvest Small Business Finance, LLC (CA)143$150,546,700$1,052,774
U.S. Bank, National Association (OH)1,177$138,360,800$117,554
Berkshire Bank (MA)113$127,655,200$1,129,692
BMO Harris Bank National Association (WI)174$126,511,300$727,076
GBank (NV)52$124,033,300$2,385,256
KeyBank National Association (OH)469$114,198,800$243,494
Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company (NY)896$113,757,100$126,961
Umpqua Bank (OR)241$103,791,500$430,670
First Financial Bank (AR)80$103,377,300$1,292,216
Truist Bank (NC)69$96,717,100$1,401,697
Hanmi Bank (CA)91$95,699,500$1,051,643
SouthState Bank, National Association (FL)154$95,259,900$618,571
Old National Bank (IN)94$91,776,200$976,343
Commonwealth Business Bank (CA)75$90,408,000$1,205,440
MUFG Union Bank, National Association (CA)58$87,703,400$1,512,128
Zions Bank, A Division of (UT)187$86,109,400$460,478
City National Bank (CA)62$84,305,100$1,359,760
Citizens Bank (TN)116$82,134,600$708,057
PNC Bank, National Association (DE)332$80,653,700$242,933
Fund-Ex Solutions Group, LLC (FL)56$78,934,300$1,409,541
United Community Bank (SC)95$78,732,000$828,758
East West Bank (CA)68$75,674,300$1,112,857
United Midwest Savings Bank, National Association (OH)274$75,652,200$276,103
US Metro Bank (CA)34$74,938,500$2,204,074
HomeTrust Bank (NC)54$74,508,600$1,379,789
Customers Bank (PA)70$72,881,100$1,041,159
Fifth Third Bank (OH)103$70,998,500$689,306
Regions Bank (AL)71$70,957,500$999,401
Open Bank (CA)48$70,855,000$1,476,146
First Commonwealth Bank (PA)88$69,561,300$790,469
CapStar Bank (TN)38$69,513,700$1,829,308
Dogwood State Bank (NC)101$69,089,700$684,056
Bank of Hope (CA)93$68,108,900$732,354
LendingClub Bank, National Association (IL)51$68,054,600$1,334,404
Peoples Bank (MS)59$66,932,900$1,134,456
FinWise Bank (UT)54$65,990,000$1,222,037
PCB Bank (CA)52$62,014,500$1,192,587
First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company (NC)60$61,432,600$1,023,877
Wallis Bank (TX)41$61,237,700$1,493,602
Midwest Regional Bank (MO)50$58,271,100$1,165,422
First IC Bank (GA)31$55,750,500$1,798,403
Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB (DE)56$53,728,900$959,445
First Chatham Bank (GA)49$52,659,900$1,074,692
The Bancorp Bank National Association (SD)60$52,185,900$869,765
Meridian Bank (PA)62$51,781,000$835,177
Colony Bank (GA)51$51,715,900$1,014,037
Home Loan Investment Bank, F.S.B. (RI)17$51,655,500$3,038,559
Fulton Bank, National Association (PA)54$49,175,300$910,654
Metro City Bank (GA)28$47,989,000$1,713,893
Independent Bank (TX)32$46,530,700$1,454,084
Five Star Bank (CA)131$44,816,800$342,113
Merchants Bank of Indiana (IN)41$43,237,200$1,054,566
Pinnacle Bank (SC)54$42,732,200$791,337
Fountainhead SBF LLC (FL)34$42,224,600$1,241,900
America First FCU (UT)35$41,304,900$1,180,140
Comerica Bank (TX)123$41,227,300$335,181
Ameris Bank (GA)32$41,152,800$1,286,025
Synovus Bank (GA)28$40,781,800$1,456,493
First National Bank of Pennsylvania (NC)55$40,687,300$739,769
Citizens Bank, National Association (RI)42$38,940,300$927,150
Webster Bank National Association (CT)117$38,915,400$332,610
Grasshopper Bank, National Association (NY)39$38,266,100$981,182
Hanover Community Bank (NY)36$38,223,100$1,061,753
American Momentum Bank (TX)30$37,900,100$1,263,337
VelocitySBA, LLC (CA)35$37,006,200$1,057,320
MVB Bank, Inc. (OH)24$35,464,300$1,477,679
Woori America Bank (NY)28$33,921,000$1,211,464
Lendistry SBLC, LLC (CA)64$33,698,600$526,541
Mission Valley Bank (CA)21$33,432,600$1,592,029
Cogent Bank (FL)20$33,401,500$1,670,075
Pacific Western Bank (CA)25$32,248,200$1,289,928
CDC Small Business Finance Corporation (CA)180$31,902,600$177,237
NewBank (NY)29$31,340,000$1,080,690
OakStar Bank (MO)38$31,267,200$822,821
First Savings Bank (IN)37$30,745,400$830,957
Bank of Oak Ridge (NC)34$30,722,900$903,615
The MINT National Bank (TX)15$30,620,400$2,041,360
Community Banks of Colorado, A Division of (CO)44$30,466,900$692,430
Capital One, National Association (VA)37$29,406,000$794,757
First Bank (NC)30$29,358,500$978,617
Valley National Bank (NJ)31$29,309,300$945,461
CalPrivate Bank (CA)21$29,031,300$1,382,443
The Fidelity Bank (NC)27$28,575,500$1,058,352
New Millennium Bank (NJ)24$28,101,500$1,170,896
Citibank, N.A. (SD)32$28,097,800$878,056
IncredibleBank (WI)21$27,975,200$1,332,152
MidFirst Bank (OK)34$26,511,900$779,762
Washington Trust Bank (WA)37$26,382,000$713,027
The Bank of Tampa (FL)22$25,664,500$1,166,568
Frost Bank (TX)39$25,289,900$648,459
First Business Bank (WI)21$25,249,000$1,202,333
Veritex Community Bank (TX)18$24,742,500$1,374,583
Millennium Bank (IL)10$24,716,200$2,471,620
The State Bank (MI)55$24,665,100$448,456
Peapack-Gladstone Bank (NJ)24$24,531,000$1,022,125
BancFirst (OK)49$24,344,700$496,831
Georgia's Own Credit Union (GA)28$24,343,200$869,400
First Bank & Trust (SD)20$24,239,000$1,211,950
Pinnacle Bank (CA)12$24,071,000$2,005,917
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (PR)171$24,040,000$140,585
T Bank, National Association (TX)18$24,009,500$1,333,861
Republic First Bank d/b/a Republic Bank (PA)14$23,973,500$1,712,393
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company (LA)30$23,932,900$797,763
Bank Five Nine (WI)43$23,906,500$555,965
1st Financial Bank USA (SD)11$23,790,000$2,162,727
Stellar Bank (TX)19$23,683,300$1,246,489
FFB Bank (CA)19$23,636,300$1,244,016
CrossFirst Bank (KS)19$23,360,400$1,229,495
American Continental Bank (CA)21$23,208,500$1,105,167
Hancock Whitney Bank (MS)33$23,199,600$703,018
Lake Michigan CU (MI)25$23,068,700$922,748
Mountain America FCU (UT)100$22,997,400$229,974
Northwest Bank (ID)16$22,971,500$1,435,719
The First Bank (MS)21$22,409,000$1,067,095
Bell Bank (ND)25$22,343,700$893,748
Genisys CU (MI)12$21,810,000$1,817,500
Cross River Bank (NJ)16$21,653,100$1,353,319
First American Bank (IL)19$21,299,100$1,121,005
Meadows Bank (NV)12$21,281,800$1,773,483
Centier Bank (IN)40$21,151,400$528,785
Southwestern National Bank (TX)8$21,063,800$2,632,975
Banner Bank (ID)91$20,940,000$230,110
GBC International Bank (CA)21$20,796,000$990,286
Stearns Bank National Association (MN)51$20,705,000$405,980
Frandsen Bank & Trust (MN)34$20,678,300$608,185
Regent Bank (OK)32$20,630,700$644,709
Plumas Bank (NV)13$20,027,800$1,540,600
Paradise Bank (FL)17$19,981,500$1,175,382
Evolve Bank and Trust (AR)18$19,741,400$1,096,744
Hiawatha National Bank (WI)42$19,580,500$466,202
Tandem Bank (GA)53$19,275,300$363,685
BankVista (MN)62$19,115,000$308,306
Dime Community Bank (NY)22$18,906,000$859,364
West Town Bank & Trust (IL)44$18,763,000$426,432
Seacoast National Bank (FL)24$18,389,900$766,246
PromiseOne Bank (GA)24$18,336,000$764,000
St. Louis Bank (MO)13$18,014,000$1,385,692
Western Commerce Bank (NM)29$17,956,500$619,190
DFCU Financial CU (MI)19$17,879,400$941,021
Commercial Bank of California (CA)12$17,878,400$1,489,867
First Western SBLC, Inc (TX)10$17,862,000$1,786,200
Nicolet National Bank (WI)23$17,854,100$776,265
Northwest Bank (PA)65$17,650,400$271,545
Summit State Bank (CA)13$17,589,000$1,353,000
Truliant FCU (NC)10$17,571,500$1,757,150
Financial Resources FCU (NJ)14$17,151,000$1,225,071
Provident Bank (NJ)16$17,148,900$1,071,806
Gesa CU (WA)20$17,137,600$856,880
Sunflower Bank, National Association (AZ)18$17,074,500$948,583
Arvest Bank (AR)53$16,939,100$319,606
Firstrust Savings Bank (PA)20$16,547,200$827,360
Columbia Bank (NJ)9$16,334,500$1,814,944
Eastern Bank (MA)113$16,329,300$144,507
BOKF, National Association (OK)25$16,135,000$645,400
Summit Bank (OR)12$16,027,300$1,335,608
Idaho Central CU (ID)22$16,000,300$727,286
Bremer Bank, National Association (MN)19$15,998,500$842,026
First Service Bank (AR)19$15,939,800$838,937
Central Bank (UT)43$15,820,600$367,921
Teachers CU (IN)14$15,538,800$1,109,914
American National Bank (NE)20$15,384,100$769,205
