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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will hold the final session of a national EB-5 Visa webinar on Thursday, May 17, from 2 to 3 p.m. (Eastern) to discuss USCIS’(U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) online tools and services and give insight into ongoing issues related to the EB-5 visa process. Wise Business Plans, which provides industry-leading, professional eb-5 business plan services to companies of all sizes around the globe, is now also stepping in to assist those looking to use this visa program to increase their success by assisting them in creating a regulation-compliant eb-5 business plan for the program.

“The EB-5 visa program infuses creativity and new ideas into the U.S. market, bringing healthy competition, leading companies and entrepreneurs to achieve greater business success,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise. “We’re proud to help guide that process for our clients.”

Ferriolo said opportunities like the USCIS event allow companies to decide the value and utility of visa programs while planning through Wise can help put them to practical use.

“We work hard to help clients understand not just the requirements of government programs their company may benefit from, but also the ins and outs of creating a successful business,” he said.

Wise Business Plans’ custom-crafted eb-5 business plan are tailor-made to showcase startup or expansion concepts as companies seek to acquire funding from investors, look to raise capital through venture capitalists, or work with private investors. All eb-5 business plans include market research and custom financials that are developed for each individual company. Design experts give every plan a one-of-a-kind, professional look, and each client is entitled to a free revision to ensure the plan is done right.

“Part of the process for applying for and securing an EB-5 visa is showing how the company will fulfill the program’s requirements,” he said. “Wise excels at providing this kind of planning, and we can help you get through the process quickly and easily, so you can concentrate on building future success and supporting the growth of the U.S. economy.”

Wise Business Plans (www.wisebusinessplans.com), staffed with professional MBA writers, researchers, and financial experts, is a trusted partner for businesses across a broad spectrum of products and services. Our mission is to empower our clients to make the best possible business decisions, boost company performance and facilitate their funding success by laying the groundwork for strong businesses that excite, inspire and retain talented and exceptional employees.


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