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 A friend of Wise related to us the following tale of woe. She took it upon herself to take her four young sons, all under the age of 10, out to eat. The lunch was somewhat of an ordeal, and as the brave woman reached in her purse to pay for the meal, she discovered a bowl of salad, several eating utensils, and a shaker of salt. Ahh, children…but that is another story for another time.

Putting Our Professional Values Into Action:

putting our professional values into action

When we visit friends and relatives or go out to dinner, most of us don’t make a decision to bring home the china from which we have eaten or, perhaps, a dessert spoon or two. It just isn’t done. Why then, do so many employees feel that it is just fine to keep the pencils, pens, paper, etc. that are supplied for our professional use?

If you’re already a business owner, you know the pain this kind of piece-by-piece money loss can be. But we’re all probably guilty of picking up a pen somewhere and forgetting to return it, or using a notepad and not giving it back.

It is a fact that, for employees, someone, somewhere is paying for everything we require in order to do our work, and that person or persons may not feel that it is a great loss or a deeply moral issue or even really mind if their employees take supplies. It is also a fact that the doing of it can affect the private sense of self that gives us our ability to do greater things.

What we think of ourselves carries over into how we live and work.

Making a personal decision to put limits on and heighten your core feelings of integrity. This is valuable for your own self-esteem and is worth more than all the office supplies in the world.

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