FWBank (IL)11$15,195,500$1,381,409
Renasant Bank (GA)20$15,092,400$754,620
Bank of Southern California National Association (CA)15$14,994,400$999,627
Citizens Community Federal National Association (WI)20$14,958,900$747,945
American Commerce Bank, National Association (GA)4$14,879,500$3,719,875
Platinum Bank (MN)19$14,821,000$780,053
First Horizon Bank (TN)16$14,796,100$924,756
Signature Bank of Georgia (GA)13$14,588,700$1,122,208
The First Bank and Trust Company (VA)25$14,576,500$583,060
b1BANK (LA)22$14,547,200$661,236
Stone Bank (AR)7$14,453,800$2,064,829
ConnectOne Bank (NY)17$14,393,000$846,647
Midwest BankCentre (MO)15$14,308,400$953,893
Simmons Bank (AR)25$14,245,700$569,828
First Interstate Bank (MT)34$14,073,600$413,929
SaviBank (WA)16$13,837,500$864,844
Capital Bank, National Association (MD)17$13,836,000$813,882
Village Bank and Trust, National Association (IL)18$13,727,400$762,633
Centerstone SBA Lending, Inc. (CA)13$13,579,000$1,044,538
Preferred Bank (CA)9$13,494,000$1,499,333
Santa Cruz County Bank (CA)12$13,473,000$1,122,750
Home Bank, National Association (LA)11$13,274,900$1,206,809
PlainsCapital Bank (TX)27$13,074,000$484,222
Republic Bank & Trust Company (KY)28$12,981,100$463,611
Premier Bank (OH)19$12,934,800$680,779
Equity Bank (KS)30$12,876,100$429,203
Cambridge Savings Bank (MA)14$12,809,800$914,986
Lincoln Savings Bank (IA)24$12,788,600$532,858
North Valley Bank (OH)6$12,784,500$2,130,750
Bank of Idaho (ID)13$12,729,500$979,192
InBank (CO)12$12,515,800$1,042,983
BankFirst Financial Services (MS)34$12,454,800$366,318
Craft Bank (GA)15$12,439,400$829,293
Emprise Bank (KS)19$12,315,500$648,184
Pinnacle Bank (GA)11$12,291,300$1,117,391
Northeast Bank (ME)172$12,238,000$71,151
CRF Small Business Loan Company, LLC (MN)22$12,229,900$555,905
Mountain Pacific Bank (WA)5$12,029,000$2,405,800
Exchange Bank (CA)15$12,017,000$801,133
Security State Bank & Trust (TX)14$11,928,200$852,014
MidWestOne Bank (IA)17$11,681,300$687,135
First Federal Bank (FL)18$11,644,200$646,900
Community Bank of Mississippi (MS)27$11,575,600$428,726
Choice Financial Group (ND)27$11,538,300$427,344
ChoiceOne Bank (MI)8$11,478,500$1,434,813
Blue Ridge Bank, National Association (VA)13$11,420,000$878,462
Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company (KY)29$11,325,400$390,531
Fremont Bank (CA)5$11,304,200$2,260,840
U.S. Century Bank (FL)4$11,300,000$2,825,000
Northrim Bank (AK)13$11,281,000$867,769
Bankwell Bank (CT)3$11,213,700$3,737,900
Loyal Trust Bank (GA)9$11,198,900$1,244,322
New York Business Development Corporation (NY)9$11,189,000$1,243,222
United Business Bank (CA)8$11,147,000$1,393,375
Patriot Bank, National Association (CT)12$11,028,500$919,042
Amerant Bank, National Association (FL)8$10,975,500$1,371,938
The Central Trust Bank (MO)34$10,888,800$320,259
BankPlus (MS)12$10,888,100$907,342
TransPecos Banks, SSB. (TX)7$10,800,800$1,542,971
American Bank (LA)18$10,539,500$585,528
First General Bank (CA)5$10,200,000$2,040,000
Horizon Bank (IN)18$10,156,400$564,244
Quaint Oak Bank (PA)14$9,896,800$706,914
Security National Bank of Omaha (NE)6$9,874,900$1,645,817
SouthPoint Bank (AL)6$9,819,200$1,636,533
Western Alliance Bank (AZ)13$9,802,400$754,031
BankUnited, National Association (FL)10$9,719,200$971,920
Heritage Bank of Commerce (CA)12$9,672,200$806,017
Oconee State Bank (GA)11$9,604,100$873,100
1st Source Bank (IN)64$9,564,700$149,448
Alerus Financial, National Association (ND)12$9,498,000$791,500
Grow America Fund, Incorporated (NY)19$9,421,000$495,842
EverTrust Bank (CA)15$9,397,000$626,467
Encore Bank (AR)15$9,334,200$622,280
First State Bank Nebraska (NE)24$9,308,000$387,833
Community Trust Bank, Inc. (KY)31$9,225,200$297,587
CTBC Bank Corp. (USA). (CA)5$9,168,000$1,833,600
Falcon National Bank (MN)20$9,156,900$457,845
LCA Bank Corporation (UT)7$9,134,000$1,304,857
Mid Penn Bank (PA)6$9,009,500$1,501,583
Heritage Bank (WA)10$9,007,400$900,740
Bank of Clarke (VA)12$8,979,900$748,325
Telhio CU Inc (OH)30$8,841,800$294,727
Leader Bank, National Association (MA)17$8,765,000$515,588
Pathward National Association (SD)12$8,691,000$724,250
The Freedom Bank of Virginia (NY)5$8,668,000$1,733,600
Greater Community Bank (GA)8$8,652,700$1,081,588
Bank First, N.A. (WI)22$8,633,400$392,427
Cache Valley Bank (UT)37$8,430,200$227,843
Paragon Bank (TN)10$8,417,300$841,730
Minnwest Bank (MN)15$8,335,700$555,713
The Bank of Houston (MO)13$8,306,500$638,962
Bank of Springfield (IL)23$8,258,100$359,048
Waukesha State Bank (WI)10$8,242,800$824,280
Capital Community Bank (UT)9$8,227,500$914,167
Midland States Bank (IL)17$8,102,000$476,588
First Port City Bank (FL)6$7,975,900$1,329,317
Univest Bank and Trust Co. (PA)15$7,924,500$528,300
The Bank of Missouri (MO)15$7,820,600$521,373
INB, National Association (IL)8$7,737,000$967,125
Glacier Bank (MT)50$7,720,300$154,406
Union Bank and Trust Company (NE)22$7,698,200$349,918
CNB Bank (PA)5$7,616,100$1,523,220
Cathay Bank (CA)7$7,577,500$1,082,500
First Bank (NJ)6$7,558,000$1,259,667
CenTrust Bank, National Association (IL)9$7,535,000$837,222
RiverHills Bank (OH)9$7,518,300$835,367
First Utah Bank (UT)7$7,508,800$1,072,686
Trustmark National Bank (MS)23$7,455,500$324,152
First Financial Bank (OH)18$7,410,200$411,678
Lakeland Bank (NJ)7$7,347,000$1,049,571
Countybank (SC)12$7,307,500$608,958
Wright Patt CU Inc (OH)5$7,249,400$1,449,880
Peoples Bank (OH)15$7,211,900$480,793
Oxford Bank (MI)18$7,179,000$398,833
Bank of Central Florida (FL)6$7,086,300$1,181,050
OMB Bank (MO)8$7,083,600$885,450
Busey Bank (IL)13$7,061,500$543,192
Community First Bank, Inc. (SC)5$7,048,700$1,409,740
Western State Bank (ND)7$7,046,000$1,006,571
First National Bank of Omaha (NE)29$7,037,600$242,676
Ixonia Bank (WI)5$7,035,100$1,407,020
First National Bank of Coffee County (GA)11$7,034,000$639,455
Belgrade State Bank (MO)6$6,950,600$1,158,433
First Community Bank (VA)13$6,940,500$533,885
Schaumburg Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)8$6,880,500$860,063
American Bank of Commerce (TX)15$6,861,900$457,460
Gulf Coast Bank (LA)10$6,857,900$685,790
First United Bank and Trust Company (TX)9$6,794,900$754,989
Coastal States Bank (SC)5$6,750,000$1,350,000
Rockland Trust Company (MA)18$6,728,200$373,789
Bristol County Savings Bank (MA)16$6,719,000$419,938
Community Bank of Pickens County (GA)9$6,686,500$742,944
Alaska Growth Capital BIDCO, Inc. (AK)8$6,685,300$835,663
Fidelity Bank, National Association (KS)4$6,680,000$1,670,000
Central Bank (FL)7$6,676,300$953,757
iTHINK Financial CU (FL)12$6,646,000$553,833
Blue Foundry Bank (NJ)3$6,633,000$2,211,000
Avidia Bank (MA)9$6,606,300$734,033
Security Bank (OK)6$6,473,500$1,078,917
The State Bank and Trust Company (OH)10$6,446,300$644,630
Atlantic Union Bank (VA)6$6,438,000$1,073,000
UMB Bank, National Association (MO)14$6,375,000$455,357
Oriental Bank (PR)59$6,371,400$107,990
CFBank, National Association (OH)5$6,355,000$1,271,000
Lake City Bank (IN)12$6,316,600$526,383
Shinhan Bank America (NY)3$6,300,000$2,100,000
CIBC Bank USA (IL)13$6,288,400$483,723
Rayne State Bank & Trust Company (LA)4$6,185,900$1,546,475
Mega Bank (CA)6$6,107,500$1,017,917
Climate First Bank (FL)4$6,064,200$1,516,050
American Business Bank (CA)11$6,031,200$548,291
Locality Bank (FL)5$5,982,700$1,196,540
Independent Bank (MI)5$5,968,000$1,193,600
Southern Bank (MO)8$5,907,500$738,438
Texas Capital Bank (TX)7$5,887,400$841,057
Pineland Bank (GA)8$5,877,700$734,713
Associated Bank, National Association (WI)14$5,871,900$419,421
Maine Community Bank (ME)15$5,856,200$390,413
St. Charles Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)5$5,818,500$1,163,700
Bank OZK (AR)14$5,674,200$405,300
Arizona Financial Credit Union (AZ)11$5,610,500$510,045
Bank of the Orient (CA)2$5,603,500$2,801,750
Village Bank (MN)9$5,546,800$616,311
