how to write a perfect business plan

Perfect Business PlanHow To Write a Perfect Business Plan Executive Summary

  • Be one of the foremost things on your mind during the writing of your business plan
  • Be written last, after your business plan has coalesced
  • Provide a snapshot of your company, explaining who you are, what you do, and why in an enthusiastic manner
  • Be less than 2 pages in length

There are three basic sections to your executive summary. You can draft a summary using these points, then refine it after you finish writing your entire business plan. This is where a professional business writer can come in handy!

Establish the Need or Problem

You are in the problem-solving business. Your product or service fills a need that people have.

Recommend the Solution and detail its value

This is not the place to talk about features. It is where you explain the value of your solution and its benefits (and potential money-making capability – in other words, what people will pay to have their problem solved).

Provide Proof of Projected Returns

You must give compelling reasons why your company is the right company to deliver the solution. Keep hammering away on how you solve the consumer’s problem, and use their name at least 3 times as often as you do your own – remember, it is all about the client.

After reviewing your executive summary,  the reader should:

  • Want to learn more about your product or service
  • Feel they have gained a basic understanding of your company
  • Believe that your data is accurate and trustworthy

Your executive summary is like a screenplay treatment; if the reader likes what they see, they will want to read more. Your business plan writer can help you craft the perfect summary to ensure your entire proposal is reviewed.


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