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Workplace mannersCourtesy in the workplace may seem like just a nicety, but it can prove to be the difference between a smoothly running system and an office of people who feel alienated and unappreciated.
It’s nice to be friends with others at work, but you can also be friendly with coworkers even if you don’t like them personally or feel that you would rather not spend your off time in their company.
Once feelings start to deteriorate, it is often difficult to bring the situation back to the calm, productive work environment that you desire. It’s important to listen and meditate regularly so that you never attain a negative office atmosphere.
Asking about a new baby, a recent vacation or newly renovated home only takes a moment but can leave a lasting impression and greatly enhance the quality of the whole work experience.
For most of us, our work is a large part of our lives. It need not be an overly stressful part. Pleasantries are just a small piece of the big picture, but they do make the work day pleasant.

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