HarborOne Bank (MA)20$5,503,600$275,180
Banterra Bank (IL)9$5,467,900$607,544
Texas Security Bank (TX)7$5,435,100$776,443
First National Community Bank (GA)2$5,389,500$2,694,750
Pinnacle Bank (NE)3$5,377,500$1,792,500
Redwood CU (CA)16$5,329,900$333,119
Highland Bank (MN)25$5,295,400$211,816
UniBank (WA)4$5,250,000$1,312,500
Aspire Bank (ND)6$5,248,900$874,817
New Omni Bank, National Association (CA)3$5,235,000$1,745,000
SNB Bank, National Association (OK)11$5,214,100$474,009
Northfield Bank (NJ)6$5,187,100$864,517
Magyar Bank (NJ)6$5,182,200$863,700
BNC National Bank (AZ)11$5,152,200$468,382
Bank of Charles Town (WV)11$5,151,000$468,273
Luminate Bank (MN)6$5,131,000$855,167
Fortis Private Bank (CO)4$5,122,700$1,280,675
Centennial Bank (FL)7$5,109,000$729,857
Embassy National Bank (GA)2$5,100,000$2,550,000
Technology CU (CA)1$5,000,000$5,000,000
South Story Bank & Trust (IA)1$5,000,000$5,000,000
Oklahoma Capital Bank (OK)1$5,000,000$5,000,000
Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass, Illinois (IL)1$5,000,000$5,000,000
KEMBA Financial CU (OH)7$4,987,500$712,500
Bangor Savings Bank (ME)27$4,913,600$181,985
First Oklahoma Bank (OK)8$4,871,800$608,975
The Yellowstone Bank (MT)5$4,855,600$971,120
First Bank Richmond (IN)3$4,805,600$1,601,867
Empire State Bank (NY)1$4,800,000$4,800,000
Heartland Bank (OH)11$4,716,300$428,755
Ultima Bank Minnesota (MN)6$4,645,000$774,167
The Bank of Elk River (MN)6$4,635,400$772,567
California International Bank, A National Banking Association (CA)2$4,631,000$2,315,500
Peoples Bank & Trust (IL)4$4,607,200$1,151,800
Mission Bank (CA)8$4,606,200$575,775
Southern Bancorp Bank (AR)5$4,572,000$914,400
First Harrison Bank (IN)7$4,552,300$650,329
The Bank of Commerce (ID)6$4,539,000$756,500
One Florida Bank (FL)5$4,511,000$902,200
The Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank (MA)2$4,477,200$2,238,600
Bank of St. Francisville (LA)2$4,466,000$2,233,000
CIBM Bank (WI)6$4,457,500$742,917
Magnifi Financial CU (MN)12$4,432,800$369,400
Citizens Bank (WI)3$4,418,000$1,472,667
Manufacturers Bank (CA)2$4,410,800$2,205,400
Kendall Bank (KS)7$4,401,200$628,743
Barrington Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)3$4,382,000$1,460,667
First State Bank (TX)8$4,379,500$547,438
NBT Bank, National Association (NY)15$4,358,200$290,547
Santander Bank, National Association (DE)49$4,333,700$88,443
Pacific Premier Bank (CA)6$4,325,000$720,833
American Bank of Missouri (MO)8$4,316,000$539,500
The American National Bank of Texas (TX)6$4,254,100$709,017
Sandy Spring Bank (MD)5$4,183,900$836,780
First Mid Bank & Trust, National Association (IL)14$4,174,600$298,186
Peoples Bank (WA)9$4,154,400$461,600
Primesouth Bank (GA)1$4,130,000$4,130,000
Arkansas Capital Corporation (AR)12$4,125,600$343,800
Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation (WI)25$4,122,000$164,880
Ledyard National Bank (VT)1$4,120,000$4,120,000
FirstBank Puerto Rico (PR)19$4,090,800$215,305
The Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company (NY)11$4,047,800$367,982
Community First Bank of Indiana (IN)11$4,042,200$367,473
City National Bank of Florida (FL)17$4,007,000$235,706
Enterprise Bank (PA)8$3,995,500$499,438
Small Business Bank (KS)18$3,980,900$221,161
KCB Bank (KS)5$3,969,000$793,800
Primary Bank (NH)11$3,951,700$359,245
First Resource Bank (PA)1$3,950,000$3,950,000
WesBanco Bank, Inc. (WV)10$3,920,300$392,030
Connecticut Community Bank, National Association (CT)5$3,863,700$772,740
American Riviera Bank (CA)8$3,859,500$482,438
Bank of Ann Arbor (MI)3$3,836,400$1,278,800
1st Colonial Community Bank (NJ)14$3,830,000$273,571
HomeStreet Bank (WA)3$3,826,000$1,275,333
Bank of Bridger, National Association (MT)15$3,794,500$252,967
immito, LLC (CO)4$3,785,000$946,250
Citizens Business Bank (CA)3$3,777,500$1,259,167
Wheaton Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)10$3,775,600$377,560
Affinity Bank (GA)1$3,758,200$3,758,200
Legence Bank (IL)3$3,755,700$1,251,900
PeopleFund (TX)21$3,713,300$176,824
American Bank, National Association (TX)5$3,703,300$740,660
PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company (PA)7$3,686,100$526,586
Coulee Bank (WI)6$3,659,500$609,917
Timberland Bank (WA)11$3,655,000$332,273
Sanibel Captiva Community Bank (FL)2$3,631,000$1,815,500
Katahdin Trust Co. (ME)9$3,630,900$403,433
German American Bank (IN)7$3,628,000$518,286
Landmark National Bank (KS)4$3,623,900$905,975
LiftFund, Inc. (TX)22$3,587,000$163,045
Legacy Bank & Trust Company (MO)12$3,550,000$295,833
Frontier Bank of Texas (TX)2$3,495,000$1,747,500
First Commerce Bank (NJ)5$3,483,000$696,600
Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank (MA)27$3,454,700$127,952
HTLF Bank (CO)2$3,438,000$1,719,000
South Coast Bank & Trust (GA)2$3,397,700$1,698,850
Citizens First Bank (IA)9$3,376,200$375,133
The Citizens Bank of Edmond (OK)2$3,365,600$1,682,800
Summit CU (WI)18$3,362,100$186,783
Liberty Bank (CT)13$3,342,300$257,100
Community National Bank & Trust (KS)7$3,335,000$476,429
The Dart Bank (MI)7$3,332,200$476,029
KeyPoint CU (CA)4$3,316,300$829,075
Capital Bank (TX)2$3,283,900$1,641,950
Commerce Bank of Arizona (AZ)3$3,276,000$1,092,000
Southern AgCredit, FLCA (MS)2$3,275,400$1,637,700
North State Bank (NC)5$3,249,200$649,840
Fidelity Bank (LA)9$3,219,800$357,756
The Bank of Edison (GA)2$3,201,500$1,600,750
Granite Bank (MN)20$3,194,300$159,715
Guaranty Bank & Trust, National Association (TX)3$3,129,000$1,043,000
Georgia Primary Bank (GA)5$3,040,000$608,000
Enterprise Bank and Trust Company (MA)12$3,037,100$253,092
First International Bank & Trust (ND)3$3,011,200$1,003,733
Commerce Bank (MO)20$3,010,400$150,520
The First National Bank and Trust Company (WI)1$3,000,000$3,000,000
Numerica CU (WA)4$2,987,600$746,900
FirstBank (CO)3$2,984,000$994,667
West Pointe Bank (WI)1$2,953,800$2,953,800
ServisFirst Bank (AL)4$2,940,000$735,000
Kaw Valley Bank (KS)1$2,932,400$2,932,400
Bank of Hays (KS)18$2,911,700$161,761
Bank of the Southwest (NM)2$2,910,000$1,455,000
American National Bank & Trust (TX)3$2,850,000$950,000
Community State Bank (WI)19$2,848,500$149,921
Green Country FCU (OK)2$2,815,000$1,407,500
Northeast Bank (MN)6$2,781,000$463,500
Main Street Launch (CA)10$2,779,000$277,900
The Pueblo Bank and Trust Company (CO)2$2,773,200$1,386,600
Pacific Alliance Bank (CA)1$2,757,000$2,757,000
Peach State Bank and Trust (GA)1$2,751,300$2,751,300
Bank of Dudley (GA)1$2,745,000$2,745,000
High Plains Bank (CO)3$2,739,200$913,067
Fortress Bank (IL)2$2,729,000$1,364,500
First State Bank (NE)4$2,719,500$679,875
West Shore Bank (MI)6$2,711,400$451,900
Pacific National Bank (FL)2$2,685,000$1,342,500
Androscoggin Savings Bank (ME)10$2,677,500$267,750
Greater State Bank (TX)8$2,668,200$333,525
Central Pacific Bank (HI)37$2,654,400$71,741
First Savings Bank (SD)8$2,649,000$331,125
First Resource Bank (MN)8$2,645,000$330,625
Village Bank (VA)4$2,640,300$660,075
Orrstown Bank (PA)2$2,625,000$1,312,500
Kennebunk Savings Bank (ME)10$2,613,400$261,340
Haddon Savings Bank (NJ)2$2,606,900$1,303,450
Newtek Bank, National Association (FL)19$2,605,000$137,105
Salem Five Cents Savings Bank (MA)19$2,595,000$136,579
Signature Bank (IL)3$2,590,000$863,333
Black Hills FCU (SD)16$2,576,200$161,013
EagleBank (MD)3$2,570,000$856,667
Union National Bank (IL)8$2,559,300$319,913
Bank Rhode Island (RI)12$2,528,500$210,708
AMPAC Tri-State CDC, Inc. (CA)15$2,522,000$168,133
University Bank (MI)2$2,513,500$1,256,750
Bank of San Francisco (CA)2$2,505,000$1,252,500
Integro Bank (AZ)3$2,490,900$830,300
Brookline Bank (MA)17$2,479,600$145,859
Beneficial State Bank (CA)2$2,463,600$1,231,800
Bank Michigan (MI)4$2,437,500$609,375
Peoples Bank (TX)5$2,437,400$487,480
Peoples Bank and Trust Company (OK)2$2,431,300$1,215,650
The First National Bank of Carmi (IL)4$2,422,500$605,625
