When choosing a company vehicle, you will want to consider not only your needs and the car, van or truck’s potential uses, but how much financial stress the vehicle will inflict on your business. Fuel use, insurance payments, maintenance and long-term viability are all part of the economic picture when making your vehicle choice.
buying a vehicle for a small business
A compact car may be more cost effective than a van but won’t be of much help if you need space for bulky or large quantities of items and ease in getting those items in and out of the vehicle.
A larger, more comfortable car can be a real asset if you have many miles to travel during your business day. Also, a more spacious, accommodating sedan is an excellent choice for the business owner who regularly drives clients around town.
Another point to consider is who will be driving the vehicle. You may not want to turn a luxury sedan that you are paying dearly for over to an inexperienced employee.
Whether leasing a vehicle or buying outright for long term service, there are many points to ponder. The most important considerations are no different than those involved in all the other business decisions that you make: your own tastes and budget. You know what you need and what you like, so do your homework and get the right vehicle for the job and you won’t be disappointed.

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