First Seacoast Bank (NH)2$2,418,000$1,209,000
Bank of Belleville (IL)7$2,404,600$343,514
Spring Bank (NY)1$2,400,000$2,400,000
Texas Advantage Community Bank, National Association (TX)5$2,387,000$477,400
Tradition Capital Bank (MN)2$2,383,000$1,191,500
First Keystone Community Bank (PA)1$2,375,000$2,375,000
The First National Bank of Henning (MN)2$2,365,000$1,182,500
The Community Bank (OH)32$2,319,800$72,494
BankCherokee (MN)7$2,299,400$328,486
Centris FCU (NE)2$2,290,000$1,145,000
SpiritBank (OK)6$2,289,000$381,500
Field & Main Bank (KY)3$2,283,000$761,000
Genesee Regional Bank (NY)12$2,281,000$190,083
National Cooperative Bank, National Association (OH)3$2,260,000$753,333
Sunrise Banks, National Association (MN)9$2,246,000$249,556
Business Development Finance Corporation (AZ)10$2,239,000$223,900
SouthWest Bank (TX)5$2,232,100$446,420
Optus Bank (SC)1$2,216,000$2,216,000
Community Investment Corporation (CT)12$2,213,600$184,467
John Marshall Bank (VA)7$2,213,500$316,214
First U.S. Community CU (CA)4$2,208,600$552,150
Carolina Small Business Development Fund (NC)13$2,205,200$169,631
Mi Bank (MI)1$2,205,000$2,205,000
Hometown Bank (OH)3$2,193,100$731,033
Ent CU (CO)2$2,173,500$1,086,750
United FCU (MI)4$2,171,600$542,900
Brightbridge, Inc. (TN)9$2,169,800$241,089
Citizens State Bank (WI)8$2,168,500$271,063
Sunwest Bank (UT)2$2,152,500$1,076,250
Wauchula State Bank (FL)1$2,150,000$2,150,000
Members Cooperative CU (MN)10$2,140,200$214,020
First State Bank (MS)1$2,138,700$2,138,700
United Bank (GA)6$2,123,500$353,917
Triad Bank, National Association (OK)5$2,120,100$424,020
Financial Security Bank (MN)13$2,106,900$162,069
Denali State Bank (AK)1$2,100,000$2,100,000
Old Mission Bank (MI)4$2,091,000$522,750
Old Plank Trail Community Bank, National Association (IL)2$2,088,000$1,044,000
Valley First CU (CA)5$2,087,100$417,420
Plains State Bank (TX)4$2,067,700$516,925
Carter FCU (LA)7$2,066,400$295,200
Air Academy FCU (CO)1$2,030,000$2,030,000
Pan American Bank & Trust (IL)4$2,023,500$505,875
ESL FCU (NY)14$2,009,000$143,500
Keystone Bank, National Association (TX)3$2,005,000$668,333
The First National Bank of McGregor d/b/a TFNB Your Bank for Life (TX)7$2,002,500$286,071
Grand River Bank (MI)3$2,000,000$666,667
Banesco USA (FL)1$2,000,000$2,000,000
BANKWEST (MN)1$1,996,500$1,996,500
Schertz Bank & Trust (TX)2$1,991,500$995,750
Crossroads Bank (IN)2$1,989,700$994,850
Five Star Bank (NY)29$1,988,800$68,579
Broadway National Bank (TX)4$1,983,400$495,850
First Security Bank (AR)6$1,971,500$328,583
SouthStar Bank, S.S.B. (TX)2$1,971,300$985,650
Studio Bank (TN)2$1,969,500$984,750
Oakworth Capital Bank (AL)2$1,964,500$982,250
Mortgage Capital Development Corporation (CA)6$1,949,900$324,983
Tri Counties Bank (CA)3$1,935,900$645,300
Capitol National Bank (MI)5$1,916,900$383,380
Tompkins Community Bank (NY)12$1,912,800$159,400
Exchange Bank (NE)3$1,910,800$636,933
First American Bank (NM)2$1,900,600$950,300
FNBC Bank (AR)5$1,897,600$379,520
Needham Bank (MA)30$1,884,300$62,810
City State Bank (IA)2$1,867,000$933,500
State Bank of Southern Utah (UT)12$1,850,600$154,217
First Merchants Bank (IN)17$1,850,000$108,824
SouthernTrust Bank (IL)8$1,848,400$231,050
Buckeye State Bank (OH)6$1,846,000$307,667
Herring Bank (TX)2$1,842,100$921,050
Security Federal Bank (SC)6$1,840,000$306,667
Inova FCU (IN)2$1,838,000$919,000
Dream First Bank National Association (KS)6$1,832,400$305,400
State Bank (IN)5$1,830,000$366,000
Community State Bank (IL)2$1,828,700$914,350
First National Bank of Michigan (MI)6$1,804,600$300,767
Wintrust Bank, National Association (IL)3$1,800,000$600,000
Community State Bank (IN)1$1,796,000$1,796,000
United Fidelity Bank, FSB (IN)5$1,791,700$358,340
Guaranty Bank (MO)10$1,790,000$179,000
First Farmers Bank & Trust Co. (IN)2$1,780,200$890,100
American National Bank-Fox Cities (WI)11$1,771,000$161,000
1st Capital Bank (CA)4$1,764,500$441,125
Community 1st CU (IA)15$1,739,300$115,953
St. Mary's CU (MA)26$1,733,900$66,688
Town Bank, National Association (WI)5$1,714,000$342,800
Trenton Business Assistance Corporation (NJ)10$1,705,000$170,500
State Bank of the Lakes, National Association (IL)5$1,700,500$340,100
Starion Bank (ND)5$1,697,100$339,420
Empire State Certified Development Corporation (NY)8$1,686,000$210,750
California Statewide Certified Development Corporation (CA)8$1,681,400$210,175
Mechanics & Farmers Bank (NC)3$1,667,000$555,667
Planters First Bank (GA)1$1,666,100$1,666,100
Industrial Bank (DC)2$1,662,000$831,000
Libertyville Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)7$1,654,000$236,286
The Adirondack Trust Company (NY)13$1,653,500$127,192
North Shore Bank, a Co-operative Bank (MA)5$1,650,000$330,000
Merchants Bank, National Association (MN)3$1,638,100$546,033
Incommons Bank, National Association (TX)2$1,637,100$818,550
Security Savings Bank (SD)5$1,629,900$325,980
Academy Bank, National Association (MO)5$1,625,000$325,000
VeraBank, National Association (TX)2$1,622,400$811,200
Peoples Bank (GA)2$1,619,000$809,500
First Foundation Bank (CA)2$1,617,900$808,950
Community Bank, National Association (NY)10$1,602,100$160,210
Sentry Bank (MN)5$1,576,600$315,320
bankcda (ID)5$1,570,000$314,000
UniBank for Savings (MA)17$1,559,200$91,718
First State Bank (OK)2$1,554,200$777,100
First State Bank of Middlebury (IN)2$1,550,000$775,000
Community National Bank (VT)12$1,548,800$129,067
STAR Financial Bank (IN)12$1,539,800$128,317
Arbor Financial CU (MI)3$1,534,000$511,333
Middlesex Savings Bank (MA)6$1,532,000$255,333
TrustBank (IL)1$1,530,000$1,530,000
Beverly Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)4$1,526,000$381,500
Peach State Federal Credit Union (GA)1$1,500,000$1,500,000
Golden Valley Bank (CA)1$1,500,000$1,500,000
Unity Bank (NJ)2$1,490,000$745,000
The Lyon County State Bank (KS)4$1,480,000$370,000
R Bank (TX)2$1,462,000$731,000
Peoples Bank of Alabama (AL)4$1,461,800$365,450
New Valley Bank & Trust (MA)2$1,460,100$730,050
Third Coast Bank SSB (TX)2$1,460,000$730,000
Texas First Bank (TX)2$1,455,000$727,500
Lone Star National Bank (TX)3$1,455,000$485,000
21st Century Bank (MN)6$1,448,000$241,333
The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod (MA)4$1,440,000$360,000
4Front Credit Union (MI)4$1,430,000$357,500
Gorham Savings Bank (ME)13$1,425,500$109,654
First Southwest Bank (CO)8$1,419,500$177,438
Midwest Bank (NE)3$1,415,500$471,833
Fall River Five Cents Savings Bank d/b/a BankFive (MA)9$1,407,300$156,367
Heritage Family FCU (VT)12$1,406,300$117,192
Citizens Bank of West Virginia, Inc (WV)7$1,405,000$200,714
Owen County State Bank (IN)1$1,400,000$1,400,000
Eclipse Bank, Inc. (KY)1$1,400,000$1,400,000
Ambler Savings Bank (PA)2$1,400,000$700,000
Bank 34 (AZ)2$1,390,900$695,450
North American Banking Company (MN)3$1,390,000$463,333
Covington County Bank (MS)9$1,387,600$154,178
Heritage Bank, Inc. (KY)5$1,387,500$277,500
Citizens State Bank of New Castle (IN)10$1,369,000$136,900
The Callaway Bank (MO)6$1,363,700$227,283
Northern Bank and Trust Company (MA)3$1,363,000$454,333
PCR Small Business Development (CA)11$1,358,500$123,500
CenterBank (OH)5$1,358,000$271,600
Marine Bank (IL)5$1,353,000$270,600
Alliance Bank (MN)2$1,350,000$675,000
Valliance Bank (OK)5$1,348,200$269,640
Arbor Bank (NE)4$1,347,000$336,750
Great Plains State Bank (NE)4$1,346,000$336,500
Webster Five Cents Savings Bank (MA)13$1,342,000$103,231
1st State Bank (MI)7$1,340,000$191,429
One Community Bank (WI)4$1,332,800$333,200
Millennial Bank (AL)2$1,329,000$664,500
Alma Bank (NY)2$1,326,000$663,000
Isabella Bank (MI)3$1,319,500$439,833
Century Bank of Georgia (GA)4$1,309,000$327,250
First Financial Northwest Bank (WA)1$1,308,500$1,308,500
Business Development Corporation of South Carolina (SC)4$1,303,500$325,875
Community Bank of Cameron (WI)1$1,300,000$1,300,000
D. L. Evans Bank (ID)15$1,298,000$86,533
First State Community Bank (MO)2$1,295,500$647,750
The First National Bank of Absecon (NJ)2$1,286,000$643,000
Horizon Bank, SSB (TX)2$1,285,000$642,500
Economic and Community Development Institute (OH)6$1,283,900$213,983
Hawaii National Bank (HI)1$1,260,000$1,260,000
First Sound Bank (WA)1$1,258,000$1,258,000
Great Plains National Bank (OK)5$1,257,400$251,480
Peoples State Bank (WI)4$1,255,000$313,750
The First National Bank of Elmer (NJ)2$1,250,000$625,000
Thomaston Savings Bank (CT)4$1,249,100$312,275
Credit Union One (MI)5$1,249,000$249,800
Forward Bank (WI)6$1,247,000$207,833
Small Business Assistance Corporation (GA)6$1,244,500$207,417
Pioneer Bank (MN)7$1,235,000$176,429
Time Bank (IL)3$1,232,400$410,800
Viking Bank, National Association (MN)3$1,230,000$410,000
First Western Bank & Trust (ND)7$1,228,600$175,514
Central State Bank (AL)3$1,218,900$406,300
Community First Capital Corp (PA)5$1,217,800$243,560
Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank (IA)5$1,211,100$242,220
Tioga-Franklin Savings Bank (PA)4$1,200,000$300,000
Citizens Bank & Trust Co (MN)5$1,200,000$240,000
Guthrie County State Bank (IA)1$1,199,800$1,199,800
Community Bank of the Bay (CA)3$1,199,500$399,833
Redwood Capital Bank (CA)6$1,198,100$199,683
Mountain Bizcapital, Inc. (NC)9$1,180,000$131,111
One World Bank (TX)2$1,175,100$587,550
United Pacific Bank (CA)3$1,175,000$391,667
Neighborhood National Bank (MN)2$1,173,200$586,600
Royal Business Bank (CA)3$1,169,000$389,667
Hawthorn Bank (MO)8$1,164,800$145,600
Bank of the Panhandle (OK)1$1,163,700$1,163,700
Community National Bank & Trust of Texas (TX)2$1,162,800$581,400
First National Bank & Trust Co (MI)7$1,151,000$164,429
First Community Bank of the Ozarks (MO)4$1,150,000$287,500
Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company (GA)2$1,131,300$565,650
Community First Bank (WA)10$1,131,000$113,100
First State Bank of Texas (TX)1$1,130,000$1,130,000
Nebraska Bank of Commerce (NE)3$1,128,500$376,167
Old Second National Bank (IL)1$1,125,000$1,125,000
Growth Capital Corporation (OH)8$1,116,000$139,500
Flagship Enterprise Center, Inc. (dba Bankable) (IN)7$1,114,000$159,143
Timberline Bank (CO)4$1,108,500$277,125
Savings Bank of Danbury (CT)4$1,100,000$275,000
First State Bank Minnesota (MN)1$1,098,500$1,098,500
Service FCU (NH)18$1,095,100$60,839
North Shore Bank of Commerce (MN)2$1,095,000$547,500
Pentucket Bank (MA)2$1,093,000$546,500
First Bank (FL)5$1,092,000$218,400
New England FCU (VT)14$1,090,800$77,914
Franklin Savings Bank (ME)6$1,090,000$181,667
Capital Certified Development Corporation (TX)5$1,079,000$215,800
Fortifi Bank (WI)12$1,077,000$89,750
Heritage FCU (IN)7$1,067,400$152,486
First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Lakewood (OH)5$1,057,000$211,400
Two Rivers Bank & Trust (IA)2$1,053,700$526,850
Northway Bank (NH)8$1,041,500$130,188
The Piedmont Bank (GA)1$1,039,000$1,039,000
Charter Bank (IA)1$1,039,000$1,039,000
BankProv (MA)3$1,038,900$346,300
Valley Economic Development Partners, Inc. (OH)4$1,038,600$259,650
Valley Bank of Ronan (MT)5$1,038,500$207,700
Kensington Bank (MN)4$1,035,000$258,750
Mascoma Bank (NH)3$1,033,500$344,500
Westfield Bank, FSB (OH)5$1,030,500$206,100
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust (ME)4$1,028,000$257,000
Colorado Enterprise Fund (CO)4$1,026,000$256,500
Primis Bank (VA)2$1,008,000$504,000
The Bank of Clovis (NM)2$1,000,000$500,000
Wolf River Community Bank (WI)1$999,000$999,000
The Citizens National Bank of Park Rapids (MN)7$994,300$142,043
Michigan Schools & Government CU (MI)3$985,000$328,333
FNB Bank, Inc. (WV)4$982,000$245,500
Texas Champion Bank (TX)3$981,700$327,233
The Union Bank Company (OH)2$978,100$489,050
Montana Community Development Corp. (MT)8$967,700$120,963
Stride Bank, National Association (OK)5$956,500$191,300
Orlando CU (FL)1$952,300$952,300
United Minnesota Bank (MN)4$950,000$237,500
Continental Bank (UT)1$949,000$949,000
Cleveland State Bank (WI)5$942,500$188,500
Evans Bank, National Association (NY)2$941,000$470,500
Sutton Bank (OH)3$940,000$313,333
RiverBank (WA)2$940,000$470,000
Norway Savings Bank (ME)3$936,800$312,267
First Federal Savings Bank (IN)2$915,000$457,500
University First FCU (UT)5$910,000$182,000
Manufacturers Bank & Trust Company (IA)3$907,800$302,600
Legacy Bank (OK)8$907,700$113,463
Wilson Bank & Trust (TN)2$902,500$451,250
Community First Bank of the Heartland (IL)5$900,000$180,000
Bank of Luxemburg (WI)2$900,000$450,000
Consumers National Bank (OH)9$896,600$99,622
Savings Bank of Walpole (NH)6$889,500$148,250
Points West Community Bank (CO)1$887,000$887,000
The Millyard Bank (NH)2$880,000$440,000
First National Bank of Waterloo (IL)9$880,000$97,778
First Liberty Bank (TX)4$878,000$219,500
Whatcom Educational CU (WA)2$875,000$437,500
Bank of Franklin County (MO)5$874,900$174,980
Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank (NH)10$874,700$87,470
Catlin Bank (IL)4$874,500$218,625
South Ottumwa Savings Bank (IA)4$872,200$218,050
The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank (MA)3$870,000$290,000
Clear Mountain Bank, Inc. (WV)7$869,100$124,157
Workers FCU (MA)6$866,700$144,450
First Federal Community Bank, National Association (OH)3$865,000$288,333
Bank of Washington (MO)2$857,000$428,500
Highpoint Community Bank (MI)4$853,500$213,375
Sullivan Bank (MO)3$853,000$284,333
Consumers CU (MI)2$852,300$426,150
Town and Country CU (ND)3$850,000$283,333
Texas Bank (TX)5$843,000$168,600
State Empl CU (NM)2$840,600$420,300
National Exchange Bank and Trust (WI)3$834,000$278,000
Monterey County Bank (CA)3$834,000$278,000
Carson Bank (KS)5$833,800$166,760
Penn Community Bank (PA)4$829,400$207,350
First State Bank of Purdy (MO)1$828,500$828,500
Greenfield Co-Operative Bank (MA)1$822,700$822,700
Valley Bank of Nevada (NV)1$821,700$821,700
Bank Midwest (IA)3$817,000$272,333
Builtwell Bank (TN)2$815,900$407,950
Dean Co-Operative Bank (MA)4$810,000$202,500
State Bank Financial (WI)3$807,500$269,167
Fidelity Bank (MN)4$805,000$201,250
Mound City Bank (WI)1$801,000$801,000
South Central Bank, Inc. (KY)4$800,000$200,000
Lake Elmo Bank (MN)1$800,000$800,000
California Bank of Commerce (CA)1$800,000$800,000
First Command Bank (TX)3$799,900$266,633
Gulfside Bank (FL)1$795,000$795,000
VisionBank (MN)4$793,000$198,250
Pine River State Bank (MN)4$791,500$197,875
The Peshtigo National Bank (WI)1$787,500$787,500
The Park National Bank (OH)3$783,400$261,133
Accompany Capital (NY)3$780,000$260,000
Texell CU (TX)4$777,000$194,250
Commercial Bank of Texas, N.A. (TX)2$771,000$385,500
Kellogg Community CU (MI)4$766,300$191,575
Park Bank (WI)3$765,000$255,000
Bank of Colorado (CO)1$762,300$762,300
First National Bank and Trust Company of Weatherford d/b/a First Bank Texas (TX)2$760,000$380,000
Citizens State Bank of La Crosse (WI)5$755,000$151,000
Clear Lake Bank & Trust Company (IA)5$752,500$150,500
BayCoast Bank (MA)6$751,600$125,267
Colonial Savings, F.A. (TX)2$750,000$375,000
Centric FCU (LA)1$750,000$750,000
22nd State Bank (AL)2$744,800$372,400
The Pecos County State Bank (TX)3$743,300$247,767
Peoples National Bank, National Association (IL)3$742,700$247,567
ProGrowth Bank (MN)2$740,000$370,000
Century Bank (NM)2$740,000$370,000
Equitable Bank (NE)2$737,000$368,500
Crystal Lake Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)1$734,500$734,500
First Bank (IA)3$732,500$244,167
United Bank of Michigan (MI)1$730,000$730,000
Grand Ridge National Bank (IL)2$730,000$365,000
First Fed Bank (WA)1$723,300$723,300
Neighborhood National Bank (CA)3$720,000$240,000
First Commonwealth FCU (PA)1$711,000$711,000
Chemung Canal Trust Company (NY)7$710,500$101,500
Settlers Bank (WI)2$710,000$355,000
Verve, a Credit Union (WI)3$703,000$234,333
Torrington Savings Bank (CT)5$700,000$140,000
Noah Bank (PA)2$700,000$350,000
First National Bank of Pulaski (TN)2$700,000$350,000
Bank of Travelers Rest (SC)4$700,000$175,000
Adams Community Bank (MA)1$700,000$700,000
Morton Community Bank (IL)4$693,000$173,250
Rocky Mountain Bank (MT)2$690,000$345,000
Oostburg State Bank (WI)1$680,000$680,000
First Heritage FCU (NY)3$678,300$226,100
Providence Bank & Trust (IL)1$675,000$675,000
F & M Bank (OK)2$675,000$337,500
Citizens Independent Bank (MN)1$675,000$675,000
Bridgewater Bank (MN)3$675,000$225,000
American Community Bank & Trust (IL)4$668,800$167,200
Country Club Bank (MO)3$665,800$221,933
Security Bank USA (MN)9$665,600$73,956
Park State Bank & Trust (CO)1$660,500$660,500
Quad City Bank and Trust Company (IA)2$660,000$330,000
Central National Bank (KS)2$660,000$330,000
First Independent Bank (MO)2$657,300$328,650
i3 Bank (NE)2$654,200$327,100
First State Bank and Trust (MN)2$653,800$326,900
MidSouth Bank (AL)3$650,000$216,667
Foundation One Bank (NE)1$650,000$650,000
Flushing Bank (NY)1$650,000$650,000
DuPont Community CU (VA)1$645,000$645,000
Prosperity Bank (TX)2$637,600$318,800
Merrimack County Savings Bank (NH)6$635,400$105,900
St. Clair County State Bank (MO)2$635,100$317,550
Honor Bank (MI)2$635,000$317,500
Northwest Bank (IA)4$630,700$157,675
South Louisiana Bank (LA)4$630,200$157,550
The First National Bank in Trinidad (CO)1$630,000$630,000
The Victory Bank (PA)4$629,000$157,250
National Bank of Commerce (WI)2$625,000$312,500
United Bank of Iowa (IA)4$624,700$156,175
Bank Iowa (IA)5$624,500$124,900
Modern Bank (NY)1$620,000$620,000
Community Valley Bank (CA)2$620,000$310,000
Texas Brand Bank (TX)2$619,000$309,500
Hendricks County Bank and Trust Company (IN)10$617,400$61,740
Buckeye Community Bank (OH)1$613,000$613,000
St. Mary's Bank (NH)11$611,900$55,627
First State Bank (AR)1$600,900$600,900
People's Bank of Commerce (OR)2$600,000$300,000
Metro Community Development, Inc. (MI)2$600,000$300,000
Heritage Bank, National Association (MN)2$600,000$300,000
The Maries County Bank (MO)3$589,100$196,367
PS Bank (PA)11$586,600$53,327
First National Bank (SD)6$586,000$97,667
Four Corners Community Bank (NM)1$584,000$584,000
University of Virginia Community CU, Inc. (VA)2$580,000$290,000
First Guaranty Bank (LA)4$580,000$145,000
MainStreet Bank (VA)2$579,600$289,800
The First National Bank in Sioux Falls (SD)4$578,000$144,500
Greylock FCU (MA)2$575,000$287,500
Heartland Bank and Trust Company (IL)1$573,000$573,000
Bank 7 (OK)4$571,600$142,900
The First State Bank of Shelby (MT)1$568,800$568,800
Triangle CU (NH)4$566,500$141,625
The Pauls Valley National Bank (OK)1$566,300$566,300
InFirst Bank (PA)9$565,800$62,867
Greater Nevada CU (NV)1$559,200$559,200
Outdoor Bank (KS)4$559,000$139,750
The Harbor Bank of Maryland (MD)1$558,000$558,000
Community Bank of the Chesapeake (MD)3$558,000$186,000
The Park Bank (WI)5$556,900$111,380
Economic Development Bank for Puerto Rico (PR)4$550,500$137,625
Hills Bank and Trust Company (IA)4$549,100$137,275
Flint Community Bank (GA)1$549,000$549,000
TruBank (IA)2$539,300$269,650
Gateway Bank (MN)4$536,100$134,025
Adams Bank & Trust (NE)4$531,400$132,850
Newtown Savings Bank (CT)3$528,300$176,100
Mid America Bank (MO)1$527,400$527,400
Dacotah Bank (SD)2$523,700$261,850
The Bank of Kaukauna (WI)5$523,300$104,660
Terrabank, National Association (FL)1$520,000$520,000
Sunshine State Economic Development Corporation (FL)4$509,000$127,250
South Eastern Economic Development Corporation (MA)4$502,100$125,525
Dakota Business Lending (ND)2$501,000$250,500
The Commercial and Savings Bank of Millersburg, Ohio (OH)1$500,000$500,000
Oak Valley Community Bank (CA)1$500,000$500,000
Northbrook Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)1$500,000$500,000
Nebraska Bank (NE)1$500,000$500,000
LINKBANK (PA)1$500,000$500,000
First Citizens State Bank (WI)1$500,000$500,000
BankSouth (GA)2$500,000$250,000
Bank of Sun Prairie (WI)3$500,000$166,667
Wasatch Peaks FCU (UT)3$497,000$165,667
Wyoming Community Bank (WY)3$496,100$165,367
American Exchange Bank (OK)1$495,000$495,000
Springs Valley Bank & Trust Company (IN)4$494,000$123,500
Cross Keys Bank (LA)1$490,000$490,000
Farmers Bank & Trust (KS)5$488,400$97,680
TBK Bank, SSB (IA)1$486,000$486,000
National Bank of Middlebury (VT)3$485,000$161,667
Arlington Community FCU (VA)1$480,000$480,000
United Community Bank (IL)2$479,800$239,900
Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company (NY)7$476,800$68,114
The Harvard State Bank (IL)1$475,000$475,000
Hinsdale Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)1$475,000$475,000
First Citizens Bank (IA)3$473,000$157,667
MidCountry Bank (MN)2$470,900$235,450
Lake Forest Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)2$470,000$235,000
Common Capital Inc. (MA)3$468,000$156,000
First Fidelity Bank (OK)2$465,000$232,500
The Lyons National Bank (NY)3$463,000$154,333
Sonata Bank (KY)1$460,000$460,000
Ridgewood Savings Bank (NY)2$460,000$230,000
Alpine Bank (CO)1$459,000$459,000
Core Bank (NE)1$457,000$457,000
Citizens Bank of Eldon (MO)2$456,300$228,150
Northeast Entrepreneur Fund, Inc. (MN)3$455,500$151,833
Camden National Bank (ME)2$453,700$226,850
Silver Lake Bank (KS)2$450,000$225,000
Jeanne D' Arc CU (MA)1$450,000$450,000
Community Resource Bank (MN)2$450,000$225,000
BankFirst (NE)2$450,000$225,000
5Star Bank (CO)1$450,000$450,000
Montecito Bank & Trust (CA)6$448,000$74,667
Custer Federal State Bank (NE)2$444,000$222,000
KodaBank (ND)2$442,800$221,400
Spokane Teachers CU (WA)1$440,000$440,000
Chelsea State Bank (MI)2$437,200$218,600
Gateway First Bank (OK)3$436,300$145,433
Plains Commerce Bank (SD)2$433,600$216,800
Potlatch No. 1 Financial Credit Union (ID)1$433,500$433,500
Southern States Bank (AL)1$430,000$430,000
GenuBank (NV)2$430,000$215,000
Saratoga National Bank and Trust Company (NY)6$429,000$71,500
Mountain View Bank of Commerce (CO)2$427,000$213,500
Peoples Trust Company of St. Albans (VT)6$426,200$71,033
First Central State Bank (IA)1$425,000$425,000
Sabre Finance DBA VentureSouth (AL)5$423,300$84,660
Citizens State Bank (NE)2$419,700$209,850
The North Salem State Bank (IN)4$416,900$104,225
Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust (WI)1$416,700$416,700
York State Bank (NE)1$416,500$416,500
First Montana Bank, Inc. (MT)2$415,000$207,500
St. Johns Bank and Trust Company (MO)1$414,000$414,000
Midwest Bank (MN)3$411,100$137,033
Fox Communities CU (WI)3$410,700$136,900
The First National Bank of Ballinger (TX)4$405,300$101,325
Farmers & Merchants Bank (MD)1$405,000$405,000
First National Bank Texas (TX)4$403,800$100,950
Mid-Missouri Bank (MO)4$401,000$100,250
Red River State Bank (MN)1$400,800$400,800
Lexicon Bank (NV)1$400,000$400,000
Hometown Bank (MA)1$400,000$400,000
Cornhusker Bank (NE)1$400,000$400,000
Bank of Mauston (WI)1$400,000$400,000
TC Federal Bank (GA)1$399,200$399,200
Bath Savings Institution (ME)3$397,500$132,500
O Bee CU (WA)2$390,400$195,200
Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (Pedagogy Institute) (OR)3$388,900$129,633
Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank (PA)2$384,000$192,000
The Stephenson National Bank and Trust (WI)2$381,500$190,750
Fairfax State Savings Bank (IA)1$381,500$381,500
First National Community Bank (WI)2$381,100$190,550
EECU (TX)1$380,900$380,900
Lake Ridge Bank (WI)3$380,000$126,667
Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust Company (IA)2$380,000$190,000
Austin Bank, Texas National Association (TX)2$371,000$185,500
First Financial Bank, National Association (TX)2$370,100$185,050
Golden Bank, National Association (TX)1$365,700$365,700
Think Mutual Bank (MN)2$364,000$182,000
Skyline National Bank (VA)2$360,000$180,000
DeMotte State Bank (IN)1$360,000$360,000
MinnStar Bank National Association (MN)4$357,000$89,250
United Prairie Bank (MN)1$350,000$350,000
The Farmers Bank, Frankfort, Indiana (IN)1$350,000$350,000
The Ephrata National Bank (PA)1$350,000$350,000
The Commercial Bank (GA)1$350,000$350,000
Platinum FCU (GA)1$350,000$350,000
Idaho Trust Bank (ID)1$350,000$350,000
Huron Valley State Bank (MI)1$350,000$350,000
Drake Bank (MN)1$350,000$350,000
Central Bank & Trust Co. (KY)1$350,000$350,000
Axiom Bank, National Association (FL)1$350,000$350,000
Arkansas FCU (AR)1$350,000$350,000
African Development Center (MN)1$350,000$350,000
First Nations Bank (IL)1$348,000$348,000
Swedish-American State Bank (KS)1$347,500$347,500
KS Bank, Inc. (NC)2$345,000$172,500
Bank of Newington (GA)1$345,000$345,000
The First National Bank in Carlyle (IL)2$344,000$172,000
Affinity Plus FCU (MN)5$342,000$68,400
Community Choice CU (MI)8$341,200$42,650
Blackhawk Bank (WI)1$340,000$340,000
Bank of Utah (UT)1$340,000$340,000
Prevail Bank (WI)3$337,800$112,600
Olympia Federal Savings & Loan Association (WA)1$337,000$337,000
BCBank, Inc (WV)1$335,000$335,000
First National Bank Minnesota (MN)1$333,000$333,000
Cornerstone Community Bank (CA)3$333,000$111,000
Boeing Helicopters CU d/b/a BHCU (PA)1$332,800$332,800
Navigant CU (RI)4$330,000$82,500
Florida Business Development Corporation (FL)3$330,000$110,000
The Benton State Bank (WI)1$328,500$328,500
The Honesdale National Bank (PA)1$328,000$328,000
The First National Bank of Fort Smith (AR)5$328,000$65,600
Native American Bank, National Association (CO)3$326,500$108,833
Dort Financial CU (MI)1$326,000$326,000
Lewis & Clark Bank (OR)2$325,000$162,500
Sherburne State Bank (MN)2$324,000$162,000
MY CU (MN)4$317,500$79,375
First Security Bank (IL)1$315,000$315,000
AG CREDIT ACA (OH)1$315,000$315,000
Community First CU (WI)1$313,600$313,600
Lake Region Bank (MN)2$311,000$155,500
The City National Bank and Trust Company of Lawton, Oklahoma (OK)2$310,000$155,000
Farmers State Bank (IA)2$310,000$155,000
Oklahoma's CU (OK)2$305,400$152,700
Security Financial Bank (WI)3$303,000$101,000
West Union Bank (WV)1$300,000$300,000
Unity Bank (WI)1$300,000$300,000
New Horizon Bank, National Association (VA)1$300,000$300,000
Flagstar Bank National Association (NY)1$300,000$300,000
FirstCapital Bank of Texas, National Association (TX)1$300,000$300,000
Fidelity Bank & Trust (IA)1$300,000$300,000
Citizens National Bank of Texas (TX)1$300,000$300,000
Charlevoix State Bank (MI)1$300,000$300,000
Liberty Bank and Trust Company (LA)3$299,000$99,667
AmeriState Bank (OK)1$299,000$299,000
Home Bank and Trust Company (KS)1$298,400$298,400
Sound CU (WA)13$295,800$22,754
The First National Bank of Milaca (MN)3$295,000$98,333
First PREMIER Bank (SD)2$292,500$146,250
The Farmers & Merchants State Bank (OH)2$291,400$145,700
Civista Bank (OH)1$289,000$289,000
Cumberland Federal Bank, F.S.B. (WI)1$288,100$288,100
Altra FCU (WI)3$286,500$95,500
Resource One CU (TX)2$285,000$142,500
Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Company (KY)3$280,500$93,500
Vantage Bank Texas (TX)1$280,000$280,000
First Children's Finance (MN)2$280,000$140,000
TBA CU (MI)1$279,900$279,900
Planters Bank & Trust Company (MS)1$279,000$279,000
PFCU (MI)1$279,000$279,000
Brighton Bank (UT)2$279,000$139,500
Central Valley Community Bank (CA)1$275,700$275,700
Idaho First Bank (ID)2$275,000$137,500
FNB Bank, Inc. (KY)2$275,000$137,500
Armstrong Bank (OK)1$274,500$274,500
Marine Bank & Trust Company (FL)1$269,100$269,100
Blackhawk Bank & Trust (IL)1$267,700$267,700
Centennial Bank (TN)3$264,200$88,067
Western Nebraska Bank (NE)5$261,600$52,320
Bank of the Rockies (MT)1$261,100$261,100
Wadena State Bank (MN)2$260,000$130,000
First Farmers & Merchants Bank (MN)1$260,000$260,000
The Peoples Community Bank (WI)1$258,000$258,000
Mechanics Cooperative Bank (MA)3$257,500$85,833
Forcht Bank, National Association (KY)1$256,000$256,000
Mabrey Bank (OK)1$255,000$255,000
Kitsap Bank (WA)3$255,000$85,000
Westside State Bank (IA)2$252,400$126,200
VisionBank of Iowa (IA)1$250,000$250,000
Three Rivers FCU (IN)1$250,000$250,000
PyraMax Bank, FSB (WI)1$250,000$250,000
Opportunity Resource Fund (MI)1$250,000$250,000
Oak View National Bank (VA)1$250,000$250,000
American Community Bank of Indiana (IN)1$250,000$250,000
First State Bank and Trust (KS)2$249,000$124,500
Seaboard FCU (ME)2$244,000$122,000
Farmers State Bank of Underwood (MN)1$244,000$244,000
West Central Development Corporation (OH)1$240,000$240,000
The Bank of Brodhead (WI)1$240,000$240,000
Security Service FCU (TX)1$240,000$240,000
Ouachita Valley FCU (LA)1$240,000$240,000
Holy Rosary CU (MO)1$238,500$238,500
The Bank of Bennington (VT)5$237,000$47,400
Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Company (KY)1$234,000$234,000
Bank Star (MO)1$234,000$234,000
Mazuma CU (KS)2$232,300$116,150
Ozark Bank (MO)1$230,000$230,000
Minnesota Lakes Bank (MN)1$230,000$230,000
Central Virginia FCU (VA)1$230,000$230,000
Cornerstone Bank (ND)1$226,000$226,000
Washington Business Bank (WA)1$225,000$225,000
The Middlefield Banking Company (OH)1$225,000$225,000
CommunityWorks (SC)1$225,000$225,000
Citizens National Bank, National Association (LA)2$222,100$111,050
Prospera CU (WI)1$221,600$221,600
Salisbury Bank & Trust Company (CT)3$220,000$73,333
Peoples Bank (IN)3$220,000$73,333
Northern Great Lakes Initiatives (MI)1$217,300$217,300
County National Bank (MI)1$216,000$216,000
PeoplesSouth Bank (GA)1$211,500$211,500
Redstone Bank (CO)1$210,000$210,000
State Bank of Chilton (WI)1$208,000$208,000
Security Federal Savings Bank (IN)1$207,000$207,000
The Paducah Bank and Trust Company (KY)1$201,500$201,500
The Tri-County Bank (NE)1$200,900$200,900
Machias Savings Bank (ME)1$200,000$200,000
KS StateBank (KS)1$200,000$200,000
KEB Hana Bank USA, National Association (NJ)1$200,000$200,000
City Bank (TX)2$200,000$100,000
Century Bank and Trust (MI)1$200,000$200,000
Black Business Investment Fund Inc. (FL)4$200,000$50,000
BankGloucester (MA)2$200,000$100,000
1st Security Bank of Washington (WA)5$200,000$40,000
Honor CU (MI)1$198,800$198,800
Capitol Federal Savings Bank (KS)1$195,000$195,000
Elements Financial FCU (IN)1$190,000$190,000
Newport News Shipbuilding Empl CU Inc d/b/a BayPort CU (VA)5$185,300$37,060
Community First Bank (MN)2$184,200$92,100
Community Bank and Trust (MO)2$183,000$91,500
United Bank & Trust Co (IA)1$180,000$180,000
Reliant Community FCU (NY)1$180,000$180,000
Lee Bank (MA)1$180,000$180,000
Langley FCU (VA)1$180,000$180,000
Horicon Bank (WI)1$180,000$180,000
FMS Bank (CO)1$180,000$180,000
California Coastal Certified Development Company (CA)1$180,000$180,000
Atlantic Regional FCU (ME)1$176,000$176,000
Southern Michigan Bank & Trust (MI)1$174,200$174,200
Cyprus FCU (UT)3$173,800$57,933
Firstar Bank (OK)1$173,500$173,500
Platte Valley Bank (WY)3$173,000$57,667
First Western Trust Bank (CO)1$171,000$171,000
Cape Ann Savings Bank (MA)2$170,000$85,000
The Hershey State Bank (NE)2$168,500$84,250
Arcata Economic Development Corporation (CA)3$168,000$56,000
First Heritage Bank (KS)1$167,800$167,800
Sawyer Savings Bank (NY)1$162,000$162,000
The First Security Bank (OK)1$160,000$160,000
The First National Bank of Hutchinson (KS)2$160,000$80,000
Bravera Bank (ND)1$160,000$160,000
First Bank of Owasso (OK)2$157,100$78,550
Mountain Valley Bank (CO)1$154,700$154,700
First Midwest Bank of the Ozarks (MO)1$153,400$153,400
WestStar Bank (TX)1$150,000$150,000
The First National Bank of Dennison (OH)1$150,000$150,000
Solvay Bank (NY)2$150,000$75,000
Reliance Savings Bank d/b/a Reliance Bank (PA)1$150,000$150,000
Reading Co-Operative Bank (MA)1$150,000$150,000
Lindell Bank & Trust Company (MO)1$150,000$150,000
INTRUST Bank, National Association (KS)1$150,000$150,000
Home Federal Savings Bank (MN)1$150,000$150,000
First United Bank (TX)1$150,000$150,000
First State Bank & Trust (ND)1$150,000$150,000
First Security Bank of Nevada (NV)1$150,000$150,000
First County Bank (CT)1$150,000$150,000
First Community Bank (NE)1$150,000$150,000
First Citizens Bank (AL)1$150,000$150,000
Cherokee State Bank (IA)1$150,000$150,000
Bank of Prairie du Sac (WI)1$150,000$150,000
1st Summit Bank (PA)1$150,000$150,000
Pendleton Community Bank, Inc. (WV)1$147,100$147,100
Rhinebeck Bank (NY)1$147,000$147,000
First Citizens Community Bank (PA)1$146,500$146,500
State Bank of Lake Park (MN)2$146,000$73,000
ACNB Bank (PA)1$144,000$144,000
First Farmers and Merchants Bank (TN)2$142,300$71,150
United Bank of Union (MO)1$140,000$140,000
The State Bank of Faribault (MN)3$140,000$46,667
County Bank (MO)1$139,200$139,200
Meredith Village Savings Bank (NH)2$137,000$68,500
KALSEE Credit Union (MI)1$132,000$132,000
Watertown Savings Bank (NY)1$130,000$130,000
Hebron Savings Bank (MD)2$130,000$65,000
Texas Republic Bank, National Association (TX)1$128,800$128,800
InterBank (OK)1$125,000$125,000
Ladysmith Federal Savings & Loan Association (WI)1$122,400$122,400
Pioneer Bank & Trust (SD)1$121,400$121,400
The First National Bank Bellevue (OH)1$120,000$120,000
RiverHills Bank (MS)2$120,000$60,000
GECU (TX)1$120,000$120,000
Friend Bank (AL)1$120,000$120,000
First Central Bank McCook (NE)1$120,000$120,000
Portage Community Bank (OH)1$119,000$119,000
Community First National Bank (KS)3$119,000$39,667
Platte Valley Bank (NE)1$112,000$112,000
New Market Bank (MN)1$112,000$112,000
Home State Bank, National Association (IL)1$112,000$112,000
First Community CU (MO)2$110,200$55,100
Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Pierz (MN)2$110,000$55,000
Bellwether Community CU (NH)1$110,000$110,000
Bank of Hydro (OK)1$108,100$108,100
Citizens Bank (MS)1$108,000$108,000
Union Bank (VT)1$105,500$105,500
Branson Bank (MO)1$104,400$104,400
Brooklyn Cooperative FCU (NY)6$103,000$17,167
Riverside Bank of Dublin (OH)1$101,500$101,500
Goldenwest FCU (UT)1$101,100$101,100
Southern Bank and Trust Company (NC)1$100,000$100,000
Security Bank Minnesota (MN)2$100,000$50,000
Profinium, Inc. (MN)1$100,000$100,000
Premier Bank Minnesota (MN)1$100,000$100,000
Premier Bank (MN)2$100,000$50,000
Lake Trust CU (MI)1$100,000$100,000
Frontier Bank (NE)1$100,000$100,000
Commercial Banking Company (GA)1$100,000$100,000
Coastal Heritage Bank (MA)1$100,000$100,000
Boeing Empl CU (WA)1$100,000$100,000
ValueBank Texas (TX)1$98,400$98,400
RCB Bank (OK)2$97,900$48,950
North Country FCU (VT)3$95,000$31,667
Levo FCU (SD)2$94,500$47,250
Traditional Bank, Inc. (KY)1$92,000$92,000
Business Resource Capital Specialty BIDCO, Inc. (LA)1$91,800$91,800
United Community Bank (MN)4$90,000$22,500
Peru Federal Savings Bank (IL)1$90,000$90,000
First Community CU (ND)1$89,300$89,300
Community Bank Mankato (MN)1$89,000$89,000
Woodlands National Bank (MN)2$87,000$43,500
Olean Area FCU (NY)1$85,000$85,000
Mt. McKinley Bank (AK)1$85,000$85,000
CorTrust Bank National Association (SD)2$85,000$42,500
American National Bank of Minnesota (MN)2$85,000$42,500
California FarmLink (CA)1$84,000$84,000
Highmark FCU (SD)1$82,600$82,600
BankStar Financial (SD)1$81,000$81,000
Manhattan Bank (MT)2$80,000$40,000
First National Bank (VA)1$80,000$80,000
Pony Express Bank (MO)1$76,500$76,500
Vermont FCU (VT)2$75,000$37,500
VISIONBank (ND)2$75,000$37,500
The Northland Foundation (MN)1$75,000$75,000
The Juniata Valley Bank (PA)1$75,000$75,000
Security State Bank of Aitkin (MN)1$75,000$75,000
Mountain Commerce Bank (TN)1$75,000$75,000
Frontier Community Bank (VA)1$75,000$75,000
Farmers & Merchants Bank (VA)1$75,000$75,000
DreamSpring (NM)1$75,000$75,000
Clay County Savings Bank (MO)1$75,000$75,000
Bank of New Hampshire (NH)1$75,000$75,000
True Access Capital (DE)1$74,000$74,000
F & M Bank (NE)1$72,000$72,000
St. Cloud Financial CU (MN)1$71,300$71,300
SAFE CU (CA)2$70,000$35,000
The Bath State Bank (IN)1$67,500$67,500
The First National Bank and Trust Co, Chickasha, Oklahoma (OK)1$65,000$65,000
The Croghan Colonial Bank (OH)1$65,000$65,000
North Brookfield Savings Bank (MA)2$65,000$32,500
South Central Kansas Economic Development District, Inc. (KS)1$64,600$64,600
Leading Edge Credit Union (MN)1$64,000$64,000
Royal Banks of Missouri (MO)1$63,100$63,100
Union State Bank (KS)1$60,000$60,000
Farmers and Merchants Bank of St. Clair (MO)1$60,000$60,000
Coastal FCU (NC)1$60,000$60,000
Star Bank (MN)3$56,000$18,667
Merrimack Valley CU (MA)1$55,400$55,400
The Napoleon State Bank (IN)1$54,000$54,000
Blue Sky Bank (OK)1$54,000$54,000
Arrowhead Central CU (CA)1$54,000$54,000
The Home National Bank of Thorntown (IN)1$50,400$50,400
Welch State Bank of Welch, Okla. (OK)1$50,200$50,200
Westfield Bank (MA)1$50,000$50,000
Vermont 504 Corporation (VT)1$50,000$50,000
Tioga State Bank, National Association (NY)1$50,000$50,000
Jewett City Savings Bank (CT)1$50,000$50,000
Heritage Bank of the Ozarks (MO)1$50,000$50,000
Freedom CU (MA)1$50,000$50,000
Florence Bank (MA)1$50,000$50,000
Collins State Bank (WI)1$50,000$50,000
Ascent Bank (MT)1$50,000$50,000
Americana Community Bank (MN)1$50,000$50,000
Martha's Vineyard Bank (MA)2$45,000$22,500
Lower East Side People's FCU (NY)2$45,000$22,500
Freedom First FCU (VA)1$45,000$45,000
Bank of Star Valley (WY)1$45,000$45,000
Rural Community Assistance Corporation (CA)1$44,000$44,000
New Frontier Bank (MO)1$40,000$40,000
Citizens National Bank of Cheboygan (MI)1$40,000$40,000
American Heritage National Bank (MN)1$38,000$38,000
Essential Credit Union (LA)2$37,900$18,950
City & County CU (MN)2$36,000$18,000
Valley Premier Bank (MN)1$30,300$30,300
Wayne County Bank (TN)1$30,000$30,000
Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma, Inc. (OK)1$30,000$30,000
Somerset Trust Company (PA)1$25,000$25,000
North Star Bank (MN)1$25,000$25,000
General Electric CU (OH)1$25,000$25,000
Strafford Economic Development Corporation (NH)1$20,000$20,000
Mountain Valley Bank, National Association (WV)1$20,000$20,000
O'Bannon Banking Company (MO)1$17,000$17,000
Neighborhood Trust FCU (NY)1$10,000$10,000
Stockman Bank of Montana (MT)1$7,500$7,500

Venture Capital

Venture capital (VC) is a type of private equity financing provided to startups or emerging companies that have high growth potential but are typically considered too risky for traditional financing. Venture capital firms typically invest in exchange for an ownership stake in the company and expect a high return on their investment, often through an initial public offering (IPO) or acquisition. VC firms provide funding to support a startup’s growth and development, typically in the form of multiple rounds of financing as the company progresses through different stages of development. In addition to providing capital, VC firms also bring valuable expertise, resources, and networks to help the startup succeed. Venture capital is an important source of funding for innovation and entrepreneurial activity, and has played a significant role in the development of many successful technology companies.

Venture Capital

Business Interest Rates on Business Loans

Average Business Loan Interest Rates

The cost of a business loan can vary widely based on the type of loan and lender. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, the average interest rate for all small business term loans in the third quarter of 2022 was 5.39 percent for fixed-rate loans and 6.25 percent for variable-rate loans.

However, because the federal funds rate has risen since Q3 — and other rates tend to rise along with it — these averages are likely higher today.

These are some typical starting rates based on loan type and lender. But note that many lenders don’t publicly disclose the upper end of their rate range — so the rate you’re offered may be significantly higher, especially if you have poor credit.

Average business loan interest rates